11 Pleasing Outdoor Cinemas in Singapore for Film Buffs and Lovers of New Experiences

Straying from the conventional plush seating, AC halls, and barely lit rooms, outdoor cinema offers an alternative movie experience in Singapore that is beyond addictive.

The restrictive nature of theatre is not applicable under the open sky. You can bring your setup where you lay down on the picnic blanket, breathe in the summer air and watch the sunset across the Marina Bay Sands waterfront. As your favourite indie film unfolds on the big screen, play frisbee with your furry friend and laugh over shared homemade lunch.

If you are game to try a new experience – one we know you will keep coming back for – we have a list of the 11 best outdoor cinemas in Singapore.

1. Films At The Fort
Address: Fort Canning Park, River Valley Rd, Singapore 179037
Website: https://filmsatthefort.com.sg/
Showtime: 7.45 pm
Pricing: $36 to $40 per person

Films At The Fort is a summer exclusive open-air cinema experience at Fort Canning Park. Held over two weeks annually, film lovers would love the award-winning selections from the Academy Awards, Cannes, and Sundance. 

As the event is around August, you should check for tickets from July. Join their mailing list if you want early access to the movie lineup details.

Arrive early to pick a good spot – preferably around 5 pm – and chill with your friends over wine sponsored by Casillerodel Diablo and snacks courtesy of The Providore. The live music and DJ in the background ensure all your senses are pleasantly engaged.

2. The Sundowner
Address: 05A East Coast Road, Singapore 459062
Website: https://thesundownersg.com/movie-screening
Showtime: 7.30 pm (Refer to website for more)
Pricing: $350 to $400 for 2 people, $350 to $400 for group booking of 3 to 12 people
and another $60 to $80 for each person added.

A world fit inside a shopping mall from the 1960s, The Sundowner is a lifestyle escape with activities ranging from rooftop farming and gardening to coffee roasting and beekeeping.

After the exhilaration from your itinerary, sit down for a private movie screening on the roof of The Sundowner. You can choose the movie or even the series you want to watch. You can ge your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone loaded with your special request and connect it to the Apple TV box provided by the venue.

For food, order from any of the cafes nearby or slurp up the pasta prepared from scratch with your own hands. You can also cook up a barbeque party with the help of the BYO charcoal from The Sundowner. You can hand over the headaches of the drink to the private bartender assigned to you as part of the booking.

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3. Movie Mob
Address: 32 EngHoon St, Singapore 169780
Website: https://ape.sg/moviemob
Pricing: Free

Movie Mob arranges drive-in and under-the-stars movie screenings across Singapore. They partner with other event organizers to provide free broadcasts of The Avengers, PS I Love You, Shutter Island, and many more.

The location varies from The Lawn at Marina Bay to Tanjong Rhu, but the 10 m inflatable screen remains the same. Since there is no fixed date or place, keep up with Movie Mob’s Facebook and Instagram page updates. And remember, even if you do not have a car for drive-in movies, all you need is a mat.

4. Cinewav
Address: 7 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038987
Website: https://cinewav.com/
Showtime: Varies (Check website for time and place)
Pricing: Free to $35, depending on the event

While an absolute treat, an open theatre movie screening can result in audio loss due to the hustle and bustle of people, roaring cars, and the sound of nature. This is where’s Cinewav’s silent cinema @MKB or Movies in the Sky at Marina Bay Sands comes in.

Their audio technology means you can download the Cinewav app, plug in your headphones and hear the cinema in sync playing along the giant screen.

Cinewav @ MKB is a year-round immersive event suitable for a romantic seaside date. For the Movies in the Sky seasonal event, Cinewav uses the Skypark Observation Deck. The wind hugs you as you lie back on their custom recliners while your pet chills alongside you.

5. Hendrick’s Sunset Cinema
Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942
Website: https://sunsetcinema.com.sg/
Showtime: 7.45 pm
Pricing: $35 to $45 per person

For Hendrick’s Sunset Cinema event every year, Tanjong Beach is reserved for two weeks from June to July. Head straight for the row of deck chairs in front of the screen with the rose and cucumber-infused Hendrick’s gin once the gate opens at 5 pm.

Your dinner will arrive while you listen to the film on your wireless headphones, served from the Tanjong Beach Club kitchen. The film choices span from a James Bond thriller to the thought-provoking Belfast. 

6. Movies by the Beach – Sentosa
Address: 80 Siloso Rd, Singapore 098969
Website: https://sentosa.com.sg/en/things-to-do/events/movies-by-the-beach/
Showtime: 7.45 pm
Pricing: Free

The Sentosa beach likes having people on its sandy grounds long past sunset. And what better way to keep the crowd entertained than hit them with free movie screenings from February to September?

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The best Hollywood has to offer plays on the giant screen every Friday, weekend, and public holiday except on bad weather days. With a limit of 400 people per movie session, you can bring your friends to haunt the food and drinks stall at the venue.

7. Be My Kaki
Address: Anywhere
Website: https://www.facebook.com/BeMyKakiBus/
Showtime: 7.30 pm onwards
Pricing: Free

Be My Kaki is a moving bus that appears from nowhere at your local parks, town centre and other public spaces. The side of the lory slides open to reveal a 4.1m wide LED screen, playing anything from Hobbs and Shaw to Turning Red, often on the same day in different locations.

If you want to catch any of these surprise showings,  keep yourself up to date with their Facebook page. The exciting event occurs every month, though most of it takes place from November to December, in line with the festive spirit.

8. Popcorn Movie Nights
Address: Anywhere
Website: https://popcorn.app/sg
Showtime: 7:00 pm
Pricing: Free

No film school student in Singapore who is unfamiliar with the Popcorn app. The app is used to watch feature flicks, film festival documentaries, and book tickets for the latest blockbuster.

Popcorn also organizes free outdoor cinema experiences all over the country.

Pre-event activities start at 6.30 pm. Grab your salted popcorn – unlimited if you flash the Popcorn app at them- and a can of coke before making your way to the blanket you brought from home.

Generous with their choice of venue, you can always expect ample sitting space at Popcorn Movie Nights, along with free shuttle services from select locations. Marina Bay, Palawan Green, and Sentosa Beach are some of their favourite spots.

9. Movie Under the Stars @ Our Tampines Hub
Address: 1 Tampines Walk, Singapore 528523
Website: https://.facebook.com/OurTampinesHub/
Showtime: Varies
Pricing: Free

The central plaza of Our Tampines Hub is always open to various events, including dance competitions, live concerts, and film screenings. Free showings happen regularly, so remember to follow their Facebook page and turn on the notifications.

Sit down on the purple and green plastic chairs with a bucket of fried chicken from the F&B stalls available at every corner of the hub. The plaza also hosts film festivals often, so be ready to catch some special showings.

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10. Drive-in Movie Screening @ Downtown East
Address: 8 Raffles Ave., #03-01, Singapore 039802
Website: https://eventbrite.sg/o/downtown-east-25366993613
Showtime: 6 pm
Pricing: $18 to $20 for the entry of a car

Downtown East arranges a drive-in movie screening at library@esplanade every month. Working with a 12 metres height and 8 metres wide screen, the movie of the month ranges from cult classics to Oscar nominees. Their custom audio set connects to your car’s FM to provide a surround sound experience.

Complementary to each ticket is a select number of snacks and soft drinks. Five people can come along for the cinema ride in each car. So, if you are up to a movie night with your family, follow Downtown East’s Facebook page and Event Brite profile.

11. Moonlight Cinema
Address: Varies
Website: https://facebook.com/sginternationalfilmfestival
Showtime: 7:30 pm
Pricing: Free

Singapore International Film Festival presents a curation of movies by notable local directors every year outside of the festival period. SGIFF partners with open-air park organizers to bring you this joy for two days.

You do not have to pay a dime to watch the PG-rated selections. If you want to introduce your kids to the delight of outdoor cinema, this is the perfect chance. Even when their choice of venue is indoors, moonlit lamps dip the place in the night glow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you watch the open-air cinema for free?

Outdoor movie screenings in Singapore can be free or paid. If the tickets do not cost a single penny, you can bring homemade food or buy from the tents and stalls set up at these venues. They also leave the seating arrangement to your discretion.

Paid even viewers usually get one or two complimentary food and beverage items as part of the package. They may avail dinner from any of the nearby stalls, and the creators may be generous with providing folding chairs and mats.

If you opt for a private rooftop screening, it is likely to come with associated costs. Of course, unless you do it with a projector on your rooftop.

How do outdoor cinemas maintain their sound quality?

You can expect the coordinator to use high-quality Bluetooth speakers for open-air movie nights. These sound systems have enough power to drown out the surrounding noise of cars, birds, and the chatter of people. Think about how you can barely hear your friend at a live concert.

Some companies have also developed apps and audio solutions that link to your wireless headphones while applying noise-cancelling technology.

You can hear the film directly through your car’s FM if you go for a drive-in movie screening.

Do open-air movie screenings only show alternative films?

Plenty of outdoor film organizers broadcast Avengers, Terminator, About Time, and other mainstream hits. However, a few, especially the free showings, prefer independent films and documentaries.

If those do not appeal to your senses, look up the screening list beforehand. You will find the full movie synopsis and run and show time on the theatres’ website or Facebook page.

How to find the best outdoor cinema in Singapore?

Leaving the dark comfort of the theatres, everyone should have an alfresco movie-watching experience. However, if you are hasty with your first outdoor cinema, you may find yourself unwilling to show up again.

So, while selecting a movie location, do get the answers to these questions:

  • Is the screening free? If so, is there crowd control measures?
  • Are the event grounds extensive enough for the number of tickets sold?
  • Would you rather have homemade brunch and dinner or the classic popcorn, burgers, and fried chicken from the stalls?
  • Do you enjoy the picnic atmosphere and interacting with new people?

Based on the answer, you should find an open-air setting that satisfies all your requirements.