Top 7 Partition Wall Builders in Singapore

Partition walls play a significant role in architectural design for houses, shops, commercial settings, community halls, and bigger rooms in offices.

They serve as the preferred solution for a room divider in Singapore homes and offices. People also use it to create compartments or cabins for easy management of space.

Being temporary in nature, they are also called false walls, as these are usually made of gypsum boards and can be hacked down to reshape the place.

There are many types of partition walls provided by contractors in Singapore for specific purposes. We have listed out the top companies serving in this industry with higher customer ratings and quality services.

1. Paramount Construction
Phone: +65 8877 8643
Locate: 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-28 NorthpointBizhub, Singapore 768159
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 08.00 am – 05.00 pm
Sat: 08.00 am – 12.00 pm
Sun: Off

Paramount Construction is one of the specialists in drywall partitioning and false ceiling creation, but they also offer many other services.

They have dedicated workers with expertise in specific services, and assure the customers that they will get the best quality at an affordable price.


  • Drywall provision with standard, acoustic, fire-rated, and high-impact partitioning for houses, offices, restaurants, retail outlets, etc.
  • False ceiling with typical standard, office grid, and L-box designs.
  • Tiling works for floors and walls.
  • Electrical works for wiring and power point installation.
  • Painting on walls, metals, and woods.


  • You can create a walk-in wardrobe in your bedroom.
  • These walls help create a more versatile interior space
  • They have a fast-track installation system that can be easily relocated.
  • Drywalls with single and double sides are available.
  • They also supply and install door frames in drywall.
Pros Cons
A one-stop-shop for all interior hardware needs There are few options in partition wall system
Fast track installation using a clean and noise-less process  


“I am thankful to Paramount Constructions for creating a unique design for my home interiors. The drywall works was hassle-free, while its quality is robust and reliable.

2. Beauwood Plaster Design
Phone: +65 6246 3660
Locate: 1 Sunview Rd, #05-33 Eco-tech @ Sunview, Singapore 627615
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm
Sat: 09.00 am – 01.00 pm
Sun: Off

Mr. Lucas Chaan, who is a veteran installer, is the man behind Beauwood Plaster Design. The company was formed in 2011, and has been continuously growing since then in multiple services related to drywalls and ceiling design.

It is a well-recognized brand and has received accreditation from the Singapore Contractors Association, Biz SAFE Level Star, and TNV Certification body. They also ensure the use of raw materials from reputable brands of gypsum fibrous and glass manufacturers.


  • Both fire-rated and non-fire-rated drywall partition systems.
  • Ceilings of metal, gypsum, fire-rated, and suspension/ grid
  • Cove light systems on the ceilings and walls of the room
  • Pelmet or cornice board to conceal curtain fixtures
  • Fire protection system application with structured steel, ventilation & smoke extraction ducts, and M&E service enclosure
  • Glass partitioning comes in a variety of styles, including float, tinted, sand-blasted, mirror, Low-E, heat-soaked, and more.
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  • Three types of fire-rated drywalls are available that provide 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours protection.
  • Non-fire-rated drywall is lightweight and easy to assemble.
Pros Cons
They have a long list of past work experience on commercial, residential, and interior out-fit projects. Because they use branded products, the fire-rated walls are high priced compared to others
Only use branded products for quality and long-lasting results.  
Non-fire-rated drywall a value-for-money solution for residential and commercial projects.  


“I called them for a renovation and redesign of my office space. The employees are good and well-behaved with sufficient experience to provide the best solution at a lesser price. They offer a wide range of products at one shop which saves time and energy of the client.”

3. PlasterCeil
Phone: +65 8333 7667
Locate: 50 Serangoon North Ave 4 #09-02, Singapore 555856
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm

PlasterCeil is a company that works on large-scale projects and has about one hundred full-time workers, which includes apprentices, carpenters, plasterers, along with office staff.

They possess more than ten years of experience in the ceiling and partition industry, which lets them quickly interpret the client’s choice and expectations.


  • Wall partition systems with multiple options like drywall, gypsum board, plaster, and glass for both offices and residences.
  • False ceiling with exclusive designs in gypsum board, plasterboard, grid, and suspended.


  • Fire-rated ceilings, partition walls, barriers, and fire case
  • The company has a huge workshop of 1000 m2 to create and maintain high quality products
  • An experienced foreman stays on the site till the work gets over to monitor the working pattern and quality.
  • The clients get guidance and advice from experts throughout the project.
Pros Cons
A large base of workers attached to the firm ensures efficient work completion. To achieve perfection, they take extra time in task completion.
A wide variety of partitioning systems help choose a suitable option for the client.  
They have in-house CAD expert designers who have experience in designing wall partitions.  


“I required a partition wall in my bedroom to create a small space for my kids to play with materials and toys. Mr. Leon from the PlasterCeil suggested framed glass partitioning with curtains on each side. It is the right decision because now we can watch our kid and his activities while he is in the cabin, and we are assured of his safety.”

4. Chian Jin Building Contractor
Phone: +65 6367 5988
Locate: 18 MandaiEstate, #06-03 Multi-Wide Industrial Building Singapore 729910
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm

Chian Jin is an old company started by Mr. Ng Thiam Lai, who was a veteran roof expert, and has worked as a team lead in metal roofing at Singapore Changi Airport in 1981.

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He began with roof installation in 1996, and later, after establishing his name in the industry, he added other services to his workmanship.


  • Drywall partition system with installation and repair for commercial and residential settings
  • Floor lamination, to create a stylish, colorful appearance, which is better than tiles and parquet.
  • Metal roofing of standing seam, concealed fixed, pierce fixed, and customized.


  • Trained craftsmen with more than one year of experience  in installing drywall partitions of gypsum boards developed by renowned brands like Boral, Gyproc, and UCC.
  • Along with manual sanding in drywall partitions, they also utilise advanced equipment like sandar machines to superior polish finish on the wall.
Pros Cons
Along with manual sanding in drywall partitions, they also utilise advanced equipment like sandar machines to achieve a superior polish finish on the wall. Installation and finishing take a lot of time
Customers get an option to select from various insulating materials such as fiberglass, rock wool, or lamination for thermal or sound proof systems.  
Cost efficient work with a free consultation  


“The customer support system is excellent in this company. They properly listen to the requirements and manage their best to deliver the discussed solution within time. The consultants are also cooperative in analyzing the site and offer the best and affordable option.”

5. Floor To Ceiling Renovation
Phone: +65 9173 2030, +65 9620 3001
Locate: 18 Sin Ming Lane, #08-31 Midview City Singapore 573960
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm
Sat – Sun: Off

They have a big team of professional interior designers who have high grade knowledge and experience. These technicians are trained to meet the expectations of the customer on residential and commercial projects.

The company primarily promotes wood and black/ white visuals, as their original business was to supply wood and tiles in Singapore.


  • Partition walls with curved, customized, and plain designs.
  • False ceiling with cove lights, painting, and plain designs.
  • Flooring with cement, large tiles, small tiles, mosaics, parquet, and waterproofing patterns.


  • They have employed BCA-certified contractors that deliver cost-effective solutions.
  • Their focus is to provide clean and brightly colored wood products that are affordable and long-lasting.
  • The rates of products and designs are specifically defined on the website.
Pros Cons
A one-year warranty covers unintentional defects or normal wear and tear, and a two-years warranty covers wood and tiles. Some of the products are not fire-rated
Multiple types of partition walls are available, such as drywalls, plaster, glass, timber, and Shiplap walls.  
They make an effort to create high-class designs at a minimalistic price.  


“I found this company as the best pricing solution provider for ceiling and wall partitioning of my corporate building. They have varied designs of products in the affordable range, and the consultants are highly talented with ample of experience to tackle regular HDB issues in implementing the partitions.

6. Pin Pin Plaster Design And Décor
Phone: +65 6283 8710
Locate: 22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sat: 09.00 am – 18.00 pm
Sun: Off

Pin Pin has been among the popular brands in Singapore for almost a decade. They have also achieved the Singapore Excellence Award in 2013 and many more for the highest level of performance.

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Their motive is to offer a value-for-money solution and to ensure they are cost-effective in all their products and services.


  • Wall partitioning for business establishments, corporate houses, and interior settings.
  • False ceiling with a white shade, monochromatic, or minimized color contrast.
  • Lighting holders to incorporate it into the false ceiling.
  • L-box ceilings are attractive as well as cost and energy efficient. 


  • The company assures that the products are made of the finest quality materials.
  • A customized partition is also provided, which is stylish and made of uncompromised quality.
  • The walls are sound-proof, heat and water resistant, and comes with a decreased risk of termite infestation.
Pros Cons
Partition walls are lightweight, and hence, these are portable, quickly assembled, and tough in nature. Do not provide multiple partition wall options.
Their room dividers are highly economical in Singapore and arepreferred for creating segments in offices or houses.  


“One of the prominent reasons for me to choose this company was its significant existence for last ten years, and have been awarded for its excellent works. This is the second flat for which I have appointed them to manage colored ceilings, lightings, and wall partitioning.”

7. Great Year Industries
Phone: +65 6456 0758
Locate: 9 Tagore Ln, Singapore 787472
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
Sat – Sun: Off

The Great Year Industries has been in existence since 1984. Since then, it has been the only distributor of German-manufactured Abopart Operable Walls on the Asian continent.

The company has received approvals by CIDB and BCA. It has a reliable and experienced staff of technicians who hold a track record of working on prestigious projects.


  • High quality operable walls, which are movable partitions and easy to implement
  • Operable glass wall systems to enhance natural light exposure in the interior area
  • Operable wall panels which are sound-proof, and acoustically insulated
  • Operable glass walls with sliding doors, manual acoustic framed and semi-automatic framed
  • Accordion doors with a beautiful finish, are the best choice for room dividers or partitioning living space, such as dining rooms and kitchens


  • These are manually operated wall panels, which can be quickly moved.
  • There is a semi-auto locking system with a rubber seal to keep the walls intact from an unintentional manual push.
  • Abopart wall panels can be used in high-rise rooms as each panel has a maximum length of 15 meters.
Pros Cons
Multiple options in wall panels like real wood veneers, laminates, metallic finishes, wood, glass, or metal panels. The product is delicate in nature and forms errors or breakage in the fitting system.
The panels are tested by TUV, The German Testing Institute, and are best suited for art galleries or museums.  
These are the sole distributors of the product, so they have the most learned technicians.  


“A friend from overseas suggested that I go for operable panels for our marketing division office, and recommended this company. I researched that Great Year Industries is the only authorized provider of these fascinating movable walls. No doubt! They have gathered ample experience and offer the best designs. My office looks lively and clients get attracted to its beauty.”


Frequently Asked Question

What is the cost to partition a room in Singapore by implementing a partition wall?

There are a wide range of wall partitioning systems available in Singapore, and thus, the price range has variations depending upon the size, thickness, waterproofing, fire-rated, and other features of the wall implemented. The cost of a drywall partition in Singapore may range between S$4 – S$13 per square foot.

What is the best choice of material for implementing a partition wall?

There are multiple options available in wall partitioning, and people can get them installed as per their budget and design requirements. However, the most common option for a partition wall is to use clay blocks, which are typically 5 – 15cm thick and rigid structures with hollow interiors. These are budget-friendly and fire-rated, with heat and sound insulators.

How is that partition wall different from other walls?

Partition walls, or drywalls, are installed in an interior area to create separation or divide a bigger room into segments. These are temporary in nature, made of light materials, and cannot bear heavy loads. The other major walls in the room are made of bricks and are permanent, which means they cannot be broken. These are costlier to build and more time-consuming to operate, but they can handle a heavy load.

Does installing a partition wall require permission?

No, partition walls are interior structures with temporary designs that can be easily dismantled at any point of conflict. So as long as you are creating a partition in a self-owned area or have the lease permission, you can go ahead and install a partition wall of your choice.

Where is the drywall partition mostly used?

Drywalls are popular partition wall systems because they are made of thin textures but are more durable and stronger. These are highly preferred in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, lodges, retail shops, as well as residences.

What to Consider While Choosing a Partition Wall Company

You might have requirements for room division in an office or residential flat to create a separate space. Hence, you are searching for a suitable option. Drywall partitions of gypsum board or clay are usually a suitable choice, but firms are also providing other options, such as glass or metal.

You must fix your requirements with priorities on design, appearance, or just separation, and then check out the companies over the following points.

  • The company’s past work experience and customer support
  • The material used for the wall
  • The price is quoted per square foot
  • Ensure that the material is long-lasting
  • The wall should be strong enough to hold the load of hangings and decorative items.