10 Best Private Yoga Classes in Singapore for a Total Mind-Body Experience

The yoga industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in Singapore in the last decade.

However, group classes have left many yoga students yearning for a better option for yogic practice.

Private yoga classes are the perfect answer to this quest.

They offer personalized yoga training to meet your needs and achieve your goals at your comfort and pace.

In private yoga classes, you can track your progress closely and achieve your goals more effectively.

The rates of private yoga sessions vary depending on the teacher, training type, number of sessions needed, duration, location, etc.

This article ranks the top ten private yoga classes in Singapore through detailed research, saving you time and hard-earned money.

Rates of private yoga sessions are mentioned, wherever available.

1. Freedom Yoga
Specialist in Traditional hot and non-hot yoga classes from two branches
Phone: +65 6463 4993
WhatsApp: +65 8787 5977
Locate: Holland Village and River Valley
Website: https://www.freedomyoga.sg/pt-pc
Email: hello@freedomyoga.sg
Online classes: Yes
In-studio private sessions: Yes
Private sessions at home: Yes

Centrally located, Freedom Yoga studio aims to empower people to achieve the freedom to practice yoga anywhere.

A team of passionate yoga teachers makes your journey worthwhile.

They offer 17 types of hot and non-hot yoga classes under three categories for all levels.

Image Credit: Freedom Yoga
  • The New class category includes three types of classes
  • The Asanas (Hatha style) category offers four types of classes
  • The Classic category covers seven types of classes (like Basics, Prenatal yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, etc.)
  • There are other classes like Basics (hot), Freedom Flow (hot), Power, etc.

Avail of a drop-in class for $35 or an Online class – $15 to take your call.

Private in-studio yoga sessions for 1-2-1 or small groups are available for $150/per class.

The personal hybrid training option provides customized training, where you can connect online every week to track progress and make amends. Rates are $260 (1 month), $660 (3 months), and $1080 (6 months).

Please email them for Private yoga classes at home.

2. Sweatbox Yoga
Specialist in Traditional, Hot yoga, Prenatal, and Kids yoga from 4 branches
Phone: +65 6468 0836
Locate: Bukit Timah, Orchard, Boat Quay, and Toa Payoh
Website: https://www.sweatboxyoga.com.sg/yoga-class/private-yoga-class/
Email: hi@sweatboxyoga.com.sg
Operating hours: Weekdays – 8:00 am to 09:00 pm
Sat – 9:00 am to 05:00 pm
Sunday – 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
In-studio private sessions: Yes
Private sessions at home: Yes

Sweatbox is acclaimed as the top yoga studio in Singapore by three different reviews.

The difficulty levels of various classes are indicated by their sweat levels, justifying the name.

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Certified teachers make your learning enjoyable.

They offer a range of hot and non-hot yoga classes for all levels with sweat levels on a scale of 5.

Image Credit: Sweatbox Yoga
  • The hot classes category has 5 types of classes. Sweat levels from 0 to 5
  • The non-hot category includes 11 yoga classes. Sweat levels from 2.5 to 5
  • Fitness for seniors consists of 2 classes. Sweat level 3.5
  • Prenatal and Kids Yoga. Sweat levels of 0

Try a drop-in class for $38 to dip-check.

Ten private in-studio prenatal yoga classes will cost you $1300 with a validity of 4 months.

They offer private in-home yoga classes. Rates of private yoga sessions will vary according to duration and intensity.

3. Ojas Yoga and Wellness
Specialist in Traditional, Prenatal, Therapeutic and more
Phone: +65 8191 2862
WhatsApp: + 65 8938 2862
Locate: 359 JooChiat Road, Singapore – 427604
Website: https://ojasyog.com/product/private-class/
Email: info@ojasyog.com
Operating hours: Weekdays – 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sat – 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
Sun – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Online classes: Yes
In-studio private sessions: Yes
Private sessions at home: Yes

Ojas Yoga and Wellness aims to provide balance, harmony, and energy with its range of yoga classes in different categories for all levels.

Image Credit: Ojas Yoga and Wellness
  • The Group classes category provides traditional yoga training like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative yoga, etc.
  • The Kids Yoga category offers classes to improve focus, memory, strength, etc.
  • Prenatal yoga forms a different category
  • Sound bowl healing provides an exceptional experience and relaxation.
  • *Customized in-studio yoga therapy sessions to address typical health issues
  • Other classes include Detox yoga, Mat Pilates, Sunrise yoga (Meyer Pak), Ojas Yoga and Wellness, etc.

You have the following options to try them out:

  • Book a free trial class from their homepage
  • Group trial class – $15

Personalized in-studio yoga therapy sessions range from $120 to $2250.

Their private home yoga sessions (from $120 to $2250) offer tailor-made programs with experts to achieve your goals at your comfort and pace.

4. Jal Yoga
Specialist in Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and more from 5 branches
Phone: +65 6251 0028
WhatsApp: + 65 9181 4020
Locate: Alexandra, Katong, Upper Bukit Timah, Upper Thompson, Woodlands
Website: https://www.jalyoga.com.sg/personal-training/
Email: info@jalyoga.com.sg
Operating hours: Weekdays – 7:15 am to 9:30 pm and Weekends – 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
In-studio private sessions: Yes

Jal Yoga believes that everyone, like Jal (water in English), is unstoppable.

With eight awards and features up its sleeve, this yoga, pilates, and barre studio is worth your while.

Image Credit: Jal Yoga

Discussions in the class and training manuals set them apart.

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They offer a range of classes in three categories for different levels.

  • The Yoga category offers 21 traditional and hybrid classes
  • The Pilates category covers four types of classes
  • The Barre category includes three classes
  • The Me chakra yoga class to unblock chakras
  • The Me face yoga (6-week program) for facial skin

Unlike hot yoga, the infrared technique ensures that the room doesn’t get stuffy or hot. Try their Infrared heat classes for pain relief, weight loss, and improved immunity.

Avail of a free trial class (new members) to check their services.

Personal in-studio training is available. They offer a trial class for $59 (conditions apply).

Rates for private yoga sessions vary with the type of training, duration, and intensity.

5. Yoga Inc.
Specialist in Non-hot, Hot, and Prenatal yoga types from five branches
WhatsApp: +65 8044 1635 (SMS)
Locate: East Coast Park, Buona Vista, Tampines, Punggol, and Sims Ave
Website: http://www.yogainc.sg
Email: heyyogainc@gmail.com
Online classes: Yes
In-studio private sessions: Yes

Yoga Inc. is a full-facility boutique yoga studio catering to people of all age groups above 12 years. Children between 10-12 years of age can participate with special approval.

You are in safe hands with trained teachers at Yoga Inc.

Image Credit: Yoga Inc.

They offer 11 types of yoga classes with differing difficulty levels.

Classes include Basics, Hot 26, Hatha, Hatha 2, Flow, Flow Align, Core, Stretch, Yin, Yin Yang, and Prenatal.

Try their 3-class intro pass (first-timers)  for $50 or an online class for $18 to check them out.

They offer private yoga classes (up to 3 people) at $150/per hour.

6. Yoga In Common (YIC)
Specialist in Traditional yoga and Yoga with Tibetan Singing bowls
WhatsApp: +65 9698 5771
Location: 22 Petain Road Singapore 208095
Website: https://yoga-incommon.com/
Email: contact@yoga-incommon.com
Operating hours: Mon to Thu – 7:00 am to 9:15 pm
Fri – 7:30 am to 9:15 pm
Weekends – 8:00 am to 8:30 pm
In-studio private sessions: Yes

YIC has been featured in eight different reviews of top yoga classes in Singapore.

It is a tranquil, boutique yoga studio offering 12 varieties of yoga classes in four different categories for all levels.

Image Credit: Yoga In Common
  • The Classic category offers traditional yoga like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa,  etc.
  • The Creative category includes Yin Yang and Flow by Candlelight classes
  • The Calming category offers yoga classes for beginners, people seeking a respite from hectic lives, or recovering from any illness through Yin, Stretch, and Restorative yoga
  • The Special category covers Kundalini and Yoga with Tibetan singing bowls
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Friendly, expert yoga instructors provide a comfortable learning space.

You can attend a drop-in class for $35 to take a call.

Private in-studio yoga classes from an expert instructor for 75 minutes (up to 2 people) are available for $130/per person. You can select the yoga of your choice and learn at your ease.

7. Yoga Bar
Specialist in Traditional yoga and creative courses
WhatsApp: +65 8781 8254
Location: Far East Shopping Centre, Orchard Rd, #16-04 545, Singapore 238882
Website: https://www.yogabar.sg/
Email: info@yogabar.sg
Operating hours: Weekdays – 9:30 am to 9:00 pm,
Sat – 9:00 am to 6:30 pm
Sun – 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Online classes: Yes
In-studio private sessions: Yes

Rated among the top 3 yoga studios in Orchard Road, the Yoga bar sets the bar for your overall wellness.

Alliances with  RYS 200 and YACEP assure the quality of the training program and teachers.

They offer 14 types of yoga classes, catering to all levels.

Image Credit: Yoga Bar

These include variations of Ashtanga, Yoga Synergy, Yin Yang, Hatha, Vinyasa, Hastha, and the Surya Namaskar.

Engaging workshops (like the ones listed below) provide additional support.

  • Advanced yoga Training,
  • Prenatal yoga and Doula session,
  • Art of Adjustment,
  • Yin and Sound healing,
  • 2-day LAT ( for Arm balance), and
  • Yoga retreats

Try any of the below to check them out:

  • Newbie package of 3 classes – $50
  • A Single-class $30 or
  • Single online class – $15

All active members can avail the following benefits for free:

  • Bring your buddy option once a month, and
  • A class in birth-month and anniversary membership

They offer in-studio private yoga 1-2-1 sessions or small group sessions. Rates of customized sessions vary according to the requirements and duration.

8.Yoga Mala
Specialist in Traditional, Modern, Prenatal, Therapeutic, and Hot yoga
WhatsApp: +65 6803 5031, +65 8498 1649
Location: 49A, Circular Road, Singapore 049404
Website: https://yogamala.com.sg/classes/private-yoga-class/
Email: contact@yogamala.com.sg
Operating hours: Weekdays 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, Weekends 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
In-studio private sessions: Yes

Yoga Mala is a centrally located yoga studio with an excellent view of the Singapore river at Boat Quay.

Their E-RYT 500 and RYS 200 yoga alliances assure quality benchmarks in yoga training and teachers to facilitate your journey.

Image Credit: Yoga Mala

Their 21 types of yoga classes cater to all levels. They include the following:

  • Traditional yoga like Ashtanga, Hatha, Surya Namanskar, Vinyasa, Yin Yang, etc.
  • Exercises like Flow, Stretches, Inversions
  • Yoga Foundation classes for beginners
  • Hot Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Aerial yoga, Wheel yoga
  • Yoga therapy classes to address specific health issues

Avail of their One Week Trial offer (via online booking only) for $50 to decide.

Private in-studio yoga classes for 1-2-1 or small groups of your choice are available. It provides tailor-made sessions at your convenience to achieve your goals.

Besides, in-studio private yoga therapy classes help meet your specific healing goals.

The charges vary according to the duration and intensity of training.

9. On Good Ground
Specialist in Traditional yoga, Barre, and Prenatal Barre
Location: 458B JooChiat Road, Singapore 427671
Website: https://www.ongoodground.com/
Email: hello@ongoodground.com
Operating hours: Weekdays – 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Weekends – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
In-studio private sessions: Yes

On Good Ground is a yoga and barre studio that offers a variety of classes to suit all levels.

Image Credit: On Good Ground
  • The yoga category includes Yoga Basics (for beginners), Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yang, Gentle Flow, and Yin for all levels
  • The Barre category offers Barre Basics, Barre Sculpt, Barre Cardio, Prenatal Barre, Ballet Barre, Pilates Flow, and Barre Yin classes

You are in good hands with expert yoga teachers to ground you in yoga.

Opt for a beginner’s trial offer for $50 (3 classes) or a drop-in class for $30 to assess them.

You can also avail Private in-studio yoga classes for (up to 2 people max) $120. It is a great option to get tailor-made yoga training at your convenience to meet your goals.

10. Platinum Yoga
Specialist in Traditional yoga, Modern yoga, and more from 7 branches
Phone: +65 6970 7538
WhatsApp: +65 8189 6770
Location: Clementi, AMK Hub, Jurong Point, Toa Payoh, Westgate Tower, Westgate Mall, and Parkway Centre
Website: https://platinumyoga.com/private-yoga-pilates/
Email: yoga@platinumyoga.com
Operating hours: Weekdays – 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sat – 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sun – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Online classes: Yes
In-studio private sessions: Yes

The Platinum Yoga studio is on a mission to help self-fulfillment through various yoga practices to suit all levels and preferences.

Friendly in-house and guest yoga teachers provide training at a comfortable pace.

Image Credit: Platinum Yoga

They offer different yoga and pilates classes. A few of them are listed below.

  • Traditional yoga like Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, etc.
  • Special yoga includes Aerial yoga, Stick yoga, Flying Yoga, etc.
  • Hot Yoga in Stretch, Detox, Shape, Hatha, etc.
  • Yoga for weight loss, Kids yoga, Prenatal yoga,
  • Core Yoga, Yogalates, Pilates, Wheel Yoga, etc.

You have the below options to assess their services:

  • Free trial pass (new members) available only through online bookings. For any classes, except Prenatal, Aerial, Members reserved, and Kids yoga classes
  • Online classes Intro offer – $99/one month
  • Single session online – $15

Private in-studio training sessions are available for a single or two people. You can book 10, 20, or 50 sessions for an hour each. Contact them for rates.


We recommend that you always:

  • Read their bookings and cancellations policies
  • Read instructions regarding COVID vaccination status, mats, masks, towels, etc
  • Check their rates/discounts before purchasing, as they are subject to change
  • Reach earlier or on time, as most yoga studios deny entry to latecomers

Please note that most of these yoga studios also offer periodic workshops, Corporate and Yoga teacher training, which are out of the scope for this article.

All the best for your yoga journey!