Top Costume Rental Services in Singapore

The costume shops in Singapore are rising in number with an increasing trend of parties and events amongst the population.

Whether you are attending a family function or a public fest like Halloween, it becomes imperative to define your style with unique outfits. But purchasing them is unfeasible and expensive.

Thus, the zeal to wear new clothes to costume parties can be satisfied by taking them on rent for a specific period. You can get unique designs of event-centric garments, where the cost-to-pay is less than buying, and simultaneously, the issue of extra burden in your wardrobe gets resolved.

Check out some of the best costume rental shops in Singapore in the list below. We have picked those who provide a greater variety of outfits and new entries, while also maintaining cleanliness.

1. Ministry of Costumes
Phone: +65 6270 1733
Locations: 203A Henderson Rd, #09-03, Singapore 159546
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 13.00 – 18.00, Sat: 13.00 – 16.00, Sun: Off

This costume shop was started in 2016, and since then, it has been featured multiple times in the Channel 8 News as Singapore’s most popular store.

They aim to be the central hub for providing rental clothes to family groups of the island, and deliver superb quality items with variations of fittings.


  • They provide a wide variety of costumes for Halloween parties covering superheroes, pirates, Alice in Wonderland, and other mascots.
  • Work with the suppliers to get the highest quality at the lowest price.
  • Apart from Singapore, they also have workshops in Thailand and China.
Pros Cons
Focus on providing costumes based on family and groups Only characters-mimicking costumes are available
They can customize outfits as ordered by the clients and quote within 3 days. It may take a month to complete the order
Accessories like shoes and masks are also available with the costumes.  
More than 30,000 costumes for all ages  


“The staff is really helpful in picking up the costumes while understanding the flavor of each individual. My family was delighted to visit the store for the second time and got a new collection of cowboy costumes for rent.”


“My cousins planned to attend a costume party in the Flintstones theme. It was difficult to find old characters’ dresses, ten in number, but the Ministry of Costumes did not let us down. We finally got our pick. It was awesome!”

2. Costumes N Parties
Phone: +65 6270 1733
Locations: No.2 Havelock Road Unit #02-16/17/18, Havelock II, Singapore 059763
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.00 – 20.00, Sat: 11.00 – 18.00, Sun: Off

Costumes N Parties is a renowned firm that has more than two decades of experience in costume rental service. They are also the first to supply online rental clothes to the whole South-East Asian region.

Its first showroom was established in Malaysia in 1997, while Singapore welcomed it in 2010 with a vast collection of 20,000 costumes.

Their shop is not just a collection of outfits, but a fantasized showroom that gives an experience of a lifetime and a moment to rediscover childhood stories.


  • It is Asia’s biggest manufacturer of products for Halloween, feather boas, wigs, steampunks, inflated costumes, and accessories.
  • They have multiple themes for dinner and dance events or cosplays with group costumes in bulk.
  • You may also visit them for wedding gate-crash, birthday parties, or Meet & Greet Mascots.
Pros Cons
Costumes in multiple categories of Hollywood movie themes and characters available for groups and individuals The rental costumes are expensive compared to others
They also have various imitating items for sale  


“My children love to visit the showroom of Costume N Parties for attending Halloween and school events. Their collection is latest and always updated, while the best part is the way they display the outfits in the store, which attracts the audience to relive the style of the character.


“I trust this showroom because it is a recognized brand in the South-East Asian countries. As a stage artist, I seek different designs and easily find the attire needed for a specific role.”

3. Customade Costume & Merchandise (CCM)
Phone: +65 9299 9064
Locations: 3 Kelantan Ln, #02-01, Singapore 208625
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.00 – 19.00, Sat: 10.30 – 15.00, Sun: Off

This is one of Singapore’s most popular costume rental shops with 25 years of existence. They possess a self-managed costume creation & customization workshop, and provide services for various occasions of parties, public events, Chignay Parade, corporate uniforms, etc.

The workers are ever ready to consult the customer on their outfit choices. Irrespective of what you select, there is no need to worry about size or fitting issues, as they have a dedicated workforce to make quick and instant touch-ups.


  • There is an endless collection of clothes for different occasions, and categorized accordingly as per need for festive, kids, mascots, or any special theme.
  • They ensure clean costumes that smell great with seamless and fitted experience.
Pros Cons
They give an option to call for a costume truck to the place, which also has changing rooms The accessory collection has lesser copies and mostly sold out or booked
A fixed rate for wedding Gatecrash Bundle service  
They customize clothes as per requirements in filming an event on delivering a storyline.  


“We asked them for their mobile truck service at our closed society event where the theme was cartoon characters for kids and adults. It was so much fun with the designer clothes varieties, and there were multiple options for all age groups.”


“The costumes are of greatest quality, defining originality in appearance, and vibrant color choices make them highly appealing to the viewers. They are best company when you wish to present the character’s attitude in full form.”

4. Awesome Costumes
Phone: +65 8892 7553
Locations: 624 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Block 624, Singapore 560624
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sat: 11.00 – 18.00, Sun: Off

Awesome Costumes is an online clothing rental store in Singapore that is highly popular among the youth, as they have a wide range of clothes and accessories.

It was founded by Grace, a topper from NAFA School of Fashion in 2001. She is an award-winning fashionist who comes from UK Fashion Label – Singapore, and has been praised on local TV shows for being part of international celebrity concerts.


  • They have a huge collection of costumes from genres like games, history, Gatsby, casino, tribal, music, storybooks, and many more.
  • The accessories section includes almost every item that defines a character’s personality. Bags, jewellery, belt, weapons, hand props, eyewear, wings, and capes are some of them.
Pros Cons
You can check the products out online and pay the booking amount for a period of 1 – 7 days Returning a damaged or incomplete item will cost you full replacement charges
Customers can change the order anytime before the collection date  


“One of the best things they offer is online display and booking of items, as it minimises the time of checking out stores off-time. They have a wide variety of clothes and accessories, although few of my choices were pre-booked by another client. So, I checked their collection for an alternate, and got a suitable one in another category. I booked it immediately to get it on time.”

5. Global Mascot
Phone: +65 6392 2792
Locations: 114 Lavender St., #01-55/56 CT Hub2, Singapore 338729
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sat: 11.00 – 19.00, Sun: Off

Global Mascot is one of the finest brands of Singapore that has manufacturing partnerships in Thailand, India, and China.

The company has a strong portfolio of serving in events like Sentosa Flower Festival, Singapore 2010, etc. because of their specialty in creating innumerable categories in costumes. It may include, fruits, animals, sea creatures, robots, and many others that catch the buyer’s attention.


  • They are manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers of costumes, soft toys, and mascots.
  • Global Mascots are popular for designing exclusive dresses for events like NDP, YOG, SYF, Chingay, etc., with LEDs, EL lights, and EVA foam to engage the audience.
Pros Cons
Maintain quality service at a competitive price Most of the collections are focused on kids dressing, and lesser for adults
Short reproduction time with trusted delivery  


“I took my students to the Global Mascot shop to rent costumes for multiple stage performances. It was a fun time for kids as they enjoyed and laughed at the thrilling appearance of characters and especially eatables. I would definitely recommend this costume rental store for any theme parties or events.”


“I chose this company for cosplay because they are a reliable brand and have prominent experience with many festivities, drama shows, and youth Olympics. The costumes, accessories, and props were clean and in good condition, while they guaranteed for no chance of mal-functioning.”

6. Pan-In-The-Box
Phone: +65 6221 3293
Locations: 1015 Geylang East Avenue 3 #01- 129 PayaLebar MRT, Exit, C, Singapore 389730
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 10.30 – 20.00

This is one among the first ever cosplay stores, which was formed in 2003 in the heartland of Singapore. With a passion to deliver the best quality of costumes to the customers, they have now become the favorite brand for many.

Pan-In-The-Box has been called to participate in various events like Start-Of-The-Year (SOY), Singapore Cosplay Club, COSFEST, and others, while also being mentioned in articles by AsiaOne, and Star Trek News Online.


  • They provide costumes in events like dance parties, Chinese New Year, Halloween, etc., organized by corporates or educational institutes.
  • Their costumes and accessories are also supplied in the international market.
Pros Cons
The customers can try the costumes at store for free of charge Mostly focus over cosplays or anime, while figures from many categories are missing
The products are available for both purchase and rentals  


“Despite visiting the store in the closing time, the staff didn’t get irritated and helped me check out the variety of outfits and accessories. They let me feel comfortable with the wearing with multiple free trials, and finally I got my choice.”


“We planned a bachelor’s party on a horror theme, and it was unexpected to see such a variety of outlooks at one shop. All of us got terrific costumes for rent, while some had to be purchased at a minimal price. I recommend this shop for Halloween and End-Of-The-Year events.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What if the rented costume has fitting issues?

Yes, it is possible that the rented costume may not be the right fit. That is why many shops ask their customers to personally visit and book the order 10 – 15 days before the event. They may allow for a free trial and do minimal tailoring for best size fit in sufficient time.

Is the sizing chart for all the shops same?

Singapore, generally, follows the UK international size chart for wearables. Thus, you can assure yourself of the size you wear while also verifying their fitting patterns.

What if I stain or damage the rented item?

Companies, mostly, ask to deposit some security amount to tackle such situations. In case the item is broken or not returned, they would penalize the customer for some percentage or complete price.

How is a rental period calculated?

Almost every costume rental shop in Singapore includes the date of item collection and return, in the rental period. So, if you rent a product on Tuesday for seven days, then you must return it on Monday of next week.

How to Select Costumes From Rental Stores?

Singapore has witnessed a variation of trend-sets, and being a multi-cultural island, people from diverse regions like to play their fashion and fantasies in different occasions.

The costume rental shops provide a great chance to help deliver an individual taste with their appearance, but one should be careful with certain factors while selecting an outfit of their choice.

  • ·The shops must ensure hygiene levels if they provide multiple try-outs.
  • ·The costumes should be properly cleaned after every return, free from dirt or potential infection.
  • ·Always rent the items from a reliable store.
  • ·Do check for broken items or stitching flaws before renting.
  • ·You must try the outfits before renting.
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