7 Authentic Short-Term Rental Rooms, HDB, and Condos Providers of Singapore

The short-term rental system is widely accepted in Singapore, where people from all trades spend their valuable time.

This country welcomes tourists as well as professional visitors from around the world. Many of them make frequent visits or wish to stay longer than usual, probably 1 to 3 months.

In such conditions, hotel check-ins are usually expensive, while homeowners seek renters that pay for a longer duration.

We have a list of some credible short-term rental companies in Singapore that provide affordable and furnished places on lease. You can easily book rooms, condos, HDBs, studios, or whole units for short-term stays.

1. Expat Corporate Apartment
Contact Number: +65 8418 4755
Location: Boon Lay Way
Website: https://expatcorporate.com/
Email: rent@expatcorporate.com
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm
Sun: 24 hours

Expat Corporate is a highly trusted company for delivering affordable short-term rental serviced apartments in the west and central regions of Singapore.

Their featured apartments are located in Jurong East, Clementi, Queenstown, Central, One North, etc. They have also partnered with several brands like Samsung, Nestle, Abbott, Unilever, Total, and there is a long list.

Services Offered

  • They readily handle the most common issues like plumbing, TV bills, parcel pickup, or replacing a pillowcase.
  • Their team is capable of arranging rental rooms in any desired location, even if it is not covered in the company’s list.
  • Housekeeping and cleaning services are attached to every rental apartment.
  • The furnished flats may include basic amenities like TVs, the internet, and other electrical appliances.
  • The kitchens are equipped with the necessary facilities for cooking.
  • A gym, pool, playground, hall, tennis court, jacuzzi, etc., are some of the facilities that can be accessed in these rental apartments.

Why Choose Them

  • They offer premium service at a competitively low price.
  • 24 hours customer support to handle any kind of emergency.
  • Corporate rentals get the additional facility of crews, managers, individuals, contractors, etc.
  • The dwellers can swap to long-term rental contracts if they wish to extend their stay for 1-2 years.


“I booked a service apartment from Expact, and was delighted by the facilities offered with the rooms. The place was well furnished with the best quality of furniture and equipment, and the behavior of the attendant was also friendly.”

2. Hmlet
Contact Number: +65 3138 5596
Location: Telok Ayer Street
Website: https://www.hmlet.com/
Email: hello@hmlet.com
Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm

You can visit Hmlet to rent short-term rooms in Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong. Customers can easily book a place of their choice directly from the website by choosing the date and location along with other filters.

The rental properties provided are Hmlet original, which carries their signature design, or Hmlet listed, which are transformed to match the required standard designs.

Services Offered

  • They offer homes, nests, and boutiqueson a shared basis and private apartments.
  • A visitor can opt for a shared stay or private rooms for a short-duration stay of a minimum of six nights, or long-term plans of a minimum of three months.
  • You can ask them to provide short-term pet-friendly rental apartments.
  • Every apartment has emergency numbers listed at the back of the front doors.
  • They have occupied more than 1500 properties at 100+ locations, and the occupancy rate is above 90%.

Why Choose Them

  • Their obligation-free policy allows anyone to check out their rental properties without any commitment.
  • Rooms are fully furnished with air-con, wi-fi, a washer, cleaning, and other required maintenance.
  • The registered members of Hmlet get access to the mobile application, where they can connect with maids, managers, cleaners, etc.


“Their mobile application facilities are fantastic. I have stayed at short-term rental rooms of other companies, but always faced issues with room services. It was difficult to notify the late visits or unsatisfactory service by the servicemen. Here, it is easy to message the managers or even chat with them online.”

3. JJH Serviced Apartments
Contact Number: +65 8154 2121
Location: Wolskel Road
Website: https://www.jjhserviceapt.com/
Email: booking@jjhserviceapt.com
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm
Sun: Closed

JJH apartment is situated in the northern region of Singapore, which is just 20 minutes drive from Orchard Road and Clarke Quay. The Serangoon and Kovanareas for the food court are even closer.

This is a self-owned apartment that has maintained the interiors of the accommodations, and furnished them with all the necessary features to provide a private home in Singapore.

Services Offered

  • They provide AC, internet, a refrigerator, and a washing machine, along with kitchen essentials like a microwave oven, an electric cooker, and utensils in all the apartments.
  • A specific area in the downstairs parking is allotted for smokers.
  • Customers can also utilize the swimming pool and jacuzzi on the first floor from 9 am to 8 pm every day.

Why Choose Them

  • Free cancellation is available before 48 hours of the booking date.
  •  JJH apartment is within five minutes’ reach from the MRT station and bus stand.
  • Cleaning services are available on a weekly and bi-weekly basis depending on the number of rooms rented.


“I came to Singapore for a long vacation with a few friends. We changed two rental houses within ten days before reaching here, and stayed for almost five weeks in a two-bedroom apartment. The ambiance of the rooms and corridors are lovely, and well-maintained. The best part is the location of JJH, which is within walking distance to most of the gathering places.”

4. Fortville
Contact Number: +65 6590 7590
Location: Fort Road
Website: https://www.fortville.com.sg/
Email: marketing@fortville.com.sg
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 09.00 am – 05.00 pm
Sun: Closed

Fortville is a sister firm of Forthavens Pte Ltd, and has been serving corporate travelers since the year 2000.

It is located in the eastern part of Singapore, near public transport and other attractive destinations like East Coast Park, VivoCity, Sports Hub, etc.

Those who are allergic to pets can freely enter this place as they do not allow pets in their short-term rental apartments.

Services Offered

  • They have multiple categories of studios, sky suites, and 1–3-bedroom apartments.
  • As additional services, the customers can access the gym, BBQ pit, laundry, pool jacuzzi, guest lounge with wi-fi.
  • The apartments are fully furnished with the necessary furniture, electrical appliances, kitchen, and bathroom essentials.

Why Choose Them

  • The dedicated service team adheres to professional standards, and the majority of them havemore than five years of experience.
  • Their minimum lease duration is one month, and the billing includes housekeeping (thrice a week), TV, free local calls, and electricity.


“It was a great experience for my husband and me to spend our holidays at Fortville short-term rental rooms. We used to be at the swimming pools, which were sufficiently big with cozy surroundings and clean water. The crew members are pretty friendly and trustworthy, and even helped us in locating travel destinations in and around the island.”

5. Metro Residences
Contact Number: +65 6513 0030
Location: Mayo Street
Website: https://www.metroresidences.com/sg
Email: booking.sg@metroresidences.com
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00 am – 09.00 pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Metro Residences popular in the Asia-pacific region for accommodating serviced apartments, standard residential apartments, hotels, and shared rooms.

It is headquartered in Singapore, but also operates in Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong. They have collaborated with multiple property owners to offer a varied level of dwelling experience. Many renowned MNCs and startups are funding them for corporate rental deals.

Services Offered

  • Furnished apartments with front-desk and maintenance support are available for short-term rentals, i.e., less than one year.
  • Their interactive website helps the customers make digitally enabled rental bookings of apartments with specific sizes, at the desired location, and date.
  • A virtual property tour is available online of the places that strictly follow their set standards of cleanliness and comfort.
  • The housekeeping service is scheduled during the morning shift on a weekday. The cleaning work comprises regular cleansing of the apartment along with bedsheets and towels, while unwashed dishes or personal laundry are not included.

Why Choose Them

  • The customers can select a rental property from 3000+ displayed options.
  • They ensure to keep no hidden charges and agent fees.
  • For any discrepancies with the displayed images of the booked apartment, the customers are guaranteed to receive 100% money back.


“The website of Metro Residences gives sufficient details about the rooms with furnishing items and services offered. I was already informed about the Newton area, and thus, booked an apartment space here. Everything was exactly the same as was declared, and the staff members regularly assisted during our stay.”

6. International Service Apartments
Contact Number: +65 6253 8884
Location: Pemimpin Drive
Website: https://www.isapartments.com/
Email: sales@isapartments.com
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.30 am – 06.30 pm
Sat-Sun: 12.00 pm – 04.00 pm

They have been in the business of providing short-term service apartments since 1992. The property served by them ranges from 1-4 bedroom apartments in prominent locations like Buona Vista, Clementi, Haw Par Villa, Novena, and Queenstown.

The ISA company currently holds 102 units of properties in Singapore, and has also launched its branch in Shanghai, China since 2006.

Services Offered

  • Their set of Workabobe services includes an equipped kitchen, stationary, a laptop, a printer, and free internet.
  • The website ISA displays regular promotional and discount offers on the service apartment’s booking.
  • Daily and monthly rates are separately given with a minimum of six days’ bookings.

Why Choose Them

  • The ISA studio is located at Outram Park, which is a few minutes’ drive from China Town, SentosaIsland, Orchard Road, Marina Bay, Suntec Towers, and Singapore General Hospital.
  • They also ensure maximum privacy and security in these living spaces.
  • 90% of their clients are from the corporate sector, as their rates are about 40% lower than hotels, and regular service apartments.


“My friend stayed in one of the king studio apartment in January 2022, and recommended us to book them for our honeymoon holiday. We were a bit disappointed, because the electric kettle wasn’t working when we got in the apartment. But the concerned persons immediately replaced it. Our stay was comfortable and soothing, otherwise.”

7. Bespoke Habitat
Contact Number: +65 9040 0264
Location: Bukit Batok Central
Website: https://bespokehabitat.com.sg/
Email: info@bespokehabitat.com.sg
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00 am – 07.00 pm
Sat-Sun: closed

Bespoke Habitat is a winner of the SME 500 Singapore award of the current year, 2022. They are popular for providing fully furnished short-term rental rooms and co-living space at affordable charges.

Their achievements are commendable, with footprints in 170+ locations, 800 rooms to serve with 820 tenants, and about two lakh square feet managed property.

Services Offered

  • Their technical team has developed a Tenant Management System mobile app for Bespoke Habitat’s tenants. They can report any problems have in order for the support team to respond quickly.
  • Whether the customer joins in rooms, hdb, condos, or whole units, they get 24 hours security with the comfort of home-living.
  • The lease terms are flexible, though the minimum rental charge is for three months.

Why Choose Them

  • There are no hidden charges, as the rental amount includes billing for internet, weekly cleaning, concierge access, and other amenities.
  • A single unit has a maximum of six occupants, to keep the space light and peaceful.
  • A pool, gym, tennis court, and a convenient location are a few other attractions.


“I stayed at a rented condo close to the west at Bespoke for about five months. It was a nice experience as I could enjoy my time with a free mind. Laundry or cleaning service, as well as security of the belongings was never a worry. I was offered a mobile app login for trouble reporting and instant support, but I rarely had to use it as the local staff was pretty helpful.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get short term rental rooms during renovations in Singapore?

House renovations are hectic and time taking; therefore, staying in hotels can be too costly.

Singaporeans, mostly look for short-term rental condos or hdb, which are easily available by contacting eligible companies in this sector.

The procedure to obtain a suitable property for rent is similar for most of the brands.

Many of them provide pictures of these homes, and even give an option to book online for a specific location and time.

You may need to apply with specific requirements and pre-book before the actual date.

Is it illegal to get rooms on short-term rental in Singapore?

The Urban Development Authority (URA) has made it clear in 2019 that any private property owner renting his place for less than three months to a single client will be considered illegal.

But the fact is that many organizations are still offering short-term rentals, which are often for one month or even less as desired.

Most companies do not declare the exact information about the lease agreement, and work on mutual understanding to help the client with his consent.

If this work culture is ever caught breaking the law, the government has ordered that the owner be fined S$5000 the first time, with additional penalties for subsequent offenses.

What Should You Know Before Renting a Property for a Short Term?

The short-term rental system is becoming a sustainable substitute as the people living here feel more at home with a kitchen and other facilities. These are comparatively less expensive than hotels, especially if the person has to stay for a longer time.

But here are some precautionary steps you must take before proceeding for confirmation.

  • Check the lease document of the rental property thoroughly to know about the rules and conditions.
  • Share your requirements with the company professionals, specifically about your reason to stay. They will suggest a suitable option.
  • Talk to them about housekeeping and other services along with safety and security features.
  • You should also research the property’s location, and its nearby destinations to ensure that it fulfils your requirements.
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