Who We Are

As the name implies, Review.com.sg is a well-researched platform for locals, travellers, and expats to find the most selected businesses and service providers in Singapore.   

Time is valuable, and you will not want to waste your valuable time hunting for a service provider. Or if you have an occasion, you will not want to spend any event’s preparation time searching for the right product. 

Can you be sure that even after spending all your time, money, and energy, you have found the products or services of your choice? To be honest, you cannot be sure of your own findings. 

Again, if there is any health emergency, you will surely want to take your close ones to the best doctors or hospitals. But, spending crucial time in search is a matter of life or death for the patient. 

Without any specific knowledge, hunting the suitable shops or services is an uphill task for customers and a sheer waste of valuable time and money for them. 

Hence, considering these problematic issues, we have developed REVIEW SINGAPORE, an online portal for shoppers and individuals to find or get what they seek. It is a collection of various most popular and selected businesses and service providers. The information will not only save your energy in searching but will also help you find the best choice products and services quickly. 

Who are we?

REVIEW SINGAPORE is an online shared information directory with guides and resources prepared explicitly for individuals and shoppers to locate, find, and buy much-needed items and services without much effort. 

Information Collection Techniques

Our teams of experienced professionals have travelled every nook and corner of the city to find the best for you, be it a business or service. We have jumped to every opportunity to collect customers’ feedback, inputs, reviews, and experiences. 

Our professionals conducted traditional and online surveys, social media activities, Website analytics, interviews and referrals, and online ratings. Though it was a challenging and arduous task for us, the result was worth it. From all the real facts collected by us, we have shortlisted a few best trades and services to help you pick the right place for the right product.

Our informative online portal covers an extensive range of shortlisted trades and services. We are listing a few of them for your knowledge and consideration:

  • Food & Drinks & Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Entertainment & Event Planning
  • Shopping
  • Mom & Care
  • Home Improvement & Renovation
  • Repair Specialist
  • Health & Wellness
  • Beauty Makeup, Fashion & Style,
  • Toy & Games
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Music & Art
  • Software

And much more

We hope you will find our reviews to your complete satisfaction and the same serves your purpose. Have your best shopping experience, or find the best service providers for your requirements.