11 Premium Handmade Chocolate Shops in Singapore to Uncover The Unique Flavours

Chocolate has always been the language of love. Whether you express your feelings to someone or apologies for something that happened, chocolates do it better than you. More so, if you pair it with a personalized letter.

But it is also the oldest trick in the book. So, step up your gift-giving game with luxurious handmade chocolates in Singapore. Local artisanal delicacies level up regarding flavour, presentation, and technique. From champagne truffles to white pistachio bars, you can satisfy your partner’s sweet cravings on Valentine’s Day.

Here is a list of our top handmade chocolate shops in Singapore for Instagram-worthy uploads to make your partner’s day.

Best Handcrafted Chocolates in Singapore

1. Anjalichocolat
Address: 163 Tanglin Rd, #02-153, Singapore 247933
Website: www.anjalichocolat.com
Best Handcrafted Chocolates in Singapore

Lemongrass coconut, Teh Tarik, Ginger cumin, Gula Melaka, and Chinese 5 spice are merely some items Anjali chocolate has to offer in their Singapore collection. Who knew truffles could taste like the vibe of the country?

Every item in the store is created fresh from scratch every day and gets sold out the same day. The secret to the taste lies in ingredients such as fruit puree, Belgian couverture, whole spice, and tea. They also release special edition chocolates based on the occasion, such as ones for Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Why Choose Them –

  • They have special chocolate-tasting sessions for loyal customers.
  • Anjalichocolat also hosts workshops for team-building events for corporations.
2. Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie
Address: Dempsey Factory, Sin Ming
Website: https://mrbucket.com.sg

You might not be on the way to opening your chocolate store yet, but Mr. Bucket Chocolatery certainly lets you enjoy the feeling of designing your chocolate box. You can choose the box size, sleeve colour, and flavours ranging from sea salt caramel to speculoos, golden yay time, and peanut butter jelly.

Mr. Bucket Chocolateries offers an unexpected hotpot of flavours with cacao sourced from various chocolate hubs in Asia. If your partner is all about sustainability, this is the shop.

Why Choose Them –

  • Cacao wine is a unique Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie item to gift your fiance.
  • Use the filter on the website to find chocolates with alcohol percentages.
3. Läderach Chocolatier Suisse
Address: Jewel Changi Airport, Westgate, Raffles City, Takashimaya
Website: https://sg.laderach.com

Your introduction to the brand should always begin with their signature Frisch Schoggi or Fresh Chocolate, which involves no preservatives and only the magic of artisans. The Swiss chocolate brand also sells its handmade confections at Changi airport.

ROYAL INSIGNIA manages the Southeast Asia branch of Läderach Chocolatier Suisse. They were affiliated with royalty, creating the medals hung on their neck.

Why Choose Them –

  • They make dark chocolate popcorns coated with vegan creamy cashew.
  • You can commission personalised hampers for weddings, Sunday brunches, and Valentine’s Day.
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4. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
Address: Mohammed Sultan, Burn Road, Collyer Quay
Website: www.laurentbernard.com.sg

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier could be referred to as the pioneer of handmade chocolate in Singapore. They source their cacao from the Dominican Republic, Trinidad, and Venezuela and burn it into tea, vanilla, spices, and fine whiskey.

Their shop items list includes colorful macarons, chocolate easter eggs, and faux chocolate rabbits made by applying the techniques and skills of a master French crafter. Gift wine or a teddy bear with their decadent sweet treats as a genuine gesture to your wife.

Why Choose Them –

  • You can buy a variety of freshly made artisanal cakes.
  • Entire gourmet hampers with white truffles, macarons, fine wine, and notes can be purchased from their website.
5. Awfully Chocolate
Address: East Coast Road, Marina Boulevard, ION Orchard, Raffles City
Website: www.awfullychocolate.com

Awfully Chocolate has bakeries and cafes around Singapore, with their flagship store at East Coast Road. You could get a delivery of their special themed cakes or taste their confections at the cafe.

The menu is a curation of the effort of Head Chocolatier Gino Wong, Pastry Chef Jasmine Bong, and Head Chef Anthony Pangestu.

You can credit the Harry Potter series for their gourmet chocolate cookies, truffles, s’mores, and toffees – made with the timeline of the series. These products are handcrafted daily and often bespoke according to your wishes.

Why Choose Them –

  • Their Bake From Home line includes cocoa powder they use to create artisanal products for you to replicate at home.
  • A unique lineup of corporate gift baskets is available to impress clients.
  • Their dark chocolate items trump all.
6. Lemuel Chocolate
Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-04/05 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617
Website: www.lemuelchocolate.com

Co-founders Ronald Ng and Mr Hideki Sakanishi had the dream of a bean-to-bar chocolate shop after noticing the interest in artisanal chocolate in Japan. They source their cacao from farmers and mould it into bars you will never forget.

Their KAKO line focuses on sustainability, while the bonbons, pastries, and voyage collection is for pure indulgence. And if you do not know what to say you intended, do it with gift cards from Lemuel Chocolate.

Why Choose Them –

  • You can create custom chocolate bars with toppings ranging from mini marshmallows to dried raspberries and cookie crumble.
  • They allow factory tours and conduct chocolate-making classes for kids.
7. Fossa Chocolate
Address: 30 Gambas Crescent Nordcom II, Level 3, Singapore 757013
Website: www.fossachocolate.com

Fossa Chocolate offers handcrafted confections for every occasion, craving, and need. They have sake-infused dark chocolate, vegan tea chocolate, gluten-free milky bars, and single-origin dark delicacy from Uganda.

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Collaborating with farmers from different parts of the world who view cacao cultivation as an art form, Fossa Chocolate sorts and moulds the finest quality from bean to bar. The packaging is done by hand, as are the other parts of the process.

Many Fossa Chocolate items are limited edition for this reason, as no additives are used and it is impossible to mass produce. All to preserve the true taste of the cacaos.

Why Choose Them –

  • Winner of International Chocolate Awards for three consecutive years.
  • They sell bespoke chocolate for weddings, corporate events, private parties, and Chinese New Year.
8. Wimbly Lu
Address: JlnRiang, Tyrwhitt Road
Website: www.wimblylu.com

No, Wimbly Lu is not the name of a single person. Instead, it is a cafe named after two girls, Wimbly and Lu, who sold homemade desserts and chocolates in their cafe for the longest time. Over time, coffee and mains became part of the menu.

So, if your significant other has a deep sweet tooth, earl grey blueberry, carrot cake, or a box of handmade truffles may be all they require for you to impress them. You can take your partner to their brick-wall cafe or deliver hordes of matcha chocolate straight to their home. The shop is over 10 years old and has yet to have a single customer complaint about the taste.

Why Choose Them –

  • If you are a barista or a cafe owner, you can commission handmade chocolate, pastries, or cacao from them.
  • They have unique flavoured ice cream pints.
9. Chocolate Origin
Address: Bugis Junction, Vivo City, Northpoint City, Jurong Point, Jewel Changi
Website: https://chocolate-origin.com/

With outlets near every corner of Singapore, you can buy desserts from Chocolate Origin the moment you land at Jewel Changi airport. At present, they have two lines of cacao delicacies. One is the Cacaocat, a collaboration with farmers from Hokkaido, Japan. The ingredients allow the chocolate to showcase smoothness even in the cookies.

Their Chocolate Origin assembly is their original line. You can buy a limited number of items from this shop, including a whole box of truffles, cakes, cacao tea, and gelato pints. Their products do not have any other flavour, such as caramel cream or pistachio. What you get is pure chocolate.

Why Choose Them –

  • They do pop-up events, so you may suddenly come across their shop at an ice ring or Gift Bazar.
  • Their cakes are famous for their high levels of soft, thick texture.
  • Customers registered on their website get discounts.
10. Abex MasBie Chocolate
Address: 425 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218671
Website: www.masbiechokolat.sg

When discussing the best handmade chocolates in Singapore, how could we not list the shop handled by a retiree doing this out of sole passion? Abex Mas Bie Chocolate is the fruit of Mr C K Tan, who learned the art of handcrafted chocolate from Italy and Melbourne.

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His cacao and other ingredients are sourced from Singapore and delivered in batches of gelato pints and custom chocolates. Local flavours such as jackfruit, Ondeh Ondeh, and strawberry peak out from his creations. You can not order a bunch of his stuff, either.

As they are handmade by one person, you need to wait your turn by buying a fresh bunch when it goes live on the Abex MasBie Chocolate or contacting Mr Tan personally for bespoke designs.

Why Choose Them –

  • They do custom bulk orders for corporate events.
  • Seasonal products have flavours such as Yuzu, raspberry, apricot, and passion fruit.
11. Cocoaorient
Address: 19 Senoko Way, Singapore 758041
Website: www.cocoaorient.com

20 years after its inception, Cocoaorient continues to serve fresh, off-the-oven chocolate to businesses and customers. Their pralines come from a level of expertise, the latest technology, and the painstakingly uncompromising magic of the hands. Bespoke truffles, tartlets, and cupcakes are in high demand from Cocoaorient.

The premium quality items are sourced from sustainable farmers around the globe and moulded by the hands of in-house chocolatiers. Though they have been in the industry for a long time, they are recently expanding into bean-to-bar chocolates and conducting workshops. This is because Cocoaorient emphasises research and development and is dedicated to mastering its current confection-making skills.

Why Choose Them –

  • Their fine-packaged pralines exhibit an aroma you would rarely find anywhere else.
  • They use Belgium chocolate on almost all their offerings.
  • Their products are beyond affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do shops do handmade chocolate delivery in Singapore?

Yes, almost all artisanal chocolate shops do home deliveries. So, if you want to surprise your significant other with a truffle hamper, call the store or use their website to contact them. Plenty of them do free shipping over a minimum order amount.

Always look for stores that do in-house deliveries. You can expect the packaging to be unique, adorable, and made to impress anyone who receives it.

What kinds of souvenirs should I get from Singapore?

Keepsakes you should get from the country include:

  • Handcrafted chocolate bars
  • Postcards
  • Traditional earrings
  • Batik clothes
  • Nation specific snacks
  • Pottery items

Many artisanal chocolate shops sell their product at Jewel Changi airport. So, you can buy a batch before your flight out of the country or when you land in the nation.

Is a chocolate making workshop an integrating team-building exercise?

Chocolate crafting workshops usually lead to a blast for corporate events or private parties. The employees learn a new skill which could get them through the worst days and feel a sense of accomplishment when they make their first perfect batch.

Plus, gift-giving gets easier when you know how to make your bonbons.

Where to buy the best handmade chocolate in Singapore?

Special occasions or not, everyone should try artisanal chocolates. We can guarantee you will be spoiled for the factory confections.

As for where to buy the best handmade ones, make sure your box of chocolate cheks off this list:

  • Do they use fresh ingredients?
  • Where do they source their cacao from?
  • Can you mix and match the chocolates in a box?
  • Can you make special requests?

We also recommend signing up for a chocolate-making workshop at one of the factories. It will be a unique bonding experience with whoever you take. Additionally, you would know how to make your confections when late-night delivery is unavailable.