Top 7 Upholstery Service Providers in Singapore: Restore Your Sofas, Car-Seats, and Other Furniture

Singapore’s upholstery service market has grown significantly as most people prefer restoring ethnic furniture instead of buying a new model.

But most people often compromise with the quality of work when they expect wooden or iron frame repair experts to work with fabrics.

It is essential to find trusted and dedicated experts in the upholstery industry, who can work to restore the originality of the furniture with the finest outcome.

The article lists some of the finest upholstery service companies in Singapore that charge at an affordable price. They can repair and renew your discarded sofa sets, chair seats, car covers, etc. to give them genuine appeal which is long lasting.

1. Z.Mivins
Phone: +65 9109 9819
Location: Lor Bakar Batu
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00 am – 06.00 pm, Sat-Sun: Off

Z.Mivins has expertise in reupholstery work for sofas, seating, and bedrooms. The company has been in business for the last few decades, and has some of the best craftsmen. Jimmy Wong is the head among them who holds more than 25 years of experience in this industry.

Their portfolio is filled with exemplary works, such as, The Singapore Turf Club, One 15 Marina Sentosa, Keppel Club, Esplanade, etc.

Services Offered

  • They claim to be the pioneers in Sofa upholstery work, and can work on any different style such as U-shape, semicircle, and others.
  • They promote headboard upholstery and can serve multiple types with various shapes, materials, and stitching.
  • They can beautify the interiors with 1000+ curtain designs, including minimalist, zen, royal, and many others.

Why Choose Them

  • The craftsmen are comfortable with many fabrics, like genuine leather, synthetic leather, canvas, etc., and deliver the work within ten days.
  • The workers are well versed in English, Mandarin, and Chinese dialects to easily communicate with clients of different origin.
  • They offer free on-site consultation and quotations.
  • Curtain services include measurement, design selection, installation, and washing or regular maintenance.

Customer Review

“Jimmy and Calvin took the charge of our home furnishing renovation, and did a commendable job in design and material selection. I did not have to spend much as they have genuine rates for stitching and installation.”

2. Joseph & Casey
Phone: +65 6741 1780
Location: UBI Crescent
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00 am – 06.30 pm, Sat-Sun: Off

J&C is an old establishment in Singapore with about six decades of existence in upholstery. The company offers the best quality service with satisfactory output at affordable prices. They work with a regular staff that has more than a decade of experience.

The company has a seven-step process from analysing the furniture to final delivery. They have about 1000 fibre samples from trusted fabric brands like Sanderson, Clarke & Clarke, Aqua Clean Technology, Jim Dickens, and others.

Services Offered

  • They repair two seat sofas, chesterfield classic sofas, and chaise lounge to change the covers, top-up the foam, repair seating belts, and customize the design if required.
  • Dining chair upholstery will change the covers, foam, and also repair the broken wood, followed by varnishing.
  • They redesign the headboard and handcraft it, along with repairing the broken fabric and covers.
  • They have multiple designs of curtains for households and corporates.

Why Choose Them

  • They have considerable experience in maintaining restaurant chairs, KTV sofas, corporate, and cinema chairs.
  • The workers are skilled enough to work with 800+ quality fabrics.
  • The consultants make a free on-site visit, take pictures of the furniture that are sent to the factory for upholstery, and are delivered back to the place.
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Customer Review

“We returned to Singapore to renovate our old property, and it was a relief for us to contract J&C for upholstery service. They have a world-class system, and deep understanding about retro furnishing. Some cracked chair legs and polishing was also done at their British workshop.”

3. DKS International
Phone: +65 6284 4186
Location: Defu Lane
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm
Sat: 09.00 am – 02.00 pm
Sun: Off

DKS International was started as a door-to-door furniture service in 1997. Slowly and gradually, they grew up to become a recognized upholstery service in Singapore, which is currently flourishing under the dynamic leadership of a 32-year old heir.

In these 25 years, they claim to have successfully handled more than 1500 reupholstery and restoration works.

Services Offered

  • With eighteen years of dedicated experience, their working staff is capable of reupholstery thousands of designs for dining/massage/arm chairs, stools/ottomans, beds/mattresses, sofas/couch, suites/cushions, etc.
  • They also provide the best fitting loose covers for furniture with specific design. It gives a new appearance, and can be removed in minutes for washing.
  • They have an exclusive fabric collection for curtains from around the world, such as India, Australia, Taiwan, etc.
  • Multiple styles of blinds, such as roller, Venetian, wooden, Roman, etc., are also at the shop.

Why Choose Them

  • They offer more than 800 fabric choices of superb quality at reasonable prices.
  • The company provides free home visits for consultation, even on weekends.
  • Upholstery cleaning services are also available at their workshop.

Customer Review

“It was almost decided by my wife to dispose of the old ancestral sofa and bed, when a friend recommended us to call DKS International. I would literally appreciate their service because they initiated the design idea and gave it a classic look.”

4. Kia Meng Trading
Phone: +65 9048 5804
Location: Ang Mo Kio (Industrial Park 1)
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 08.30 am – 05.30 pm
Sat: 08.30 am – 03.30 pm
Sun: Off

KMT is a popular upholstery service company in Singapore that was established in 1986. They have a weighted profile of working experience with Changi Airport, Balaclava, and the cushion playground of Hai Di Lao outlets.

They assure the clients to finish the job at their end without outsourcing to maintain the best quality at affordable pricing.

Services Offered

  • Reupholstery and upholstery services are available for sofas, cushions, covers, cushion wall padding, and bay window cushions.
  • They also work on booth seating, dining chairs, wall panels, headboard, and other cushion furniture.
  • They have a wide range of raw materials, which account to about 2000+ types of fabric (cotton, micro suede, etc.), genuine leather, and synthetic leather.

Why Choose Them

  • The team of artisans works efficiently to finish the upholstery work, and deliver it within 10-14 days of the order.
  • The consultants discuss the designs with the clients and provide proper suggestions such as the pros and cons of genuine and synthetic leather.
  • The workers are well experienced in analysing the restoration needed, and getting the best output with minimal client expenditure.
  • A free consultation with no obligation is also provided on appointment.

Customer Review

“This was my first experience with upholstery work. I went to meet the supervisor at the Kia Meng Trading factory and learned about the procedure they apply to repair the deteriorated sofas and chairs. Finally I am satisfied with their work, and the sofas look as new as they were bought.”

5. Jia Xing
Phone: +65 6288 6220
Location: Playfair Road, (Kapo Factory Building)
Working Hours: Mon-Sun: 24 Hours

Jia Xing is a furniture manufacturing brand of Singapore, and holds more than three decades of experience in the customized furnishing industry.

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Their craftsmen are experts in handicraft art, with modern management styles using innovative techniques to deliver eco-friendly and comfortable furniture.

They have also achieved significant growth in the international market, and have worked with renowned partners like Blossom Residences, The Learning Lab, Keppel Club, TCC, and many others.

Services Offered

  • They perform the furniture upholstery work with complete dedication, and can restore sofas, reclining seats, auditorium seats, antique chairs, office chairs, and other furniture.
  • The company has experience in furniture repair work and has clients from government offices, the F&B industry, hotels, shipping, schools, and colleges.
  • Custom made sofas, KTV couches, bed headboards, curtains, blinds, and raw fabric are some of the products sold by them.

Why Choose Them

  • They regularly launch promotional offers in reupholstery work at minimal charges.
  • They provide 1000+ options in fabric and leather to offer variations in furniture upholstery design.
  • Door-to-door service is also available with free Q&A to provide the best advice.
  • Free delivery of the products is also available across the island.

Customer Review

“My cousins were visiting Singapore for a wedding party. It was less time for an upholstery company to do the sofa and dining chair in a short period. But Jia Xing took the challenge. Without wasting any moment, they started the work and the final delivery was made on the sixth day with perfect colors, designs, and restoration.”

6. Ho Soon Lee
Phone: +65 6482 5023
Location: Ang Mo Kio (Industrial Park 2)
Working Hours: Mon-Fri: 08.00 am – 05.00 pm
Sat: 08.00 am – 03.00 pm
Sun: Off

Ho Soon Lee is among the oldest home sofa makers and upholstery service companies in Singapore. It was launched in 1976, to deliver the finest quality work for long lasting impressions. These ethics were readily transferred to the next generation of craftsmen.

They do not compromise on work quality and keep a specific eye on every detail to bring back the originality of the furniture.

Services Offered

  • The upholstery services are available for a variety of cushion furniture such as sofas, bent plywood chairs, foot stools, and bed frames. Headboard, throw pillows, bay window cushion, etc.
  • They are sufficient to repair wooden legs, sunken seats, torn cushions, and torn zippers, as well as make sofa modifications.
  • They offer services for commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, etc, and even work contracts.

Why Choose Them

  • The company deals with a wide range of fabrics for upholstery work, curtain installation, wall padding, and waterproof/ outdoors.
  • They have the most convincing ideas for all sorts of customer needs, suggest choices accordingly that are most suitable for the upcoming occasion.
  • Customers can shop for genuine leather, PVC, fabrics, and polyurethane foam for upholstery work.

Customer Review

“It is the best company to choose for a quick start and trusted work. I ordered them to refurbish my dining table chair with new seats along with covering the backrest with PVC and foam. They responded in quick time and finished the work within 2 days to deliver almost new chairs.”

7. Sin Hock Heng
Phone: +65 6454 8160
Location: Sin Ming Industrial Estate
Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 09.00 am – 06.00 pm
Sun: Off

SHH has offered exclusive upholstery services for auto motives in Singapore, since 1981, and has gathered vast experience with multiple brands of vehicles.

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With an experience of almost four decades, their craftsmen have come across projects for restoring vintage cars, luxury sports cars, and classic sedans.

This gave them multiple dimensions of creativity, which was appreciated enough to make them a world class automotive upholstery brand.

Services Offered

  • Seat upholstery is among their most sought after services, as they conveniently use the best quality fabrics or leathers with optimum cushioning to justify the interiors.
  • They also restore the cushioning over the armrest, door panel, dashboard, roof-lining, sun visor, and soft convertible tops.
  • The company also accepts repair work for other equipment and objects of the car, such as the gear knob, hand brake, carpet, furniture, steering wheel, windscreen, etc.

Why Choose Them

  • SHH has ties with various insurance companies, such as AIG, Great Eastern, HSBC, China Taiping, Tokio Marine, and many others.
  • They help settle insurance claims for windscreens as quickly as possible so that the cars can be delivered in 3-4 hours.
  • They are happy to work with car enthusiasts and consult with them to redesign their car’s interiors accordingly.

Customer Review

“I am well aware of the brand SHH, and took my Jaguar to them for renovation to surprize my dad. It was a marvelous experience to visit their workshop and watch the shining luxury vintage cars. My car was done in a day and it appeared beyond my imaginations. Apart from the seats, the work on door panels and dash board was mind blowing.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of sofa upholstery?

It is generally a 5-6 step procedure that is applied by most upholstery service companies in Singapore. It requires specific tools like a staple gun, staple remover, pliers, flathead screwdriver, scissors, fabric, a sewing machine, etc.

The first step is to completely remove the old fabric, cushion, and stitches, and clean the space to clearly check the wooden or metal frame of the furniture.

Before beginning with the coverings, the frame is properly tightened to cancel out the possibility of broken legs or backrest. The belts and springs are also repaired or replaced, if required,after thorough checking.

Lastly, the padding work, stitching or buttoning, and fabric installation with muslin and foaming are done, followed by proper covering to give it durability, comfort, and glamour.

What is the average cost of upholstery service in Singapore?

Upholstery is nothing but re-working the old frame to renew it. The service involves the cost of furniture transportation (if done in the workshop), fabric, foam, and stitching.

Depending upon the fabric chosen and the design of the furniture, the average price paid for upholstery service is between $300 – $1100 in Singapore.

Branded and high-quality fabrics like 100% cotton, or genuine leather may be priced higher compared to the normal pieces.

In the same way, weird shaped furniture requires excess time and labor along with the material. And that is why it costs a bit more for upholstery on dining chairs or a normal sofa.

Is it worth upholstering old furniture?

Many people presume that buying a new sofa, chair, or other furniture is a better option. They believe repairing may cost almost the same while it may not increase its life.

Upholstery not just renews the old or ancestral furniture, but also gives life to the memories. Polishing and revitalizing these ethnic items also provides a delightful appearance, which is appreciated by many people against casual designs.

Buying a new sofa of a similar standard of design, wood work, and fabric, would definitely cost more as compared to upholstering from a reliable company.

How to Choose a Suitable Upholstery Service in Singapore?

Upholstery services are in demand because they are cost effective, and rejuvenate old memories. While many people also feel the scarcity of appealing designs in the new furniture market, and thus, prefer to restore the pre-used ones.

So, if you decide to get the old sofas, chairs, chaise lounges, or car interiors re-worked by an upholstery service, then do not forget to analyse the following points.

  • Talk with the consultants about the processes to know the knowledge and experience of the working staff.
  • Ask the upholstery company to give you an on-site visit with a quotation.
  • Check out the quality of the fabric used in upholstery work.
  • If needed, do they also repair minute and major damages in the furniture?
  • Ask them to provide a pick and drop facility with an estimated time in finishing the work.