Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is dedicated to our website, and thus, we take the responsibility of securing any personal information collected or shared by the owner of the primary source.

We show decisive gratitude towards the privacy of the concerned service or product’s websites and their owners regarding the knowledge or report composed here. Along with this policy document, we also define our Terms & Conditions in a separate section of this website. It is to specify the considerations and usage of the content.

It is our commitment to source and provide correct analysis from the original vendor’s webpage as well as be agreeable for accountability towards it. Whereas this privacy policy is not answerable for any information collected or shared by other means such as websites, blogs, social media, or any other medium.

A visitor to our website accepts the general term & conditions as detailed on the specific page. With declaration on this policy document, we adhere to protect the information related to the visitor’s activities, while also intact the secrecy of identity at any point.

Our Website Users

This policy document intends to define the way we resource information and how we preserve and process it. Our website does not aim to record any information that discloses the personal identity of the user.

We collect details from our visitors that is necessary to get a better understanding of our viewer’s activities and address the issues, if any, with a suitable solution. We collect information defining non-personal identification that is directly concerned with the web browser type from which it is accessed. Other concerns include language preferred for viewing, whether the user is referred or redirected from any other website, if it is searched on the search engine, along with the specific time/ date at which it is visited.

The information published by us is as per the format of usage by our users. We use this information to improvise the experience of our viewers, while we also tend to release these details in a report to define the user’s trend on our website. We also check the visitor’s source for fetching the IP address specifically to our registered members or to those who show interest in a conversation, reviews, or comments.

Collection of Personal Identification Details

While scrolling over our website, the visitor may encounter the interactive sections, which may require the visitor to enter their personal identification information. The details of personal data needed are specific to the level of interaction shared by the visitor.


We are committed to protecting our users’ private details, but unfortunately, surfing the internet or through electronic modes does not provide absolute safety from malware troubles. Our website is enclosed with the best supported and recognized methods of protection towards personal/ private details by a visitor; still, we do not deny of unforeseen complexities.

Promotional Ads

It is essential for website visitors to understand how an advertisement appearing on our webpage may be promoting a product or service that is of similar interest earlier searched or reviewed by the visitor on the PC. This happens due to the pre-set cookies on the computer by which a different vendor who has accessed the details before.

Here we would like to bring to your attention that this privacy document is entitled about cookies used by our website, and we do not stand answerable for cookies in use by advertisers. The ad servers use cookies to identify the PC and display advertisements particular to the information fetched. These details are always crucial on the internet, and ad campaigns utilize it to focus on the to-the-point advertisement, which is of higher interest to the surfer.

Links to Third Party Sites

Like other sites, we also incorporate hyperlinks to other external website pages, which are meant to authenticate the information shared by us. These are third-party links and not by any means under our control. A user clicking on any such links will be redirected to that webpage. From there, it is the accountability of that site to provide safety and security to the visitor. It is now vital for the new visitors to check out their terms & conditions and privacy policy.

Aggregated Statistics

We collect data from multiple websites to design statistical analysis reports for the future. It helps in reviewing our visitor’s behavior and response. By accepting the terms & conditions, the visitors accept our rights to publish them or share them with others. Still, we ensure not to offer any personal identification or such details to others.


Cookies have a significant role in improving and enhancing the visitor’s experience with the website each time he returns back. It is compounded information provided by the system’s browser and getting saved and revamped continuously. Our website uses system-delivered cookies and similar technologies from other sources to generate private notifications such as ad preferences to save them back on the computer.

This is a default process that our website follows to match our visitor’s personal information, which includes how our website is perceived, accessed, or performed activities.

The individual’s computer system allows the user to check on cookies and disallows the browser to share such details on any website, including ours. It may not be a recommended practice, excluding exceptional cases, because it may disturb the web experience of the user or prohibit a few features of the website on the computer. If the visitor prefers not to alter the cookie settings while scrolling through our website, then it is considered as an acceptance of the utilization of cookies by our website.

Privacy Policy Changes

For best performance and optimum usage at the end user’s computer, we make changes to our website as well as the privacy policy. The alterations are usually inconsequential to the primary settings and terms and may not affect the visitor. However, it is our duty to keep up with the statements, and our visitors can review them anytime for acknowledgments. A visitor to our website before and after the informed changes is taken as consent to the changes.

The Privacy Policy is enabled on September 1, 2022