5 Best Prawning Places in Singapore to Fish for Your Own Food and Eat it Too

When you are tired of shopping, eating out, movies, and music in Singapore, do not worry – there is something new and exciting to do. We have for you the 5 best prawning places in Singapore!

Have you heard of prawning? It may not sound like the most glamorous of activities, but it is slowly catching on as a craze among Singaporeans. Prawning involves the catching of prawns and yabbies in ponds and rivers.

Professional prawners head out to river beds with a whole bunch of specialised equipment. But there are also prawning centres in the city that cater to amateurs and old-timers. They provide artificial ponds and the equipment needed to catch steady seafood. Many of the prawning places in Singapore also have other outdoor activities, restaurants, and bars, making it a fun outing for the whole family.

1. Orto
Phone: Details available on the website
Email: prawning@orto.sg
Website: www.orto.sg
Location: 81 LorongChencharu, #01-09, Singapore 769198
Opening Hours: 24 hours (Daily)
Hourly Rate: 1 hr – $20
2 hrs – $30
3 hrs – $38
5 hrs – $58 (1 rod)
10 hrs – $108 (2 rods)

With 10 large ponds spread over an area equal to almost seven football fields, Orto is considered one of the largest prawning places in Singapore.

In addition to the ponds, there is an outdoor sports area with paintball, a trampoline park, and even sport fishing. Spending a full day at Orto is never a problem, thanks to the multiple food and drink outlets within the complex.


  • You can book a pond for a private prawning session as long as there is a booking for a minimum of 20 rods. Contact the team via the website for a quotation.
  • All bait and rods are provided by the facility.
  • You can find prawns of all sizes and yabbies in the ponds.
  • The centre is open 24X7 all through the year.
Extra large space – ideal for a day out or events
Multiple F&B outlets in the complex
They also provide longkang fishing
There is an adventure park on-site with activities such as futsal and go-kart drifting
Prices are slightly higher than other prawning centres
Not very centrally located, so more suited for a full-day itinerary than a mid-day break

Customer Feedback: 

“Orto is one of the best prawning places near me. I love spending an entire day there with my friends. You can even grill your own catch and enjoy a lunch with drinks after your prawning activity.”

2. Fun@Fish Bugis+
Phone: +65 9008 0201
Email: funatfish@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/fishatbugis
Location: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #07-05/06 Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: 09:00 am – 06:00 am (Daily)
Hourly Rate: $10 per hour

The only indoor prawn fishing space in Singapore, Fun@FishBugis+ is a great option when you are tired of shopping and clubbing in the city. Just hop over and enjoy prawning, outdoor activities, a fish spa, and even fishing for kids. There is something for everyone at Fun@FishBugis+

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  • BBQ grills are available for cooking your catch and enjoying them fresh.
  • The venue also has a bar along with prawn fishing.
  • Regular live screenings of sports matches are held at the sports bar. 
  • You can win a prize for catching any of the tagged prawns in the pond.
Long opening hours
Located in the tourist centre of the city
There is in-house dining available with delicious meal options
Not as large as other outdoor prawn fishing centres in Singapore.
It can get noisy and crowded at times.

Customer Feedback: 

“I take my kids often to Fun@Fish. They spend hours fishing, and I love the fish spa. Plus, it’s so easy to get to being at Bugis Street. A fun way to spend a few hours after your shopping is done.”

3. D’Best Fishing
Phone: +65 6583 9030
Email: marketing@dbestfishing.com.sg
Website: www.facebook.com/dbestfishing
Location: PasirRis Town Park, 90 PasirRis Central, Singapore 519635
Opening Hours: 24×7 (Daily)
Hourly Rate: Rates start at $5.35/hour for the main pond and $20/hour for the indoor pond

D’best is considered one of the best places for prawning in Singapore. It has both indoor ponds for beginners and a main seawater pond that is regarded as one of the largest fishing ponds in the city. D’best prawning at PasirRis has a reputation for releasing the catch at irregular intervals, thereby giving their customers a true-to-life prawning experience.

Prawning is not the only source of entertainment. You can eat at any of their restaurants or just enjoy the outdoors away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


  • Fishing workshops for children are organised at D’best
  • A variety of restaurants and in-house dining options to choose from while you are at the park
  • D’best is known for its high catch rate and range of fish and prawns available in the ponds
  • D’best attracts first timers and professionals with their attractive pricing and variety of prawns and fish.
One of the cheapest rates for prawning and fishing in Singapore
Large parking lot with ample space available
The centre is open every day for 24 hours
The best quality fish, prawns, yabbies, and lobsters are sourced at D’best
A little far off from the city centre
Not air-conditioned

Customer Feedback: 

“I do not know how to fish, and this was my first time prawning at D’best. I was pretty nervous, but it was such an enjoyable experience. I was taught how to use the bait and cast my rod. It was such a fun time.”

4. Ah Hua
Phone: +65 9125 2088
Email: ahhuafishing@gmail.com
Website: www.facebook.com/ahhuafishing
Location: 125 PasirRis Road, Singapore 519121
Hourly Rate: Rates start at $20/hour and $36/2 hours + 1 hour free

Ah Hua Prawning is located in the quiet suburb of PasirRis. More frequented by locals, this prawning centre is lush and green and has ponds filled with the best catch. The cost for two is very affordable, and customers appreciate the cheerful assistance from the staff as well.

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  • Recently introduced Koi fish feeding. The rate is only a dollar per food bottle.
  • If you don’t like prawning, there is also pole fishing available.
Away from the city and surrounded by greenery, Ah Hua makes a nice change from the fast-paced daily life
The staff assists beginners and anyone needing tips and tricks about the best way to prawn
Located a distance away from the city. It could be tough to get to without private transport.

Customer Feedback: 

“There is something very meditative about visiting Ah Hua. Apart from the great fishing; you can do there, this PasirRis prawning centre is very green and calm. Casting my rod and waiting for my catch calms me in these beautiful surroundings.”

5. Hai Bin
Phone: +65 6447 8693
Email: enquiry@haibin.com.sg
Website: www.facebook.com/punggol.haibin/www.haibin.com.sg
Location: 6 Tebing Lane, #01-04, Singapore 828835
Opening Hours: 24×7 (Daily)
Hourly Rate: $22/hour
$40/2 hours + 1 free
$110/10 hours (valid over 6 months)

Hai Bin is a favourite among veteran and amateur anglers. Located in Punggol, this prawning centre is known for its large number of prawns and fish added regularly to the ponds. This ensures that all customers have a fair catch while fishing at the complex.

The costs of prawning may seem expensive at first glance. However, Hai Bin follows the motto, “the more you prawn, the more you save.” The longer time you spend at the ponds, the more economical your package works out to be.

Four large ponds with a regular supply of fish, prawns, and yabbies are released every hour.
Free BBQ grills to cook your catch
Open to all ages
The 6-month membership card provides you with ten hours of prawning time at the ponds.
More expensive compared to other prawning places in Singapore
Not centrally located


  • After your prawning activity at Hai Bin, you can relax at the Banyan Bar and Kitchen, where the menu offers crowd favourites such as chicken wings, French fries, and pasta with beer and other beverages.
  • Enquire about corporate rates and bring the team to bond over various activities offered at Hai Bin.

Customer Feedback: 

“If you want to know where to go prawning in Singapore, Hai Bin is definitely the place I recommend. The ponds are large and regularly filled with prawns and yabbies. The staff is full of helpful prawning tips and tricks, and the costs become more affordable, the longer you spend at the centre.” 



What equipment do I need to begin prawning?

Firstly, most centres provide you with essential equipment such as rods and bait. This is more than enough for a pure newbie. If you are eager to learn more about prawning and want  your own equipment, what you need for yourself is a prawn rod with hooks and floaters.

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To catch the most amount of prawns, you will need a specialised hook (and not the ones used for fishing). These hooks are larger, with a wider gape. For large ponds, you would benefit with a longer rod.

Is there any best time to prawn?

If you are prawning in the wild (and not at an artificial pond), you need to keep three things in mind for the best catch. These are time, tide, and the phases of the moon. The best time to catch prawns is between December to February. When the moon is in its dark waning phase, the prawns move around the water bodies and migrate.

An adept prawner also knows that an ebbing tide is the best time for prawning. However, none of this applies if you are prawning in artifiical ponds. In most centres, these ponds are regularly filled with fresh supplies of prawns and yabbies to make the entire experience more foolproof and enjoyable.

What is the best bait used for prawning?

You can use a variety of baits for prawn fishing. Some places use earthworms chopped up into smaller pieces. Others may provide dry bait pellets that you can dip in bait oil or powder to increase their efficacy. Professional prawners also use a combination of ingredients, such as tiny chunks of chicken liver or heart.

How do I cook the prawns I catch?

Many prawning places in Singapore provide BBQ pits and grills to cook your catch on. After a day spent at the ponds, it is a lovely way to get together and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Before you cook the fresh prawns, make sure they are cleaned well. Then you take a sharp knife and slice down the back of the prawn to remove the vein.

After this, the simplest (and yummiest) way to enjoy your prawns is to season them with salt and pepper and grill them on both sides till slightly charred. Squeeze some lemon juice over and dig in.

Tips and Tricks for Better Prawning

How to set up your equipment for prawning

The main thing to remember when fishing for prawns is that they tend to stay at the bottom of the pond. This means that your rod and hook needs to be long enough to touch the surface of the pond. This will allow the bait to float at the proper height and attract the prawns so that you get the right bite.

The size of the hook matters

You may think that prawns being smaller than most fish, will need a smaller hook. However,  this is not the case. Ideally, what you need is a large hook with the correct curvature. This will ensure that the prawn gets snagged and does not escape. A large, curved hook makes it easier to unhook from the prawn’s body.

Any bait will do

While some would like you to believe that some baits work better than others, the truth is any bait will do. Whether you use tiny bits of chicken liver or dried bait pellets, what is more important is how you use your bait.

Any bait used should be cut into tiny, bite-sized pieces. This tiny piece should then be placed right on the tip of the hook. This will ensure that your prawn attacks the bait straight on and gets stuck on the hook.

Casting your line

Some people prefer to cast their line out into the centre of the pond. If you do this, wait for a bit after throwing your line. This lets the bait and hook settle just above the pond’s floor  and creates an attractive, moving target for the prawns.

Once the float has settled, jiggle the line for some time to attract the prawns toward the bait. The other school of thought prefers casting your line against the edge of the pond. Keep holding the rod alongside the edge, moving slowly to attract the prawns.


If you are ready for this new hobby, it is time to find the best fishing and prawning spot in Singapore. Prawning can be an excellent way to relax, let go or even focus and meditate. Spending hours trying to catch these elusive sea creatures can hone your patience and determination. It is no wonder that prawning is gaining popularity among Singaporeans.

If you are intrigued but do not know where to begin. Check out any of the several videos or prawning tutorials available online. They will give you a step-by-step method of prawning along with tips and tricks for the biggest catch. The only thing left is to get your group together and head to the best prawning centres in Singapore as soon as possible.