7 Dependable Floor Polishing Services in Singapore for Marble and Wood Surface

You’d be surprised at how much each aspect of your home affects the others. A polished floor does not collect grime and dirt, which makes the air fresher.

In turn, you avoid humidity, preventing the floor surface from sustaining cracks and scratches.

Of course, you must recognize the aesthetic benefits of employing floor polishing services in Singapore. It is nice to look at a clean, shiny floor,and it brightens the room too.

So, just figure out whom to hire for this endeavor. The article liststhe 7 best floor polishing contractors for you to choose from.

1. Obsessive Cleaning Disorder
Specialty: Post-renovation cleaning
Phone No.: +65 8181 3086
Whatsapp No.: +65 8181 3086
Address: 5 Soon Lee St, #04-27, Singapore 627607
Website: https://ocd.com.sg/
Email: info@ocd.com.sg
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder is a certified one-stop scrubbing and polishing service. Their workers undergo technique and safety training from nationally recognized programs in Singapore, in addition to OCD’s own.

The agency has built a reputation within 4 years, with its clientele including names such as Senshi, Doxa, Hui Master, AD Guys, and Area Concept.

So, for any post-renovation cleaning or decking wooden flooring, they are the ones you should call.

Key Services:

  • Marble polishing, buffing, and sealing.
  • Residential and commercial painting with quick drying time.
  • Deep floor cleaning after renovation
  • Parquet installation, restoration, and decking.
  • Upholstery cleaning

Why Hire them?

  • They are affiliated with NEA and BCA, which allows them to deliver a zero-waste service.
  • Owns a BizSafe 2 certificate, ensuring they maintain high safety standards while work is in progress.
  • Obsessive Cleaning Disorder has in-house male cleaners with efficiency training.
One-stop service for cleaning, polishing, and installation.
Full packages with no additional charges.
Discount if you register with their website form.
You have to pay them in advance.

Customer Review:

“I hired OCD for post-renovation cleaning and marble floor polishing for my mother’s place. They got the total job done in 5 hours and waited for us to check the entire area after. Even offered to do a touch-up if I am unsatisfied with any area.”

2. EPIClean
Specialty: Vinyl floor gloss finishing
Phone No.: +65 8898 8269
Whatsapp No.: +65 8898 8269
Address: 62 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 2, #01-15, Singapore 408734
Website: https://www.epiclean.co/
Email: business@epiclean.co
Operating Hours: 24 hours

EpiClean has access to the best cleaning machines, though they are happy to do it by hand when necessary. Even better is their policy of applying a protective coating after making your floor shine.

Their customers include Mediacorp, Daelim, YoloLive, and IndoCaf. They often call them for vinyl floor finishing. The experienced team also takes on last-minute add-ons to the job for they always come prepared.

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Key Services:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Post-renovation cleaning and floor coating
  • Disinfecting
  • Marble polishing

Why Hire them?

  • Flexible team in regard to the scope of the project,as you can request add-ons such as oven cleaning.
  • They have NEA Clean Mark and bizSafe Level 3 accreditation, along with NEA registration.
  • You can easily make last-minute appointments or change the time of your appointment.
Islandwide service
They take at most an hour to reply to customer inquiries or issues.
They move furniture on your behalf before the floor polishing job.

Customer Review:

“I would call them back for customer service alone. Originally, I hired them to deep clean our floor as we had renovation work done recently. They arrived early and when I wanted floor polishing too, they complied. They were so meticulous while applying the gloss coat on my parquet floor.”

3. DW Floor Polishing
Specialty: Removing stain on marble floor
Phone No.: +65 3165 0148
Whatsapp No.: +65 8241 0032
Address: 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07X, Singapore 169201
Website: https://dwfloorpolishing.com/
Email: enquiry@dwfloorpolishing.com
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 6 pm

DW Floor Polishing is a specialty buffing and waxing company for marble, parquet, and wood floors. They have completed many residential projects and received 5-star reviews from customers in the short time since their inception.

As they focus on mainly two types of flooring, they can concentrate on every service related to them. So, when you want to remove stains from your marble floor without paying a bigger amount for polishing, why would you not contact DW?

Key Services:

  • Marble whitening, polishing, restoration, and stain removal.
  • Parquet polishing and varnishing.
  • Varnishing and polishing wood floors.

Why Hire them?

  • Their technicians have years of flooring knowledge, allowing them to do restoration work along with varnishing.
  • Even their responsive customer representative team has flooring knowledge and can guide you to a better polishing solution.
  • DW has access to the latest floor polishing machine.
Affordable pricing
They clean up post-polishing.
They survey the site before commencing work.
You can not call them after 6 pm.

Customer Review:

“A friend recommended DW Floor Polishing to me. When I contacted them, I was surprised at how little they were asking for a full marble polishing project. They were eager to answer all my questions too and I could see how hard they worked to remove the stains before polishing.”


“Since the rates were so affordable, I was not expecting much in terms of professionalism. But they even did additional work without charging anything extra later. I will be sure to recommend them to my friends.”

4. ST Renovation Services
Specialty: Parquet floor polishing
Phone No.: +65 9373 6661
Address: 80 Playfair Road #03-02 Kapo Factory Building Singapore 367998
Website: http://strenovation.com.sg/
Email: soonflooring@gmail.com
Operating Hours: 9.30 am – 6 pm

ST Renovation Services is a floor polishing service in Singapore with over 17 years of experience. They do marble and stone tile polishing and varnishing, along with the exciting choice of parquet dying.

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The flooring specialist knows how to maintain safety while replacing floors in commercial, residential, and industrial places. You can opt for single services or hire them for one of their packages.

Key Services:

  • Complete parquet repair service, from replacement to new wood flooring installation.
  • They will color your parquet floor any color you want.
  • Roof and wall painting, and maintenance.
  • Granite floor polishing, grinding, restoration, and buffing.
  • Timber decking

Why Hire them?

  • They use their special dye to color parquet floors.
  • They have reasonable base rates that they disclose even before the on-site inspection.
  • They respond within 30 minutes of yourinquiry.
Free on-site survey
Professional consultation and quotation with no additional fees.
Transparent pricing
Could be cheaper

Customer Review:

“They quoted a rational amount for parquet floor polishing of 4 rooms. They did a thorough job and even repaired one corner. They finished the job in 4 hours and did not charge a single extra penny.”


“I contacted ST Renovation for marble gum grout. My marble floor is more than 11 years old, so it could not have been easy. They worked tirelessly from 10 am to 7 pm. Chris even gave me tips on how to keep the marble floor in good condition.”

5. Luce SG
Specialty: Marble floor polishing
Phone No.: +65 6734 4974
Address: 100D PasirPanjang Rd #05-03 Singapore 118520
Website: https://sg.lucemg.com/
Email: sg.sales.office@lucemg.com
Operating Hours: 9 am – 6 pm

Luce SG is a 16-year-old primary cleaning service provider you can hire for regular housework. However, they also do work related to flooring, including cleaning the carpet, getting rid of old stains, and polishing the marble floor until it has its previous shine back.

The facilities Luce SG provides have expanded over the years,and you can expect them to polish wooden, parquet, and granite floors soon. At present, their client list exceeds 400 businesses, counting the Spanish Embassy,  the Ministry of Home Affairs, and Berkshire Hathaway.

Key Services:

  • Home, office, mattress, aircon, and curtain cleaning.
  • Plumbing, mold removal, and pest control.
  • Maintaining tile and wood floors
  • Removing stains, resealing, and polishing marble floors.
  • Housekeeping services

Why Hire them?

  • They use a diamond pad machine for abrasive polishing.
  • Luce SG featured in Money FM, The Strait Times, ZaoBao, and TheMothership.
  • You can hire them for daily floor maintenance.
Online booking
A variety of services beyond basic cleaning and polishing.
No hassle for a last-minute booking.
Only provides services for marble floors.

Customer Review:

“Since they are more of household cleaners, I was unsure about their marble floor polishing services. But their rates were so competitive, I wanted to give it a try. Turns out, they have highly experienced technicians on their team. I am thinking of giving their cleaning service a try too.”

6. Singapore Polish Grind
Specialty: Leveling and polishing homogenous tiles
Phone No.: +65 9631 3888
Address: #06-14 Woodlands Link, 20, Singapore 738733
Website: https://www.singaporepolishgrind.sg/
Email: enquiry@singaporepolishgrind.sg
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 9 pm

Singapore Polish Grind is a floor restoration agency with Mr. Lim as the founder. After spending 25 years in the flooring industry, he has capitalized on his experience to raise a future generation of capable floor specialists.

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The agency is confident in its ability to polish your floor until it resembles the day you first installed it. They have a solution-first mindset, where they use simpler methods to restore the floor instead of polishing or replacing it from the get-go.

Key Services:

  • Grinding and polishing marble floors
  • Sanding, varnishing, and repairing parquet floors.
  • Using marble gum to regrout and level tiles.
  • Machine polishing ceramic tiles

Why Hire them?

  • The floor technicians go through 6 to 12 months of training and earn a certificate before working with Singapore Polish Grind.
  • Machines are sourced from Europe with quieter noise levels to improve thecustomer experience.
  • They check up on their work the day after to solve any issue you may have.
They will re-do the work if you are unsatisfied with the result,free of charge.
Responsive, polite customer team who will work with you to reach a solution.
They are good at meeting tight deadlines.
Pricing is not competitive.

Customer Review:

“My tiles had lots of stains and scratches so I did not think they would be able to restore it. Instead, they finished the job with an excellent polish. Some portions did require some touch-up but Mr. Vincent sent his workers right away.”

7. SGcleanXpert
Specialty: Restoring granite floor
Whatsapp No.: +65 8417 1368
Address: 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza #05-319 Singapore 199591
Website: https://sgcleanxpert.com/
Email: admin@sgcleanxpert.com
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 9 am – 6 pm
Sat: 9 am – 1 pm
Sun: Off

SGcleanXpert.com is a cleaning agency with floor polishing as part of its diverse range of services. Their staff has knowledge of how to take care of any marble or granite surface.

This means they will fix chipped areas on your marble floor, polish it,and finish the job with a buff. Of course, you can hire them only for cleaning, polishing, or restoration work instead of full service.

Key Services:

  • Home, office, construction, event, and outdoor cleaning.
  • Granite floor and countertop restoration and polishing.
  • Marble table top, vanity, bathroom, and floor restoration and polishing.

Why Hire them?

  • They do touch-ups as a show of goodwill long after the initial service.
  • SGcleanXpert has a staff capable of polishing any marble or granite surface, beyond flooring.
  • If you have any complaint, they will resolve it within 3 days.
Thorough service within a short time.
Clear quotation along with terms and conditions.
They will provide discounts if you ask.
No wooden floor polishing service.

Customer Review:

“I was looking for a company to polish our bathroom marble wall but not many do that. Thankfully, I found SGcleanXpert who had good rates. They even gave it a protective coating so the wall would not discolor from all the water splashes.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you have to pay to polish a marble floor in Singapore?

Marble floors are expensive by nature,and as a result, any service provided in regard to it does not come cheap. You may have to pay anywhere between $480 to $1880 for a 400 square feet room.

 It depends on the agency and how affordable they are willing to get.

How long will the floor polishing last?

A single coat lasts about 3 to 4 months. If you touch it up at the mark of the 4th month, you can polish your floor at greater intervals.

However, if you are quick on floor upkeep, you may not have to polish your floor for a couple of years, depending on the material.

How do I keep my parquet floor in good condition after a polish?

After the first coating, clean and mop your floor regularly. Your main goal, no matter the flooring, should be to not let dust gather for too long.

If you have maintenance oil or coating, apply it every 3 weeks. Do this,and you would not have to polish your floor for another 10 years.

Are you employing the finest floor polishing service in Singapore?

If your floor looks as good as new even after 6 months of polishing, you will know you have hired the right contractor.

Overall, you should see if the agency checks these boxes:

  • They have an in-house staff with proper floor restoration training.
  • The managers and service team have a good attitude.
  • They use brand-new machines and low-chemical solutions.