Laminate Door Supplier In Singapore

5 Reliable Laminate Door Companies in Singapore: Get Your Favorite Colors and Designs

Doors are the first impression of your house, and laminate doors are the latest evolution in the industry, which has become a preference of modern households in Singapore.

Many companies are selling below standard products at low prices that may appear brighter but soon degrade and start perishing.

The laminate door has higher durability with multiple design and color options. But it is more important to select a reliable manufacturer and supplier to achieve long-lasting quality.

We have a curated list of five most trusted laminate door suppliers in Singapore. You can consider them if you plan to redesign your house with new kitchen cabinets and doors for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.

1. HD Door
PhoneNo. +65 6589 8484
Location: Woodlands Close
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 10.00 am – 08.00 pm

HD Door is among the top-rated laminate door brands in Singapore with the largest showroom to display more than 1000 options to choose from.

They claim to be a door specialist brand but their family-friendly showroom offers multiple home renovation products.

Customers from HDBs, Condos, BTO, and land properties choose them for redesigning their smart homes, and by now have served more than 180k customers.

Laminate Door Options

  • 3D Design Laminate Door: They claim to be the first and only manufacturers in Singapore. It is best suited for the main door, bedroom door, and office door.
  • Laminate Bedroom Door: They offer multiple options like sliding track, arch or round top, steel inlay, two-tone colors, and groove lines.

Other Featured Products

  • Wooden doors: door lock and related accessories, main doors
  • Metal gates: mild steel gate, 3D laser cut gate, tempered glass gate, Wag gate
  • Aluminum and glass gate: toilet doors, HDB slide & swing, shower screen, etc.
  • Digital lock in multiple brands like Philips, Samsung, Klever, etc.
  • Smart home accessories such as a safe box, electric bar, digital door viewer, etc.

Why Choose Them

  • They provide free delivery and installation at the client’s site.
  • Many products are offered with free gifts, like door closers and fire alarms.

Customer Feedback

“They have a beautiful collection of doors at the showroom, while the salespersons also provide a product catalog to display the doors in different styles.”

2. Laminate Door
PhoneNo. +65 9010 4376
Location: Boon Lay Way
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 10.00 am – 08.00 pm

This company has invented the top-selling antibacterial laminate doors, gates, and WAG or wall art design gates.

They have some of the most experienced craftsmen who have excellence in customizing new innovative designs or requirements directly from the customers.

Laminate Door claims to be the biggest supplier of premium quality doors and gates in Singapore and has also received the SME500 award in 2021.

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Laminate Door Options

  • HDB main door: fire-rated, two-tone design, groove line, and antibacterial laminate door.
  • HDB bedroom door: groove line, barn door, sliding barn, and premium design.
  • Kitchen door: laminate sliding & swing glass door, sliding barn door.
  • Wooden sliding, bifold, and double equal leaf door.
  • Laminate mesh gates
  • One desk made of the laminate board

Other Featured Products

  • Gates: WAG, glass, mild steel, laser cut, and wrought iron.
  • Branded digital locks for doors and gates.
  • Toilet doors in Q-fold, bi-fold, slide, and swing.
  • Accessories like a safe box, liver lock set, door viewer, stopper, etc.

Why Choose Them

  • The products are sold at factory price with no hidden cost and have a warranty of one year.
  • They offer free delivery, installation, and old door removal.
  • There are 1000+ designs at the store, which are made in Singapore with high-quality materials.

Customer Feedback

“It is one of the leading brands in laminate doors, and the showroom and services offered reasonably explain this. The salespersons are knowledgeable and friendly to understand the customer’s requirements.”

3. Door Lab
PhoneNo. +65 8858 8284
Location: Geylang East Ave 3
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 12.00 pm – 08.00 pm
Sun: 11.00 am – 06.00 pm

Door Labs is an admired laminate door brand in Singapore for its exclusive and trending designs. It has delivered some of the significant designs for main doors, bedroom doors, etc.

They have a big team of dedicated and experienced technicians to craft innovative patterns on wooden boards.

Laminate Door Options

  • HDB & Main doors: Wide range of products in polar white, Wartburg Chevron, Staco, Trevo Textiles, rural, line a, and many others.
  • Bedroom doors: The models include bleached wood, raven, misty, brown cocoa, cinnamon, amber, framed oak, etc.

Other Featured Products

  • Designer mild steel gates for main doors.
  • Slide & swing doors for toilets.
  • Digital door locks and viewers.

Why Choose Them

  • A wide range of color tones available in main doors, and bedroom doors.
  • Their technique in making laminate doors involves jointed timber that increases its strength.
  • A certified proprietary mix of solid core boards and laminates is used to create fire resistance.
  • They can customize or design the doors according to the interiors in the customer description.

Customer Feedback

“I was restructuring my landed property and visited the Door Lab shop for door design suggestions. A team of experts discussed the details about my place, checked some pictures, and ensured that I create unique, long-lasting laminate doors for rooms that match the background.”

4. Goodhill Enterprise
PhoneNo. +65 6269 7860
Location: Sungei Kadut Street 5
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
Sun: Off

The Foundation of this company was laid back in 1973 on a 7000 sqm ground where they initially dealt in timber, Kiln Drying, and importing/ exporting American Wood Timber.

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Finally, in 1989 the Goodhill Enterprise was established in Singapore, and by 1996 became the largest distributor of wooden laminate doors and other timber products across the island.

Laminate Door Options

  • Cobo high-pressure laminate door: It is heat, abrasion, and chemical resistant. The material is hard for higher durability and noise absorption ability with the double seal around the edges.
  • Other doors include Merbau, Fire-rated, engineered, wooden sliding, acoustic vinyl, and many others.

Other Featured Products

  • Door accessories like a knob, lever lock, stopper, etc.
  • Vinyl flooring by Dura Floor is ultra resilient or hyper-rigid, Korean vinyl, and slim vinyl PVC.
  • Outdoor decking by Dura Deck Ultra Embossed or German Pro Series for DIY, Natural timber, and vertical garden.
  • Scapeturf Premium Artificial Glass.
  • Variety of options for bay windows.

Why Choose Them

  • The products are offered at factory price.
  • Multiple products are available under one roof.
  • Classic and sober design in laminate doors with options to customize.

Customer Feedback

“We gave them a contract to complete the woodwork for our bungalow and office space. Their sales consultants are very talented since they provided us with some of the best designs and quality flooring, decking, and laminate doors. No doubt it is the experience of five decades.”

5. Imperial Door
PhoneNo. +65 8889 9585
Location: Woodlands Industrial Park, Bangkit (New)
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 10.00 am – 08.00 pm
Sun: 10.00 am – 05.00 pm

Imperial Door is not too old in the wooden door market but has consistently established its brand name by delivering higher quality and durable products.

They are OEM door sellers and have a large team of interior designers, architects, and developers, to create outstanding products on demand.

The company is regularly involved in developing innovative products that are long-lasting and require low maintenance.

Laminate Door Options

  • Solid laminate fire-rated main doors with multiple designs, including pallet and Virgo marble. They have fire mortice locks, magnetic door stoppers, and eye viewers.
  • Non-fire laminate doors are also available with grip handles.
  • A long list of designs in bedroom laminate doors that have HPL facility with veneer lacquer and full solid for soundproofing indoors.
  • Sliding doors can also be purchased with a free cup handle, high-pressure laminate, and scratch resistance.
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Other Featured Products

  • Accessories like slide arm, roller lock, aluminum line, door closer, etc.
  • Multiple designs of gates made of mild steel can be purchased from the showroom.
  • Smart digital locks by Hafele, Kaadas, Lockin, Loghome, Tenon, and Super Value Bundle.
  • Glass doors in the tempered, clean barn, and mild steel formats.
  • Safes with specific designs and requirements.

Why Choose Them

  • Free delivery and installation with dismantling and disposal of old doors.
  • They sell the best quality products at factory prices.
  • They offer a one year warranty on products with excellent service.

Customer Feedback

“A great job is done by the installation team of Imperial Door. I called the installation team for directions and suggestions about laminate doors and digital locks, and the response was immediate. A group of three salespersons visited my place in three hours and gave the best suggestions that suited our identity.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fundamental advantages of laminate doors?

Laminate doors are also made of wood but are way better than regular doors. The central purpose of having a laminate coating over the wood material is to make it water-resistant.

This feature can be a lot more helpful to the people of Singapore because they mostly experience tropical weather. Wet weather or moisture can soon deteriorate the wooden doors and furniture.

Other than prevention from water, they are also fire resistant and scratch resistant or surface abrasion. But the most crucial factor is the availability of the latest designs and colors, which automatically attracts a lot of customers.

Is high-pressure laminate different from regular lamination?

There is a typical process to create laminated wooden planks for doors. A distinguished procedure is applied to coat them with plastic resin or paper material using glue.

There are separate layers of paper pasted under extreme pressure to create a protective layer against water and fire. These are commonly known as High-Pressure Laminate or HPL, which is best suited for long-lasting designs.

What is the cost of installing laminate doors in Singapore?

Laminate doors usually come in an affordable price range. And since most of the companies are manufacturing and supplying locally in Singapore, the total price of the door reduces altogether.

The average price of laminate doors in Singapore ranges between $650 – $1650, including installation, because many brands offer this as a free service.

Separate charges for door installation and disposal of old products in Singapore can cost between $200 – $300.

How to Choose a Laminate Door Supplier in Singapore

Laminate doors are improvised versions of regular wooden or veneer doors but are full of features. That is why Singaporeans are interested in getting them installed at homes and offices.

The reason is evident because this technique does not compromise artistic designs and fancy looks, while security wise also these are perfect to rely on.

But it becomes imperative to contract an authoritative showroom that sells a trusted quality product. You can be sure about a door lamination company by analysing the following points –

  • The proficiency of workers and the experience of the brand counts a lot in the quality of the product.
  • Find the quality of raw materials they use in manufacturing the doors.
  • Check out the variety of colors and designs they offer with customization.
  • Read about customer feedback on different mediums.
  • Enquire about the additional services the company offers, such as free delivery, installation, etc.