List of 7 High-Rated Vending Machine Suppliers in Singapore: Complete Guide to Buy/Rent Quality Devices

Vending machines have eased our lives to a great extent. These AI-enabled devices can serve foods, frozen drinks, coffee, snacks, and other goods by inserting token coins or using cards as payment.

This concept instigates the business professionals of Singapore to invest in these autonomous systems and generate compounded income.

But the major trouble faced by the consumers is when the vending machine accepts the payment while not dispensing the goods. There have been many similar technical issues recorded by Singaporean entrepreneurs too.

Few people even complained that manufacturers or support staff overlook such issues. As a result, the problem seems to persist forever, hampering the business and customer base.

An undeniable fact is that these machines pave huge benefits in rendering business without much human interference, which ultimately attracts more customers.

Therefore, experienced people in business seek sustainable brands to purchase and install them at a suitable location.

All the professionals with innovative ideas must review the below-given list of companies from where they can buy or rent the best quality vending machines in Singapore.

1. Premier Vending
Phone no.: +65 9138 6095
Location: Toh Guan Road East (Enterprise Hub)
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00 am – 07.00 pm, Sat: 09.00 am – 01.00 pm, Sun: Off

Koli Vending company, which was formed in 2012 in Singapore, was renamed after some time as Premier Vending. The company’s aim is to offer First Class Service along with the vending machine to business hubs.

They supply best quality one-stop solutions that can be installed in corporate areas, construction sites, educational institutes, or cafeterias.

Types of Vending Machines Available

  • Canned and Bottled Drink Machine
  • Hot and Cold Cup Machines: Coffee, Green Tea, etc
  • Snacks Machines
  • Combo Snack Machine: Both Snacks and Drinks in one


  • The machines can be operated with special RFID cards for cashless purchases by categorial customers.
  • They only choose healthy snacks and drinks to dispense from the vending machines.
  • The machines are operable 24/7.

Services Offered

  • They offer free delivery and installation of vending machines at the client’s chosen location.
  • Machine maintenance and replenishments or stock re-filling are also covered under free services.

Benefits of Choosing Them

  • They have links with more than ten multi-international popular brands for providing snacks and drinks, including Coca Cola, Bon Café, JJ, Fun Seasons, etc.
  • Buying a vending machine is hassle-free, as the client only needs to meet and select the device. The rest of the task is done by their support team.
  • The support team ensures to attend to the technical issues within four hours. If required, they replace the whole machine within two working days.

Customer’s/ Client’s Review

“I have got three of their vending machines installed in posh areas of Singapore. There have been a few incidents when customers’ money got stuck or the item did not dispense. But soon, the machine responded back positively without troubling the customers.”

2. Royal Vending
Phone no.: +65 6272 7607
Location: Bukit Batok St. 24
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 10.00 am – 07.00 pm, Sun: Off

Royal Vending is the highest-selling brand for buying or renting vending machines in Singapore, as they also have completed 20 successful years in the industry.

They are pioneers in delivering world-class traditional and non-traditional devices and retail automated systems. The support system is experienced in customized business solutions as well as large cluster management projects.

Types of Vending Machines Available

  • Snack and Food Vending Machines
  • Vending Machine Leasing & Customization


  • Flexible menu with a wide variety of offerings.
  • Vast retailing channels.
  • The product is fully customizable.
  • Charges are applicable through QR codes, bar codes, vouchers, and tokens.
  • 11 payment modes are compatible with enabling cashless transactions.
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Services Offered

  • They provide free machine training to staff members for proper operation.
  • Monthly accounting with sales reports is available.
  • The support team records real-time stock management for quick replenishment.
  • 24 hours online technical support is also available.

Benefits of Choosing Them

  • Most of the issues are resolved through online tech support.
  • Their products are cost-effective and efficient in performance.
  • They can configure the vending machines to dispense prizes or kits, such as gamified rewards or giveaway gifts for special events.
  • The machine body has sufficient space for display advertisements.

Client’s Review

“One of their food vending machines is installed near my office at Ang Mo Koi, and my staff has been benefiting from its services without any issues for the last two years. The machines work smoothly. So we are planning to work on a business idea in collaboration with them.”

3. Warburg
Phone no.: +65 6565 7895
Location: Loyang Way
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00 am – 05.15 pm, Sat-Sun: Off

Warburg is a Bizsafe level 3 certified vending machine provider in Singapore and possesses more than 20 years of experience in this industry.

It is a sister firm of Fraser & Neave Group of Companies, which has earned a high reputation for supplying multi-brand vending machines across the island. They have a proven track record of executing nationwide vending projects.

Types of Vending Machines Available

  • Multi-Format Machines 7-inch and 22-inch Screen
  • Snack Machine
  • Bottle Machine
  • Can Machine
  • Hot & Cold Cup Machine
  • Hot Cup Machine (Premium)
  • Ice Cream Machine
  • Ice Mountain Water Dispenser


  • The machines can list between 10 – 60 products at any time.
  • The machines can be customized to dispense a wide variety of products.
  • They can be configured for RFID cards, QR codes, promo code entry, and mobile payments.

Services Offered

  • Their machines are covered under insurance and offer end-to-end service support for maintenance or replenishment.
  • An audited sales report is generated based on meter readings with real-time data.
  • Machines are designed in various shapes and sizes with a temperature control system.

Benefits of Choosing Them

  • They have collaborated with 100 Plus, Fruit Tree, Farmhouse, Milo, King’s, and many other brands.
  • The company claims to have an enormous support team for quick response.
  • These machines can dispense coffee, juices, readymade food, and non-food products as well.

Client’s Review

“A friend recommended  Warburg’s vending equipment for our college premises. What is liked about their devices is the ability to dispense multiple brand products in a wide variety. We already have their water dispenser and snack vending machine, and are planning to add a few more.”

4. Huxter
Phone no.: +65 6256 9583
Location: Toh Guan Road East (Uni Tech Centre)
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00 am – 05.00 pm, Sat-Sun: Off

Huxter is a recently launched start-up company by locals of Singapore that offers unique vending machine solutions. Their aim is to compete with the low-performing devices installed by other firms.

Their equipment is technologically different as they follow Japan’s vending culture to make them convenient for usage by vendors and customers.

Types of Vending Machines Available

  • Interactive 50-inch Touch Screen Machine with Cloud Management System.


  • Product details are displayed on the interactive touch screen.
  • The machine can be managed remotely via internet connectivity.
  • It can display up to 40 products with images and videos.
  • It is enabled with a camera to record customer engagement videos for sales analysis.
  • The machine is secured with sensors for temperature recording, monitoring, and other diagnoses.
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Services Offered

  • The technicians help to customize the products in the machine as per the requirements.
  • The team ensures to regularly monitor and restock the products in the vending machine.
  • The company provides complete training to the client’s staff.

Benefits of Choosing Them

  • The Huxter mobile app is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Payment is accepted as cash or through the Huxter app, which is a secure system. The user can top-up credits to the application for buying goods.

Client’s Review

“Huxter is a suitable business model for many freelance product sellers like me. I have rented a tray pace in their pre-installed vending machine, which helped in generating high sales. It is easy to monitor purchases and product promotions, and the machine also has the option to provide extra details about the product.”

5. Le Tach
Phone no.: +65 9190 4399
Location: Boon Leat Terrace
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00 am – 07.00 pm, Sat: 08.00 am – 01.00 pm, Sun: Off

Le Tach is a Singapore-based vending machine provider based on technologies from Japan, China, and the USA. The technology incorporates the One-Stop Web Portal to fulfil the need for healthier snacks and drinks.

They collaborated with Raiden J’merz to create the perfect design and installation for electrical distribution in machines that consume less energy.

Types of Vending Machines Available

  • Can/ PET Bottled Drinks Vending Machine
  • Snacks Vending Machine
  • Hot or Cold Drinks Vending Machine
  • Combo Vending Machine
  • LCD Touch Vending Machine


  • The combo system can add both drinks and snacks to one device.
  • The LCD touch devices are capable of dispensing stationery, gifts, and other such items.
  • The machines are interactive and easy to use while displaying information like sold-out, credit amount, etc.

Services Offered

  • They offer product tracking and payment details if the company gives a discount on the goods.
  • The team also helps the clients to maintain the budget for sales/ purchases.

Benefits of Choosing Them

  • Cashless transactions are enabled using RFID cards.
  • Machine installation and consultation is completely free for the client.
  • Maintenance and replenishment are free add-on services.

Client’s Review

“One of the best parts about Le Tach’s vending machines is that they are Energy Star qualified and have reduced green-house gas emission. I have used it several times at Changi Airport and was impressed with its performance.”

6. Juicy Fresh
Phone no.: +65 6610 6851
Location: Bukit Batok Crescent (Unity Centre)
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm, Sun: Off

Juicy Fresh one-stop vending solutions are seen in the most credible locations of Singapore, such as the Singapore Police Force, 85 SOHO, Admiralty Medical Centre, Universal Studio, and so on.

The company was established in 2016 by co-workers from the healthcare industry to integrate technology with retail and healthcare.

Types of Vending Machines Available

  • Snacks and Drinks Vending Machine
  • Coffee Machine
  • Pharmacy/ Healthcare Vending Machine
  • Touch Screen Can Drinks Dispenser
  • Frozen Food/ Ice Cream Vending Machine
  • Locker
  • PET/ Can/ Bottled Drinks Vending Machine
  • Hot Food Vending Machine


  • All the machines are embedded with the NAYAX payment solution, which offers a contactless system along with necessary security features.
  • The company is the sole distributor of FMCG in supermarkets in Singapore. Thus they offer healthy snacks with the best quality taste. 

Services Offered

  • The machines are available for purchase or lease for a certain time.
  • Regular consultation is provided to the client for proper functioning and usage.

Benefits of Choosing Them

  • The company offers 24/7 call support to report and resolve any issues with the machine.
  • The technical team can customize the machine’s software according to the requirements.
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Client’s Review

“My brother was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where I first saw the working capacity of this vending machine. It was beautifully customized to dispense many basic and complex medical equipment such as insulin syringes, ECG leads, sensor cables, etc. I was impressed and instantly connected with the sales team for installation of a stationery vending machine at our school.”

7. Atlas
Phone no.: +65 6744 4022
Location: Kaki Bukit Tech Park II
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm, Sun: Off

Atlas vending machines are considered the leaders of the market as they have existed since 1980 in manufacturing vending machines. They have the highest market share in the Asian market, with its branch offices in Singapore and Malaysia.

They received the annual Enterprise 50 award from 2008 to 2010 for quality performance and technical support.

Types of Vending Machines Available

  • Beans to Cup Machine
  • Cans & Bottle Machine
  • Cup Noodles Machine
  • Combination Shop Machine
  • Hot & Cold Beverages Machine
  • Table Top Machine
  • Water Dispenser


  • The vending machines are designed in a way to showcase the products.
  • The combination shop can serve multiple products from one machine.
  • The machine can be customized to dispense dairy products, ready meals, tea, coffee, drinks, and beverages.

Services Offered

  • Their third-party technical support team serves at low cost and even repair machines of other brands.
  • Atlas is authorized by the NRI range of payments.
  • The Table Top is a mini portable vending machine available for rent. But the other devices are only available for sale with warranty and maintenance.

Benefits of Choosing Them

  • They provide complete service for installation, maintenance, replenishment, and collection of sales from the machine.
  • The impaneled telemetry technology offers comprehensive data analysis and remote monitoring of the machine.

Client’s Review

“My father has worked for this company during the 90s. According to him, it is the most reliable vending machine brand in the whole of Asia. Thus, to get a bottle and can machine for our shop we gave no second thought and installed one of these six months ago. No issues have been encountered to date.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How to negotiate vending machine locations in Singapore?

There can be several locations, like schools, stations, market areas, etc., where you can install a multi-purpose vending machine.

But it is evident that the machine will only be profitable if the place generates higher footfall, which depends on the location.

So, after choosing a suitable location, you must calculate your total expenses for installation, maintenance, replenishment, and other things, along with the potential sales.

Now you can deal with the business owner to rent a separate space for your vending machine. Negotiate with him on the percentage of commission per sale, which can be between 10% to 25%.

You can also provide written documentation about the mutual benefits as well as your general costs in keeping this machine.

Do I need a license to sell products on vending machines in Singapore?

It is compulsive to apply for a permit or license before installing a food vending machine anywhere in Singapore.

The government does not allow the sale of unregistered food on such machines. Therefore if the product is pre-packed, it must be approved by SFA.

For other devices, such as stationary vending or any non-food product, you must have a valid contract with the business owner before installation.

What are the most profitable business ideas for starting a vending machine in Singapore?

These machines are considered convenient modes of selling and buying goods for both owner and customer. But the profit earned through it depends primarily on the concept or product dispensed.

Some of the most selling business ideas for vending machines include coffee, bottled/ canned drinks, and snacks. These are universally preferred models that generate above-average sales.

Apart from that, the products can also be chosen depending on the installation location, such as stationary vending machines at offices or colleges/universities, gift vending machines at malls, or pharmacy vending machines at clinics.

What Are The Primary Specifications Required for Vending Machine Systems?

Vending machines are pre-programmed compact devices that dispense goods on payment. But you must ensure certain factors before installing one of these at your premises.

  • Apart from selecting a suitable location, which typically impacts the gross sale, you must also ensure the safety and security of the machine.
  • You can have CCTV cameras for quick surveillance, or otherwise, get them placed in a location with negligible potential threats from troubling elements of society.
  • Make sure it is installed in an open space to handle more traffic.
  • And provide proper electrical connection from direct supply through the three-prong outlet of 10-12 amps and 115 volts.