Top 5 Vegetarian Chinese Restaurants in Singapore: Enjoy Sumptuous Meals Near You

Though Singaporeans are fond of non-veg Chinese cuisines like chicken rice, chili crab, and much more, a follow-up on the trending vegan culture has led to an increase in footfalls for the last few years, as mentioned by vegetarian Chinese restaurants of Singapore.

The continuous rise in health issues with the unavoidable advent of the pandemic has led people to think about the benefits of being vegetarian.

After observing this shift in food preferences, the food industry decided to adapt to the change and added healthy vegetarian food that also satisfies the food palate of customers. 

We have identified the best Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Singapore in both pure veg and mixed categories. They provide tasty cuisines in their exciting green menu items and create exclusive flavors with sweet, sour, spicy, or savory tang.

1. New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant & Gathering
Phone: +65 6398 0836
Location: JalanBesar, (near Stadium, Tyrwhitt Road)
Open Hours: Tue-Sun: 10.30 am – 03.00 pm
05.30 pm – 10.00 pm
Mon: Off

New Fut Kai was launched ten years ago as an authentic vegetarian restaurant near the Jalan Besar stadium. It is popular among family dines and corporate lunches for its incredible Charcoal Hotpots and Chef Signature dishes.

It is a suitable destination for vehicle owners as they can park their cars on the multi storey parking or street parking of Tyrwhitt Road.

5 Chef’s Special Delicacies

  • Peach Gum and Bamboo Pith Shark Fin
  • SawadeeKrap White Tom Yam Charcoal Hot Pot + Homemade “Crisp Fish Skin”
  • Roast Duck
  • Yuzu Tofu
  • Buttermilk Battered King Oyster Mushroom

Other Things to Consider

  • They are open six days, and Mondays are usually closed, except on specific occasions or during public holidays.
  • You can order online as they deliver food across the island on a minimum order of $60.
  • You can ask them to create unique vegan dishes.
  • Mini Buffet and Deluxe systems are available in their catering services for 20-29 guests, where you can customize meals for the 8-course meals.
  • They provide bento boxes of food for distribution at special events.

Customer Review

“The conventional location of this vegetarian restaurant makes it easily accessible for us to have dinner or brunch at any suitable time. Because the street parking is mostly occupied, we take the multilevel space. Their delicious pumpkin butter sauce mushroom is another reason that attracts me.”

2. Green on Earth
Phone: +65 6398 0836
Location: Upper Bukit Timah Road
Open Hours: Mon-Sun: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm

This is a popular purely vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Singapore. It has a variety of vegetarian Zi Char cooked items along with the all-time hit Mala Xiang Guo for satisfied, loyal customers.

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It is open seven days a week, and does not even close on public holidays. Do not be late for the dinner as the last order of the day is accepted no later than 09.30 pm.

5 Chef’s Special Delicacies

  • Pickled Vegetable Fish
  • Fried Man Tou
  • Sweet & Sour/ Gong Bao Monkey Head Mushroom
  • Fried Bee Hun
  • Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Other Things to Consider

  • They have a long list of menu items to satisfy the taste buds of most-choice specific persons. Some of it includes noodles, rice dishes, soups, vegetables, appetizers, and beancurd.
  • They accept online orders and deliver everywhere in the country.
  • The customers can request non-spicy mala food.
  • The parking to the restaurant is available at the rail mall.

Customer Review

“Once I decided to go vegan, the Green on Earth restaurant instigated me to introduce myself with a wide range of plant-based dishes. I stay in the Bukit Timah region near this restaurant, and frequently visit the restaurant for quite a long time now. All the food that I have tried is yummy and even compelled me to try them at home.”

3. Supreme Vege
Phone: +65 6238 5085
Location: Queen Street (Hotel Royal)
Open Hours: Mon-Sun: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm

This place has a history of serving for more than two decades as a traditional vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Singapore run by Mr. GweeTsu Sun.

Later in 2016, it was taken over by four men who renamed it Supreme Vege intending to promote the health benefits of vegetarian food habits. Their motto is, “Go veg. Protect the environment. Save our earth.”

5 Chef’s Special Delicacies

  • Handmade Crispy Suckling Pig
  • Golden Tofu served with Special Pumpkin Soup
  • Chinese Spinach in Superior Soup with Wolfberry
  • Yam Ring Filled with Wonders
  • Vegan Pizza

Other Things to Consider

  • The Supreme Vege strictly claims to create dining without the use of alcohol, onion, and garlic.
  • They provide catering services to corporate events and family gatherings, new year parties, or celebrations on occasion.
  • This restaurant has a specialty in handling wedding parties and catering exclusive veg items for lunch and dinner.
  • The minimum order for free delivery is $168, while they accept orders above $68.
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Customer Review

“I am an old fan of this place and always support their philosophy of consuming food without killing. The reformation of food listing after becoming Supreme Vege includes regular items along with the flavor of new innovative creations with vegan-style food. The blend of spices with new vegetable delicacies is excellent, while the legacy of old food connects with the traditions.”

4. Eight Treasures
Phone: +65 6534 7727
Location: South Bridge Road (behind Buddha Tooth Relic, China Town)
Open Hours: Mon-Sun: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm, Mon-Fri: Off 03.00 pm – 05.00 pm

Eight Treasures is a well-established 5-star rated vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Singapore that maintains its standard of hygienically served plant food.

Since its launch in 2007, the restaurant has been delivering delightful vegan food by following their saying, “Meatless does not mean tasteless.”

They consecutively hosted the World Vegetarian Day Celebration from 2008 to 2012 in collaboration with the Vegetarian Society, Vege Vibe, and other groups. Non-veg guests were asked to participate to enjoy the plant-based food and understand its benefits.

5 Chef’s Special Delicacies

  • Salad Veg Chicken
  • Veg Honey Sauce Pork
  • Fragrant Cereal Beancurd
  • Sliced Veg Fish Noodle Soup
  • Eight Treasure Hor Fun

Other Things to Consider

  • They have exclusive recipes in soups, seasonal greens, beancurd, mushrooms, vegetarian fish, and noodle rice.
  • The vegetarian mimicking meat is made of quality soy and plant-based ingredients.
  • This restaurant is regularly featured by media houses for promoting veg cuisines.

Customer Review

“I can bet on the taste of the veg food served at Eight Treasure, which is unmatched for its delicious flavor by any other non-veg restaurant. They have magically embedded the texture and taste of fish, pork, and other meat in their mocking delicacies. It is so good that I prefer to eat these vegetarian replacements against unhealthy meaty food.”

5. Joie Meatless Cuisine
Phone: +65 9663 0901
Location: Rooftop Garden, Orchard Central (Orchard Road)
Open Hours: Mon-Sun: 12.00 pm – 03.00 pm
06.00 pm – 10.00 pm

The Joie restaurant is a part of Orchard Central Hotel and is one of the first gastronomic meatless cuisine restaurants in Asia.

It conceptualizes the latest trends followed in Taiwan and European countries that look up to fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs to create innovative and interesting diets.

5 Chef’s Special Delicacies

  • Silk Lasagna with Broccoli Riso and Cashew Nut Sand
  • Japanese Kombu Broth with Hand Carved Tofu
  • Grilled Summer Mushroom Steak on “Pu-Ye” Hot Stone
  • Charcoal Coated Tempura Platter
  • Potato and Cauliflower Bisque with Basil Crisp
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Other Things to Consider

  • The chefs at the restaurant have years of experience and belong to multiple nationalities.
  • They have worked in coordination to create unique menu options that offer six-course lunch and seven-course dinner items.
  • This restaurant at the rooftop garden appears fabulous to customers with its shining bright luminous lights as they move towards it from the eleventh floor.
  • It is a complete luxury dining with an exclusive seating arrangement of 1-5 private rooms for 4-16 individuals. The customers get plush leather-quilted banquettes and velvet armchairs.

Customer Review

“My friend recommended celebrating my first anniversary at Joie, and indeed the place is worth a visit for both vegetarian food lovers. The ambiance and staff members are good and greet the customers well to enhance the mood. The chefs have innovated some great taste with the ingredients as the food we ordered was accurately flavorful.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What do the restaurants mean when they say Chinese vegetarian

By saying Chinese vegetarian, they simply claim to present delicacies that look and taste similar to regular Chinese non-veg food. On the contrary, it is prepared entirely with veg ingredients.

This initially sounds crazy to attempt to bring flavors of the meat to the vegan product. The chefs took it as a challenge and worked hard to serve delicious meals made of beans, curry, savory, nuts, lentils, and the list is endless.

How do Chinese restaurants in Singapore cook vegetarian food?

The chefs mostly understand that the preferred taste of most Singaporeans are related to classic meaty food. That is why they have devised ways to bring non-vegetarian flavors from plant-based food.

They not just manage to capture the exact taste and texture, but also imitate the design of specific dishes, which helps people to adapt to the new vegan format of living.

The main food ingredient used in making such food is Tofu in different forms along with vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, nuts, fungi, soya beans, and other such eatables.

 The ingredients are usually named soya products, or su-ji or vegetable chicken.

Is Chinese vegetarian food good for health?

These food items are mainly prepared by experts or cooked under the guidance of experienced chefs. It is proven by dieticians that veg food is always better than non-veg due to the health benefits.

Chinese vegetarian food also contains all the necessary nutrients. Ingredients like soy and vegetables are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

What to Consider When Visiting a Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant in Singapore

Earlier, it was difficult to find restaurants serving vegetarian foods. Usually, they included a few dishes that were rarely made or promoted.

With far-reaching awareness about the advantages and environmental benefits of vegetarianism, Singapore has opened doors for veg-only dines too.

The last ten years, the list of such eating places has been increasing here. We always recommend keeping a few things in mind while visiting these places.

  • Prefer going to pure-veg restaurants, if you are strictly vegan.
  • Look up for the dish’s ingredients or directly ask the chef to be sure it is vegan style.
  • Check out the restaurant’s presence on the internet for customer feedback.