Top 7 Windscreen Repair Centres In Singapore With Genuine Work Experience

The windscreen gives the front view to the car driver. It is necessary to repair or replace if it gets broken or forms a crack by chance.

Unlike ordinary glass, a car windscreen or windshield consists of a multi-layered glass structure that does not easily break down in minor collisions or direct hits.

However, there are certain conditions when the windshield starts troubling you due to a scratch or other such damages. In such situations, you must seek a specialist who can evaluate the breakage and suggest whether it requires repair or replacement.

We have a list of top windscreen replacement and repair centres in Singapore. These are the finest workshops with credible work experience and high customer ratings.

1. Automotive Glass Works
Phone: +65 6556 2143
+65 6556 2170
+65 6702 1908
+65 6702 1910
Locate: Blk 5032, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01 – 281, Singapore 569535
25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 Synergy @KB #01-47, Singapore 417800
Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 08.30 am – 17.00 pm
Sat: 08.30 am – 15.00 pm
Sun: Off.

Automotive Glass Works Pte Ltd is listed as Singapore’s top-most windshield installers and repairers as they have served in this industry for the last two decades.

The motto of the company is to emphasize knowledge and training for workers. Each technician is professionally qualified and cleared the distance learning program from USA’s Auto Glass Safety Council (USAASC), while they regularly upgrade with new technologies and equipment.


  • Windscreen repair works save time and money.
  • Windscreen replacement with the best cleaning and framework mechanism.
  • Door glass replacement as it is irreparable.


  • The company is accredited and certified by Glass Technology in America for windscreen crack repair systems.
  • They provide genuine parts from various brands.
  • The major insurance firms have collaborated with this company, serving claims.
Pros Cons
The windscreen repair work takes less than 30 minutes. No other services available apart from glass works.
They always advise to repair the screen if it is repairable, which saves time and money.  
A high level of safety standards is maintained during repair and replacement works.  


“A crack appeared on my Audi’s windscreen, and soon it started widening. I was expecting a full-day exercise of shield replacement, but the consultant from Automotive Glass Works was sure it was reparable. I waited for less than half an hour, and the crack disappeared perfectly without replacement.”

2. Glass Fix
Phone: +65 6278 0887
Locate: 52 Ubi Ave 3, #04-42, Singapore 408867
1 Bukit Batok Crescent #08-48 WCEGA PlazaSingapore 658064
Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am – 18.00 pm
Sat: 09.00 am – 13.00 pm
Sun: Off.

This company has been listed as the first to enter the glassworks in Singapore and offers a wide range of services to car owners.

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With practical experience of more than a decade in windscreen repair and replacement, the workforce has gained expertise in multiple car brands.

The technicians are also well-versed in the instructions given by National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) in the US to ensure the best quality service.


  • Windscreen repair when the cracks are repairable.
  • Windscreen replacement for all types of vehicles.
  • Auto Glass Scratch Removal caused by minor rock chips or stones.
  • Auto Glass Coating prevents scratches.
  • Flat Glass scratch removal and customized repair.


  • Once the crack is treated, it will never pose further problems on the windscreen.
  • Use of unique chemical and state-of-the-art tools to restore originality.
  • Nano-clear glass protection technology saves the windshield from damages.
Pros Cons
The company provides a lifetime warranty on windscreen repair. The scratch removal technique is a bit time taking.
The technology prevents the spreading of screen cracks.  
They also repair flat glass along with the windscreen.  


“I was searching for car glass polish near me and came across Glass Fix Pte Ltd. It is the first company to start in this industry. They suggested that the nano glass coating methodology will save the glass surface from potential damage.”

3. Glazity Auto
Phone: +65 6909 9906, +65 9688 3619
Locate: 32 Old Toh Tuck Road, #02-04 Ibiz Centre,Singapore 597658
Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am – 18.00 pm
Sat: 09.00 am – 13.00 pm
Sun: Off.

Glazity Auto has gained commendable experience in windscreen work, and has survived for more than two decades in the industry.

The technical employees in the service centre are well qualified with regular training in the latest advancements in technology. They also have credible certifications from the Glasweld University/ National Windshield Repair Division (NWRD).


  • Windscreen repair with the most reliable technology by Glasweld.
  • Windscreen replacement after analyzing the length, depth, range, and location of the crack.
  • Glass protection coating to get a clear view and makes cleaning easy.
  • Advanced Driver’s Assistance System (ADAS) calibration, using the latest technology and restoring the camera to OEM specification.
  • Solar film application.


  • Their consultants are available 24/7 across the island in case of emergency.
  • Perfect ADAS calibration feature ensures accurate readings from the system and safety from accidents.
  • They help with document maintenance, arranging appointments and lodging insurance claims.
Pros Cons
Lifetime warranty on windscreen repair service against discoloration and spreading of damage. The service quality is fine but expensive.
Windscreen repair takes about 30 – 45 minutes.  
Ensure to arrange accurate fitting glass as per vehicle model and chassis number.  


“The staff at Glass Fix is very helpful as they helped monitor the insurance claim for my car’s windscreen replacement. I did not have to wait even an extra minute as the replacement work took place by evening on the same day of the claim.”

4. Dr. Glass
Phone: +65 8777 7740
Locate: 25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, #03-69 Synergy Building, Singapore 417800
Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 10.30 am – 19.30 pm
Sat: 10.30 am – 15.30 pm
Sun: Off.

Dr. Glass has been in business since 2005 under Vincent Tan, who holds enormous knowledge and experience since the age of 14 while working as a car groomer.

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He is an undergraduate from the University of Murdoch and has finished the highest level of certification in Windshield repair from Glass Mechanix University USA.

The company has earned positive feedback from satisfied customers in a short period.


  • Windscreen crack repair with size up to that of a 50-cent coin.
  • Headlight restoration using a patented formula that guarantees to recover any failed headlight.
  • Windscreen watermark restoration via tools that recovers marks due to wipers, chemicals, or contamination.
  • Scratch removal from the windscreen, rear windscreen, door, and roof glass.
  • Windscreen bonding system to provide a coating on the glass for clear vision.


  • They claim to be Singapore’s topmost car headlight beautification centre.
  • They would also visit your shop or house to remove scratches from aquariums, doors, windows, glass tops, and even on the ships.
Pros Cons
Repair all types of windscreen’s repairable crack like a bullseye, star, Halfmoon, short cracks, and combination. Do not offer windscreen replacement service.
Warranty on headlight repair service through OEM high quality UV vaporizer.  
Headlight restoration to 100% original condition.  


“While driving to the airport, a stone struck the windshield of my car, creating a deep crack on the screen. I visited Dr. Glass for inspection, and though the repair was difficult, these superb men took less than an hour to mend it making it almost unnoticeable.”

5. Auto Glass Venture
Phone: +65 6702 1095, +65 6569 2318
Locate: 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #03-29 PREMIER @ Kaki Bukit Singapore 415875
1 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-23 WCEGA Plaza Singapore 658064
Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am– 17.30 pm
Sat: 09.00 am – 13.00pm
Sun: Off.

Auto Glass Venture has gained a high reputation in vehicle glass repair works since the last fourteen years of existence.

They have collaborated with many insurance companies such as UOI, ERGO, and many more. It allows convenient windscreen repair and replacement for customers.

Their technicians are certified with ROLAGS, while the company ensures that they keep enhancing their knowledge base about the technological advancements in glass repair and maintenance.


  • Windscreen repair by injecting resin into the cracks and damages.
  • Windscreen replacement with proper procedures to ensure maximum safety.
  • Windscreen insurance claim processing through partnered and non-partnered firms.


  • The company imports, stocks, and supplies the genuine and best quality OEM auto glass parts in Singapore.
  • They claim to arrange glass supplies of luxury cars through the airway, even if it is out of stock.
  • With insurance, the repair process is free and paves zero effect on NCD.
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Pros Cons
They manage 100+ car brands for high quality auto glass supplies. Repair and replacement is expensive if the car is not insured with a partnered firm.
Windscreen replacement takes only three hours while broken door glasses take less than 90 minutes.  
Windscreen repair takes only 20 minutes.  


“AGV is one of the rare Toyota specialists’ workshops in Singapore. They assured me while arranging the genuine glass for my Corolla car within a week, which was unavailable at other windscreen replacement centres near me. And they got my car ready with the perfect fitting screen by the fifth day.”

6. Cheng Auto Body Works
Phone: +65 8666 7775
Locate: 5 Soon Lee Street #01-62 Pioneer Point, Singapore 627607
Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am – 18.00 pm
Sat: 09.00 am – 14.00 pm
Sun: Off.

Cheng Auto is highly appreciated among the insurance companies for its trusted damage reports using a safe and efficient process.

While working for more than ten years in the car repair sector, they have learned to use cost-effective methods with the help of tools and efficient workmanship.

The workshops are equipped with a waiting lounge that has a game console, refreshment area, and wi-fi for customers.


  • Windscreen repair using technologically advanced formulated resin.
  • Windscreen replacement by maintaining the quality benchmark of Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards.
  • Panel beating to bring the indented body part into original state.
  • Spray painting using the proven mechanism of sand, putty, coating, and booth spray oven.
  • Repair and maintenance for all cars.
  • Towing with heavy-duty trucks, which are available 24/7.


  • Authorized by many insurance companies like Etiqa, MSIG, Tokio Marine, etc.
  • Along with the ubiquitous OBD-II diagnostic and scanning tool, they also use Fleetnetics, which saves the customer details.
Pros Cons
Windshield replacement takes between 1 – 3 hours, while repair take less than 30 minutes ADAS calibration feature is not available
They provide a lifetime warranty on windscreen repair  
A separate section for car spray painting  


“I am thankful to John for getting the windscreen repaired for my Hyundai Elantra. A slight crack appeared due to the fall of a tree branch over it. There was a star-shaped crack, but John with his team did the best job.”

8. Cushion
Phone: +65 6272 0863, +65 8223 8730
Locate: 1001 Bukit Merah Lane 3, #01-59 Alexandra Village, Singapore 159718
Working Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am – 18.00 pm
Sat: 09.00 am – 16.00 pm
Sun: Off.

8 Cushion is a senior firm, which was formed in 1982 by Tay Kwee Chiang, which later in 2004 became a private limited company.

They work with advanced systems and technology to serve the customer in car interior service and have steadily become the one-stop workshop for complete car interior care.


Windscreen or glass windows repair and replacement ensuring leak-proof and rust-proof mechanism.

  • Car door panels for repair and replacement of all parts.
  • Car flooring complete care.
  • Car seat frames and upholstery including repair, fabrication, and replacement.
  • Roof mechanism including sunroof, moonroof, roller blinds, etc.
  • Convertible top frames.
  • Convertible soft tops and headliners.
  • Dashboards and interior trims.
  • Water leaks, hydraulic leaks, noises, etc.


  • They use Plasma-Cluster Ion technology to remove foul odor, bacteria, viruses, and germs from the car interior.
  • The staff members assist the car owners while making insurance claims before repair or replacement service.
Pros Cons
They can repair a crack of an inch length with 85% clarity. Lack of dedicated technician in windscreen technology.
They offer a lifetime warranty on windscreen scratch and repair service.  
Three-year warranty on roof lining replacement.  


“My school Van required window glass replacement and rear windscreen crack repair. I contacted 8 Cushion for a quick car check-up, and it was worth opting for their service. They did a good job for interiors as well. The employees work systematically to analyzethe faults and provide suitable solutions at affordable prices.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of windscreen repair and replacement in Singapore?

It entirely depends upon the size and intensity of the glass damage, but on an average, the windscreen repair in Singapore costs around $35 to $65, with an additional cost of glass polishing.

But if the windscreen is irreparable, you may have to pay around $250 to $400 or even higher (in case of luxury brands) for replacement.

When should I go for a car windshield repair?

Experts suggest that as soon as a crack or scratch appears on the screen, you must visit a windscreen repair workshop for inspection. Most of the time, damage of about 2 to 3 cm is reparable, but ignoring it may increase the damaged area, and lead to complete replacement.

Usually, tempered glasses (not laminated) or deep cracks have lesser chances of repair. While in PVB glasses, the lamination may get disturbed if the crack is ignored for a long time, and thus replacement becomes the last option.

Is my car ready for a drive after windscreen repair work?

Windscreen repair is a regular activity and makes negligible disturbances to the screen fittings. You can instantly take your car for a drive after the repair. But in the case of a windscreen replacement, you should be more careful as fluids may take some time to set in the frame.

Is it safe to get the car windscreen repaired?

Windscreen repair takes place through an utterly advanced technology system. The technicians use specialized chemicals and tools to fix the damage to achieve the maximum visibility possible, or otherwise, they advise replacement.

The process takes less time and is totally safe, long-lasting, as well as at a minimal price compared to windshield replacement.

What to Consider While Choosing Windshield Repair/ Replacement Centre?

With technological advancements, windscreen replacement is not the foremost choice of expert mechanics for damages or cracks that are smaller in size and not deep penetrating.

But if you are about to opt for services from a windscreen scratch repair centre in Singapore, then you must consider the following checklist.

  • What is the reputation of the centre among the customers?
  • Do they offer a warranty on the screen repair service?
  • Do they use advanced equipment and methods for repair?
  • Can they arrange the required spare parts for the car model?
  • What is the experience level of the company?