8 Most Popular Subscription Boxes in Singapore: Schedule Your Doorstep Deliveries

The subscription box culture is not new in Singapore. But it recently started gaining relevant responses from the locals, especially after the pandemic when many of us had to stay home for a long time.

Many companies and brands in sectors like FMCG, food, education, and others deliver these surprise boxes on subscription by the customers.

The subscribers mostly receive them monthly or quarterly, filled with products in continuation of series, new launches, or even surprise samples.

Check out the list of subscription boxes from the most prominent companies that you can subscribe to in Singapore. For your convenience, we have categorized the list into the defined industrial sectors.

1. Food Subscription Boxes

Companies serving in this industry design tasteful deliveries that may include a wide range of supplies related to readymade delicacies, vegetables, snacks, etc.

Box Green
Website: https://www.boxgreen.co/
Phone: +65 9771 6648
Email: support@boxgreen.co
Delivery: Weekly or bi-weekly
Products: Ready-to-eat Snacks
Free Shipping in Singapore: All Orders Above $30

The Box Green company was formed in 2014 with the primary aim of delivering tasty and healthy snacks to the locals of Singapore.

Their food has less sodium content, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. On the contrary, it is prepared naturally and has sweet and savory varieties with attractive textures.

Products in Subscription Box

Customers can choose from a variety of products listed on the website and create their personal snack subscription box. It will be delivered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as needed.

The type of snacks includes vegan (soya-crisps, mushroom chips, almond butter, etc.), gluten-free, nut mixes, crunches (baked cashews, quinoa, etc.), tea, chocolates, and others.

Customer’s Feedback

“This is the best solution to keep a check on my healthy food consumption. I do not have to worry about refilling my stock, which alternatively pulls me back from eating junk outside.”

Yaya Papaya
Website: https://yayapapaya.com.sg/
Phone: +65 6774 3387
Email: hello@yayapapaya.com.sg
Delivery: Monthly
Products: Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Free Shipping in Singapore: All Orders Above $60

They are well-established fruit sellers in Singapore, existing since 1985. With years of experience and expertise in hand-picking fresh and juicy fruits, they have always ensured to deliver the best quality product on time.

Rather than being a regular fruit shop, Yaya Papaya has become a big brand in Singapore. Almost 75% of the country’s fruits are distributed through their channel.

Products in Subscription Box

Customers can subscribe to Okinawa sea grapes (Vietnam), pear (Africa), blueberries (USA), Apple (New Zealand), and almost every popular fruit from around the world, as well as vegetables like garlic, lettuce, capsicum, etc., from this store.

For convenience, the company has created four specific fruit subscription boxes (immunity, rainbow, juicing, and seasonal). Customers can select the fruits and the scheduled date for seamless subscription delivery.

Customer’s Feedback

“My husband and I are working professionals and never get time to buy healthy fresh fruits. But we can rely on Yaya’s subscription box for the best quality organic products, which get delivered to us every month.”


2. Education Subscription Box

These boxes focus on students from toddlers to teenagers to create educational deliverables that may contain books, assignments, workable science models, etc.

My Messy Box
Website: https://mymessybox.sg/
Phone: +65 8420 0200
Email: mymessybox@gmail.com
Delivery: Monthly
Products: Play Kits
Free Shipping in Singapore: All Orders Above $34

My Messy Box offers home-based educational kits for kids between the age group of 1-6+ years. The company believes in providing initial teaching lessons to toddlers by their parents at home.

The parents or guardians can conduct learning sessions anytime and anywhere and use these kits to enhance the motor skills of their kids.

Products in Subscription Box

They have a wide range of products for kids learning, such as scientific play kits, accessories, toys, crafts, and a box of learning, and a bunch of items according to age group.

Parents can also purchase the products individually as per categorized into 1-2 years and 3-6 years.

Customer’s Feedback

“I am thankful to My Messy Box for offering such cute gifts, intelligently chosen by experts who understand the necessity of toddlers at any specific age. My kid stays engaged in these activities and ceases to watch mobile phones anymore. He has also learned to sketch with the help of the drawing kits provided by them.”

Squizzel Box
Website: https://www.squizzelbox.com/
Email: info@squizzelbox.com
Delivery: Monthly
Products: Kids Educational Activities
Free Shipping in Singapore: Delivery Charges $2.99

Squizzel Box provides play-based activities and learning for children between 3-8 years. The activities are focused on improving cognitive skills, language, numeracy, creative expressions, social development, and motor skills.

It is an admired brand in this sector and has subscribers in more than 27 countries, including the USA, UK, India, Japan, Australia, China, Germany, and others.

Products in Subscription Box

The parents need to subscribe to the monthly package from the website, and the box with the latest thematic activities gets delivered on time. Families with two or more children can opt for sibling boxes instead of ordering separate ones.

Every box is unique, and activities like dancing jellyfish, house of hermit crab, sea word search, etc., keep the child engaged for a long time.

Customer’s Feedback

“My cousin from China recommended subscribing to the educational box from Squizzel for my four years old kid. The response was unexpected. My kid, who was a bit hyperactive, turned out to be disciplined and calm as he got occupied with these interesting play activities. I have continued the subscription for the second year too.”


3. Pet Subscription Box

Yes, it is true! Few companies that offer love and care to pets at home. They understand the necessities of animals and deliver innovative kits which keep the pets happy.

Mao Box
Website: https://www.maobox.sg/
Email: hi@maobox.sg
Delivery: Every 2 Months
Products: Focused on Cats & Kittens
Free Shipping in Singapore: Fixed Charges for Pickup Locations

Mao Box is a well-liked brand among cat owners because it offers unique products for cats and kittens. It is a relevant brand featured in Pets, MSGT, YPSG, and other platforms and is preferred by pet owners from Singapore and Malaysia.

The element of surprise always astonishes the cat, while it saves time searching for new stuff at stores.

Products in Subscription Box

They have designed three customary versions of subscription boxes, Standard, Pawty, and Jumbo. Each box has exclusive items such as toys, foods, samples, etc. They can be purchased individually or on a subscription of 6-months or 1-year.

Customer’s Feedback

“It is not just me who waits to receive these pet boxes, but my kitten is equally enthusiastic about the stuff. She loves to scratch, open the box and play with the toys all day. She even shows anxiousness if I hide these in the wardrobe. I recommend Mao Box to every cat parent.”

Perro Box
Website: https://perromart.com/
Phone: +65 3138 3007
Email: kayla@perromart.com
Delivery: Monthly
Products: Focused on Dogs & Cats
Free Shipping in Singapore: Orders Above $25

The word “Perro” means dog in Spanish, but this online pet store has now started offering goodies for dogs as well as cats. With 150+ employees, they deliver their products in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam.

Products in Subscription Box

It is a big store with a collection of about 18,000 products from multiple brands to ensure only the best quality reaches the paws and kitties.

The subscription boxes reach every first week of the month and contain 4-6 items of locally sourced toys, treats, and other things. Many innovative items are only included here, which cannot be purchased otherwise from the store.

Customer’s Feedback

“I always used to buy pet products by physically visiting the store. But it is a time taking process to find out new stuff in the market. That’s when I decided to subscribe to these monthly boxes, which my pup loves to enjoy all day.”


4. Beauty Subscription Box

Singaporeans prefer to subscribe to beauty boxes delivered to their homes. It not only saves time, but it is economical. Many brands provide new launches as samples in the boxes to surprise their loyal customers.

Website: https://nomakenolife.com/
Delivery: Monthly
Products: Makeover Products for Women
Free Shipping in Singapore: $10.50 to $12.50

It is a subscription-based beauty and makeover brand that delivers cosmetics from the best Japanese and Korean brands like Kawaii Cat Set, Tonymoly, DHC, Dolly Wink, and many others.

These are exclusive skin-friendly products that are genuine and high value to offer the best results without any issues.

Products in Subscription Box

The customers can buy monthly or subscribe for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription box, which includes 8-9 beauty, and skin care cosmetics, such as lip gloss, hair gel, face mask, etc.

Old boxes are displayed on the website for review and re-buying, while free promotional boxes can be requested from the portal once.

Customer’s Feedback

“This is my second year of subscribing to NMNL, and I am pleased with the characteristics of these products as they suit my skin. Being an air hostess, I always need to look flawless, and these Japanese and Korean brands make my skin glow every season in varying temperature and humidity.”

Website: https://www.lookfantastic.com.sg/
Email: feedback@lookfantastic.com.sg
Delivery: Monthly
Products: Makeover Products for Men & Women
Free Shipping in Singapore: Fixed Charges

Look fantastic is a European cosmetic brand established in 1996 and claims to be the original online British Beauty Boutique.

They accept shipping orders from over 200 countries, while recently, a Singapore branch was also inaugurated, to closely connect with the region’s customers.

Products in Subscription Box

The company has links with more than 500 beauty brands worldwide, including prominent leaders like Caudalie, Chantecaille, Elizabeth Arden, and others.

The online store lists more than 12,000 products for both men and women. There is a beauty subscription box for women for 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month, while other selective boxes are also designed for specific events for both genders.

Customer’s Feedback

“My wife is a fashionable beauty blogger and stays updated about new launches in this industry. On our tenth anniversary, I gifted her the beauty box from Lookfantastic, and she loved it. She said it was her dream to use products from exclusive brands, and now she is receiving them as a surprise every month.”


5. Games Subscription Box

Online games are the most happening thing in the current scenario, and the youth show a tremendous  amount of interest in buying a subscription to the latest additions, thus, exploring them seamlessly.

Website: https://gamers.sg/
Delivery: Annual
Products: PC Gaming
Free Shipping in Singapore: Fix Charges (Online Subscription)

Gamers is an esports clubhouse junction in Singapore where people can visit and enjoy their favorite PC games endlessly with an annual membership or by paying on a per hour basis.

This was started in 2008 by a group of programmers at SCOGA (Singapore Cybersports& Online Gaming Association).

Products in Subscription

The subscribers to Gamers are known as members who can access gamers.sg Sports Lifestyle Center at Bukit Merah Central. Card games, board games, and others on the panel are freely accessed.

The users can enjoy all the gaming deals and partner techs, such as Fairmont Singapore, APOL Singapore, Asus, Star hub, and others. Tournaments, leagues, workshops, and new launches are always active for them.

There are 2 units of Play station 5 with Nintendo switches to enjoy FIFA, NFS, Street Fight, and others with effects of 10 Aftershock Gaming PCs.

Customer’s Feedback

“Gamers is a fabulous place to spend the weekend. I am not much used to gaming online, but this place is nothing less than an addiction. The e-games center is near my house, so it is convenient and affordable for me to subscribe and play in my free time.”

Website: https://www.zolaz.com.sg/
Delivery: Monthly
Products: PC Gaming
Free Shipping in Singapore: Fix Charges (Online Subscription)

Zolaz offers online games on a subscription that can be accessed on Windows or Mac computers, iOS, and Android devices. The subscribers do not have to download each game as they are available to play over the cloud via the internet.

Thus, it eliminates the need to buy specific games, and since installation is not required, the users can anytime through any device and save the game over the cloud.

Products in Subscription

The company provides more than 400 online games to its subscribers at any moment, which can be shared among five different profiles.

The first month’s subscription is free to all the new users. It is followed by monthly payments, while they also offer a new and interesting game every week.

Each account is enabled with parental control to prevent children of different age groups like 3+, 7+, 12+, 16+, and 18+ to not access unsuitable content.

Customer’s Feedback

“A friend recommended that I have a free trial for one month while I was on holiday. Gradually I realized how engaging it was for my family and myself. There is a wide variety of games in the Zolaz library and the addition of new games every week keeps surprising my kids.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How to order a subscription box in Singapore?

Many local and international brands that deliver their exclusive products on subscription. So, as per requirements, Singaporeans can check out the websites of reliable brands (famous companies with products listed above) for box offerings and shipping details.

Now choose the box, make delivery schedules, and pay the price. Rest everything is taken care of by the company.

How safe is it to pay for a subscription box?

Many people deny paying a one-time advance for a specific period, as they are afraid that the store may not revert back.

Advance payments ensure the brands about the sale, and they would want to lose their credibility by fooling a potential customer. To be on the safer side, you can pick an authentic store for ordering a subscription box.

Is It Worth Buying a Subscription Box in Singapore?

Subscription boxes may seem monotonous and unnecessary at some point, but they mutually benefit both the customer and the brand. Here are the factors that make it a popular choice nowadays.

  • Saves a lot of time to visit the store physically or search online.
  • The companies offer lots of discounts on subscription boxes.
  • The new launches reach the customers often before reaching the stores.
  • Sample products are sent frequently for free as a promotion.
  • The brands get quick and honest reviews about the products from loyal customers.
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