Top 10 Cavapoo Breeders in Singapore for Woolly or Hairy Pets

The sale of pet dogs has been increasing continuously in Singapore for the last few years. People prefer small size puppies, particularly Cavapoos, because they are cute, harmless, and easy to keep in flats, where the majority of people live.

Cavapoos possess characteristics of either of the parent: Poodle or Cavalier, and hence are either hairy or woolly in appearance. In general, they are 15 inches in height, while their intelligence, energy level, and friendliness make them the best family-oriented pets.

With the increasing acceptance of pet dogs in houses, we are witnessing a bunch of pet shops that claim to provide the highest quality breeds. Here is a list of the top 10 trusted Cavapoo breeders in Singapore.

1. William Goh Kennel
Phone: +65 8666 9098 / +65 8754 1531
Locate: 23 Seletar West Farmway 1 Singapore 798133
License No.: FI31589
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 09.00 – 19.00

It is a renowned pet shop in Singapore that has existed since 1970, and being a kennel, only dogs are allowed here.

This dog shop has been awarded as the best breeder in Singapore by the Singapore Kennel Club for twelve continuous years, and for the last fifty years, they have stood by their inherent standard of providing authentic quality breeds from trusted sources.


  • Cavapoos, Corgis, Dachshunds, and ShibaInu are the popular dog breeds usually available in their kennel
  • They help find a suitable puppy that matches an individual’s lifestyle.
  • The dogs stay stress free since they are not made to stay in the display cage for the whole day.
Pros Cons
They allow visiting in non-obligatory sessions to mingle with puppies and understand their nature. They only have few dog breeds in the shop
The dogs get ample space in the compound for playful activities Local breeds are rarely available
Babies are allowed to stay with their mothers for quite some time to raise them in tender loving care  


“I was up for buying my first puppy, when I visited the William Goh Kennel. The team members patiently introduced the pets and created a scenario to play with them for a while. I loved the collection, especially the variety of Cavapoos.”


“They gave me an appointment to meet the dogs on weekends. The dogs were comfortable and healthy, while the staff was well-trained to handle their tantrums.”

2. Sunnybay Pets
Phone: +65 9105 0578
Locate: 33 Ubi Ave 3, Singapore 408868
UEN: 202120276M
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 10.00 – 19.00

The owners of Sunny bay Pets are typical pet lovers and ensure that they do not use unethical means of pet breeding. They have partnered with pet care organizations, “Animal Lovers League,” and “Causes for Animals Singapore,” while also collecting donations to help stray dogs.

The company has links with authorized breeders in the UK, Europe, and Australia, to get healthy puppies for Singapore families.


  • The Cavapoo puppies in the shop are of UK origin of approximately two months old. These are well-groomed to keep the coats healthy and unmatted.
  • These Cavapoo babies are born of a Cavapoo mother and a Miniature Poodle father.
  • The pets are dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and vet checked.
Pros Cons
The puppy parents are well taken care of with health checks and vaccination Puppies are imported from abroad and given the time to settle in the local environment
The store provides many popular dog breeds  


“I wanted to buy my pet from a reliable store, and found out that Sunnybay Pet shop gets AVS licensed and EU approved babies for which they also provide a puppy’s registration copy.”


“I had no idea about dogs, but here the staff is wonderful. They allowed me to interact with all the dogs and even consulted me to choose the one of them that flawlessly merged with my attitude.”

3. Pretty Pets Kennel
Phone: +65 8645 5134
Locate: 59 Sungei Tengah Road, Block B #02-04 Singapore 699014
UEN: AF21034
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: Only on appointment

The Pretty Pets Kennel is just a pet store, and they do not deal in pet breeding. The company makes sure to provide pets like Cavapoos for sale in Singapore.

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They have a wide range of dog puppies in their store, and customers put up orders from the desired list so that the team can arrange the pets in a short time.


  • The staff is knowledgeable about dog’s health and food requirements, and thus provides nutritious food like kibbles with fats, protein, carbohydrates, and fibre.
  • They support ethical sales of pets, and hence, promote responsible breeding, which is more focused on a dog’s health than generating money.
Pros Cons
They provide adetailed report of vaccines and deworming in the microchip certificate Cannot directly visit the store without appointment
The puppies go through astrict medical check-up for eyes, ears, mouth, heart, respiratory, skin, joints, parvovirus, etc  


“We were interested in petting a local puppy and are highly thankful to Ashley that she made us meet the parents. This let us understand their behavioral patterns, and inherent characteristics of the baby, which made it easier to adjust in its initial days.”


“It was fun visiting the Pretty Pet Kennel, and I got to meet a lot of options from small or medium breeds to breeds for beginners, while all are HBD approved.”

4. Pet Me Please
Phone: +65 8878 4248
Locate: 48 JooChiat Place Singapore 427772
License No.:
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 11.00 – 20.00

The owners Pet Me Please ensure that the adult dog parents are DNA tested and free from any genetic disease, and thus, follow the puppy culture method in breeding.

It involves the multiple stages of a baby’s development. While working over critical factors to improvise the puppy’s behavior in socializing with humans or other dogs, they use appropriate methods like noises, objects, and special tactics to enhance their acceptability to the environment.


  • The puppies of Cavapoos and Mini Labradoodles are from Australia, while the Pomeranians are from Germany.
  • They start training the babies at an early stage, which is helpful for them to get accustomed to the standards and learn to their highest potential.
  • The pets are HDB approved and have attended toilet training, crate training, a neurological stimulation program, and are hypoallergenic.
Pros Cons
Breeders are chosen via a10-step breeder selection program. Puppies are raised in cage-free modes, andmay find it difficult to stay confined, if ever needed.
Continuous support on pet’s education  
Puppies receive a nutritious diet and can free-roam after weaning from the mother  


“We went to Pet Me Please shop to get our first pet, a Cavapoo. They follow the industry’s best ethical breeding methods and provide detailed health records of the pets. I recommend people from Singapore to consider this shop if you are looking for a socialized and ethically bred pet.”


“We are thankful to Julia, one of the team members, who guided us through all our queries in finding a suitable pet for our home. They provide training through evident learning methods, because of which my puppy is well-behaved and accepted our care from the very first day.”

5. Wag A Tail
Phone: +65 9172 1114 / +65 8113 5741
Locate: 241 JooChiat Road, Singapore 427498
License No.: AS20J00033
Working Days/ Hours: Wed – Fri: 12.00 – 18.30
Sat – Sun: 12.00 – 20.00
Mon – Tue: Off

Wag A Tail has a vast variety of small, medium, and large breeds of puppies that a visitor may check out in the shop after an appointment.

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The puppies at the store are bred both locally in Singapore, but a few specimens like Cavapoo, Jack Russel Terrier, Samoyed, etc are brought from authentic breeders of Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom.


  • These pets are certified for hypoallergenic, non-shedding, necessary vaccinations, and microchipped.
  • The puppies are HDB approved, regularly scanned for health checks, and ever-ready to go to their new homes.
  • They don’t display the puppies to protect them from stress and unnecessary infections.
Pros Cons
Along with regular vaccinations they also consider preventive vaccines like Kennel Cough, Proheart, and Rabies You can only get an appointment to enter the store and meet the pets, if you intend to buy one of the available breeds
They only link with AVS licensed breeders to ensure verified quality  
All puppies are parvovirus swap tested before they move to their new owner’s home  


“I would always recommend this shop for pet sales because they provide proper certificates related to the puppy, and ensure an instant health check before finalizing the deal. The after sales service is best as they stay in touch for a long time and enquire about the pet condition or guide us in minor or major issues.


“I was a bit depressed as my first pet died in a week due to illness. A friend of mine recommended me to take an appointment at this shop and make a visit. It was a delightful moment to check out a range of puppies with complete medical history of parents and vaccination details.”

6. The Lovely Pets
Phone: +65 9047 2718
Locate: 46 Jalan Limbok (between Serangoon North and Serangoon Garden), Singapore 548728
License No.: AS16J00033
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 10.30 – 18.30

The Lovely Pets is a spacious salon and pet shop in Singapore that deals in dogs and cats, while they also sell pet accessories like food, toys, shampoo, etc.

Their philosophy is to give emotional care to the animals, and even adopt stray dogs or cats, which are usually unwanted by the masses.

Thus, they have entered the pet trade business to support and provide basic necessities like clean water, proper space, nutrition, and health check of which these potential pets are deprived of.


  • Most of the puppy breeds like Cavapoos, Cavachon, Cockapoo, and others are imported after proper health checks on specific parameters to certify joints/ patella, heart, lungs, eyes, skin, and non-shedding.
  • Local pets are taken from AVS registered breeders of Singapore.
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Pros Cons
They ensure that the pet is healthy before completing the sale documents Cats in the grooming centre may irritate the puppies
Customers can call or send photos/ videos to put up queries regarding the pet  


“The groomers in this pet shop are highly skilled and experienced in handling the pets. But what we really appreciate is that the organization allows sufficient rest and avoids over-booking. This helps the groomers stay stress-free and in exhaustive while grooming the pets.


“It is definitely a one-stop shop for pup-care. I got my Cavapoo from The Lovely Pet, and regularly purchase the food and sanitary items for the puppy from the online store. Me and my friends take our pets to the salon section every month and love them getting groomed and pampered.”

7. Tian Chai Petshop
Phone: +65 8877 6368
Locate: Blk 608 Ang Mo Koi Ave 5 #01-2783, Singapore 560608
License No.: AS16B00009
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 13.00 – 18.00

Tian Chai Pet shop is rated higher by the AVS agency for its reliability, and availability of multiple varieties of breeds.

They upload the available list of puppies on the website and people can browse through it to select and initiate the booking process. Users who do not know about any particular breed, can find its details in the blog section of the website.


  • The consulting team takes the initiative to understand a potential buyer’s family culture and then recommends a dog breed that is a perfect match for their lifestyle.
  • They provide small, and medium breeds as well as designer breeds in the pet shop.
  • All the puppies are double vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.
Pros Cons
They thoroughly educate the pet owner about the critical points in handling the specific breed as an aftersales service. They do not import pets on order, and one can only buy from the instantly available puppies.
The dogs are locally bred,and hence, the price of Cavapoos or other breeds is comparatively lower.  


“The staff at Wag A Tail is well informed about the dog breeds and specific habits, and they patiently helped my daughter choose a cute, little, energetic one month old Cavapoo. She is very happy with this new fur-friend, and our family member.”


“They are incredible in aftersales service. The concerned staff makes every effort to teach us the proper way to train the pup is several activities.”

8. Pawsome
Phone: +65 9844 0356
Locate: 320 TanjongKatong Road, Singapore 437101
License No.: AS20K00049
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 13.00 – 18.00

Pawsome pet shop has completed more than 20 years of pet dog business in Singapore. They have emerged as a trusted name among the locals who wish to own one or more pets in their house.

They allow potential customers to pay unlimited visits to the store and interact with the puppies.


  • A wide variety of dogs are available in the shop, while they also keep a few breeds of cats in a separate section.
  • The pets are allowed to roam around freely in the open area of the shop.
Pros Cons
The pets stay calm and stress-free and calm because they are allowed to move out of cage Lesser details are available about the parents of these puppies
Pets are imported from foreign countries through authorized breeders  


“I like the way they consulted us or any other would-be paw-parent about the way we need to treat our baby Cavapoo. It was an immense amount of deep knowledge that these experienced people have, which is usually not available over the internet.”


“I went with my wife to this pet shop to groom our two years old Poodle. The experience was unmatched to other salons as the groomers here easily make a bondage with these puppies and it was surprisingly playing in his hands. The session was exciting for the pup and we are sure to return here every month.”

9. Wellfond Pets
Phone: +65 6254 2197 / +65 9626 0252
Locate: 197 Upper Thomson Road Thomson Rise Estate, Singapore 574341
License No.:
Working Days/ Hours: Wed – Mon: 11.00 – 19.00, Tue: Off

Well fond is a family business in the pet trade, started in 2003. They have partnered with trusted breeders in Ireland and Australia to get healthy pets to Singapore.

The AVS checkers are asked to visit the branch every six months to test the pets for potential health issues. There is a SOP staff who regularly takes care of disinfecting and cleaning the premises.


  • The puppies are raised under the mother’s care in a clean environment.
  • They are introduced to humans and other pups at an early stage, which is approx. 4 – 6 weeks.
  • They own two outlets in Singapore and both provide services as pet shop, grooming centre, and pet product store.
Pros Cons
They specifically acquire the food and other accessories for pets to ensure the best quality. The pets are not available on an instant basis as most of the breeds are imported on call
A brief screening of the owner’s family and lifestyle is done to suggest a suitable pup breed.  


“They are genuine pet sellers in Singapore and provide the best care, nutrition, and hygiene conditions to the pets, which is often ignored at other pet stores.”


“Since I went there to buy my first ever puppy, Cavapoo, the staff members were so generous that they patiently taught me everything, and answered all my confusions about petting them. It is four months now, and they call me to ask for any issues in handling it.”

10. 2FUR7 PET Store
Phone: +65 8123 3296
Locate: 20 JalanSelaseh, Singapore 808442
License No.:
Working Days/ Hours: Wed – Sun: 10.00 – 18.00
Mon – Tue: Off

The owners manage the shop with the aim of providing quality services to the clients who buy pets.

The name 2Fur7 P.E.T stands for Pet is Everything Today, and that’s what is the core philosophy of the shop. Hence, they ensure that each pet animal gets a better chance to live and gets superb quality products to use.

They do not only work with dogs and cats, but also with pigs, rabbits, and guinea pigs.


  • The staff is well-trained to handle multiple types of pets for grooming.
  • They care to provide suitable separate space to each group of pets.
Pros Cons
The puppies are bought from licensed breeders with complete health card Local breeds are not available
The grooming rates are affordable, and all the pet related accessories are available at the retail store One cannot meet the puppy’s actual parent to understand the inherent characteristics.


“The place is highly recommended for all those who wish to own one or more pets in house. The kennel’s staff has trained the puppies so well that they have learned to peacefully stay with pets of other breeds or categories. We bought a Cavapoo and a rabbit together.”


“Though I was a bit annoyed with their behavior, when they did not let me touch the pups in the store. But later, the consultant explained that customer’s getting closer to small pups can infect them, which will eventually be transmitted to all the pets in the shop. They are actually careful towards the pets, which is definitely needed for these vulnerable babies.”


What Should You Consider Before Buying A Cavapoo?

The Cavapoo puppies are always in high demand as they are a favorite choice for most Singaporeans. There are plenty of pet shops all around the island, and so before approaching one of them for a Cavapoo, you must inquire about the below given critical factors to get an authentic pet.

  • Buy from licensed breeders only.
  • Check the medical care of the pet.
  • Prefer buying a pet of younger age between 1 – 3 months.
  • Find out about the pup’s parents; their behavior and health issues.
  • Meet the consultants and brief them about the family person’s lifestyle, or any other pet in the house.