Dog & Cat Boarding: 7 Best Pet Hotels in Singapore

While having a furry/feline pet is great fun and has proven health benefits (emotional and physical), caring for them can be challenging in your absence.

It’s not always possible to take them on vacations/outings with you.

This concern has created a whole new “pet boarding” industry! It is a welcome idea to gift a pet vacation to your pet while you are away.

Pet boarding hotels offer daycare activities, grooming services, and boarding facilities for pets.

This article lists the 7 best pethotels in Singapore. The next time you are away, it will be easier for you to zeroin on your pet’s staycation. You may also consider trying a different hotel next time.

1. Nekoya
  • 9 King Albert Park #02-20 KAP, Singapore 598332
  • 59 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-01, Singapore 169367
  • 247A JalanKayu, Singapore 799471
Contact number:
  • +65 6969 6278 (Albert Park)
  • +65 6926 6470 (Kampong Bahru)
  • +65 6972 9845 (JalanKayu)
WhatsApp: +65 6288 3636
Services: For cats – Boarding and Daycare, Courses and Workshops, Rescue and Foster

Established in 2016, Nekoya is committed to delivering complete and quality cat care services through its three branches in Singapore.

It claims to be the only Feline Learning Academy.

Their committed staff of cat-lovers will ensure your cat is safe and feels at home.

Boarding services:

  • A private,air-conditioned cabin
  • Separate playing, dining, resting, and bathroom areas
  • Housekeeping and disinfection – twice a day
  • Special feeding (owners’ instructions)
  • Free cleaning (cat litter/litter bin)
  • Free access to the hotel lounge (for playing)
  • In addition, the JalanKayu facility offers a choice of Deluxe and Premium rooms. A shared Premium suite for up to 2 kitties boarding from the same home
  • The Nekoya Central branch also offers free access to the cat wall for playing

Neighboring Nekomori Cat Salon and Lazy Cat services are easily accessible.

Paid services for boarding guests:

  • A La Carte Grooming
  • Extended Playtime
  • Spa Services
  • Check-in and Check-out extensions
  • Concierge Services
  • Private Media Updates for owners

You can book a free viewing appointment to decide.


“I boarded Milo with Nekoya (KAP) for 6D5N. It was the first time for us. The staff was friendly. The facility was clean with positive vibes. I received regular updates. I recommend them to all.”

Jack Neo

“I had a good experience while boarding Sussie at Nekoya (JK). She felt at home. The staff was helpful, cat-loving, and befriended her quickly. She was reluctant to leave them!”

Stefanie Sun
2. Mutts & Mittens / Mutts & Mittens Active
  • 862 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534691(M&M Active)
  • 59 Sungei Tengah Road Blk B, #01-03/04 The Animal Lodge, Singapore 699014 (M&M for canines)
  • 412A JooChiat Road, Singapore 427637 (M&M for kitties)
Contact number:
  • +65 6583 7371/72 (M&M)
  • +65 8522 1566 (M&M Active)
WhatsApp: +65 8121 7557 (M&M)
+65 8522 1566 (M&M Active)
Services: For dogs/cats – Boarding (M&M)
For dogs – Daycare, Boarding, Swimming (M&M Active)

Mutts & Mittens is a popular pet boarding hotel in Singapore.

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They provide boarding services for small to extra-large dogs, cats, and kittens.

Managed by animal lovers, M&M uses the income from boarding to help needy animals.

Experienced care-takers, in-house vet nurses, and efficient management set them apart.

Pet boarding services:

Service Dog Boarding Cat Boarding
Large air-conditioned room with elevated bed
Shower and meals  
24/7 CCTV cameras (for owner-monitoring)
Shelves (to jump), Scratching post, Holes (to hide)  
Litter box (filled with tofu litter)  
Daily house-keeping
Special medical needs
Everyday dog-walking  
Modifiable food and water bowls  
Twin-sharing option

Mutts & Mittens Active combines canines and water sports. They call themselves – a “Summer Camp for dogs.”

Services include:

A) Dailycare – The Active Program (Step-wise)

  • Vigorous cardio swim
  • Slow activities in shallow water
  • A shower, drying, and rest
  • Nosework in the Clubhouse
  • Puzzle-solving, mingling with others
  • Scent -trails / Barkcore activity courses (only in favorable weather)

B) Boarding (small to medium dogs only)

  • Grand room with sterilized floors, terrazzo walls, and gentle lights
  • 24/7 CCTV cameras (for owner-monitoring)
  • High-quality wet food
  • Paw some program (If owner signs up for pet swims) – Exercise through swimming, learning new things, befriending other dogs, etc.


“I boarded my dog Buzzo at the M&M Active for a week. I could watch him enjoying the activities. The staff was caring, dog-pampering, and reliable.”

Ronald Susilo

“My cat Lucy refused to eat on the 1st day during meal time at M&M. I am grateful to them for comforting her and feeding her outside meal time. It was touching. Later, Lucy had a great staycation with them.”

Sylvester Sim
3. BreakFast at Fluffy’s (BFF)
Address: 318 JooChiat Rd, Singapore 427569
Contact number: / WhatsApp +65 9690 9876
Services: For dogs – Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, and Party

Break Fast at Fluffy’s is a boutique pet hotel in Singapore.

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Multiple awards won by them speak for their quality service.

BFF is distinguished by a luxurious 1300 square foot facility with no cages, sparkling cleanliness, and peaceful surroundings.

Boarding services:

  • No Cage Aircon Stay – with a “Symphony Relax-Therapy”
  • 24/7 Webcam and Personal Supervision
  • Early Check-in and Late Check-out
  • Free Weekly Shampoo, Bath, and Blow drying
  • Airport Clearance of Canine (if the owner is quarantined)
  • Pet Transportation across Singapore 
  • Organic Meals
  • Extra Dog Walk – for hyperactive canines
  • Swimming at Hydrocanine (if booked) – the longest canine swimming pool in Singapore
  • Tips and Daily Activity Reviews for Owners


We left our pet at the BFF for ten days. It is very spacious, clean, and classy. Their team is professional, proactive, and caring. We received regular videos and photos of Bruno. We will use them in the future too.”


“My pet Leo became more socializing after he returned from a 2-week staycation at BFF. He returned happy and healthy. Team BFF is reliable, responsible, and dog-pampering. I recommend BFF to all.”

David Bala
4. Battlestar Boarding
Address: 56, #01-05 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 779086
Contact number: / WhatsApp +65 8891 3518
Services: For dogs and cats – Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, and Swimming Excursion for dogs

Rated as one of the top pet hotels in Singapore, the Battlestar Boarding claims to be a pioneer in “sci-fi theme” hotels.

Gift a memorable pet vacation to your furry friend at Battlestar Boarding, with a unique sci-fi experience.

They offer the following pet boarding packages to all canines, ranging from toy to extra large dogs:

  • Short term
  • Long Term (7 days)
  • Long Term (30 days)
  • End of Life / Palliative Care – Aimed at improving the quality of life for elderly dogs or for dogs suffering from health complications or illness

Pet boarding services:

  • Kennel Stay for Dogs
  • Daily Clean-ups
  • Two Daily Walks
  • Two Meals Daily
  • Free Space to Play
  • Accidental Insurance
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Full Grooming (before check-out)
  • Bed, Food, and Water Bowls
  • Pet Transportation
  • Regular Updates for Owners

“I came across Battlestar while searching for a dog hostel near me. I boarded my puppy, Carrie, with them. Team Battlestar was pet-loving and helpful. Carrie was reluctant to leave them after a week!.”

Kym Ng

“Team Battlestar took good care of my cat Kitty for 4 days at affordable rates. Kitty is not a friendly cat, yet the staff was very caring and courteous with her. She returned happy and healthy.”

Amos Yee
5. Wanderlodge
Address: Get directions from Yio Chu Kang Road, Dr Stratton, Singapore 805946
Contact number: / WhatsApp +65 8600 5443
Services: Fordogs and cats – Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, and Dog Training

Wander lodge is a famous pet care center in Singapore.

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Home-based pet care with no cages, measuring 6200 sq/ft indoors and 4700 sq/ft outdoors,

that is never closed throughout the year, with round-the-clock vet assistance, are its USPs.

There are separate areas for dog and cat boarding.

Dog boarding at Sembawang:

  • Air-conditioned Home-like Stay
  • Walks and Playtime
  • Close Supervision
  • Abundant Roaming Space
  • Basic Dog Training

You can book a viewing appointment before choosing them.

Cat boarding at Wanderlodge:

  • Air-conditioned “Private Suite” with a Window
  • Climbing Shelves with Hiding Holes
  • Professional Cat Sitter/Groomer
  • Open Space to Play and Roam
  • Shared Accommodation (for kitties from the same home)

They share a room photograph on request to help you decide.

Paid services:

  • Pet Transportation
  • Customized meals
  • Other Dog Training Programs for Dogs only


“Wanderlodge cared for my furry kid while I was in home quarantine. Midas felt at home and in safe hands with their passionate, professional staff.”

Siow Lee Chin

“A 10/10 to Wanderlodge! They are the best pet care facility for my pet dog and cat. The staff is pet-loving and professional.”

Li Li
6. The Wagington
Address: 27B Loewen Rd, Singapore 248850
Contact number: +65 6471 1689
WhatsApp +65 9638 6347
Services: For dogs – Daycare, Boarding, Spa and Fitness, Party and Events For cats – Boarding

The Wagington is a luxurypet hotel and resort in Singapore.

Both indoor and outdoor areas are air-conditioned.

Boarding services for canines give a choice of 4 extravagant suites (for every pet’s size and needs),  having:

  • Extra Large Bed
  • Air Condition
  • Surround Sound System with Calming Music
  • Potty
  • Elevated Feeder
  • Free Chewy Toys
  • Choicest Meals (complimentary/charged, as per booking)
  • IP Cameras (for owner-viewing)
  • Free access to Doghill Garden, Pack Walk, and Pack Swim
  • The Royal Suite has a 32-inch LED TV too

Boarding services for kitties offers a choice of 3 elegant suites having:

  • Cat Tree and Cat house
  • Air Conditioner
  • Calming Music
  • Litter Tray/Litter
  • Premium Feeding Bowl
  • Choicest Meals (complimentary/charged, as per booking)
  • Web Camera
  • Royal Feline Suite has a Cat Wheel too

You can also avail of their pet transportation for pet outings of your choice.

Do check their membership program if you are a regular user.


“Thank you Wagington, for pampering our pawkid for 10 days. Mayor was treated royally. We did not miss him, thanks to the 24/7 IP camera.”

Keith Goh

“My cat Lucy enjoyed her stay at Wagington. The staff was cat-loving and caring. Lucy was a queen with them.”

Mavis Hee
7. Petopia
Address: 26 JlnKelulut, Singapore 809043
Contact number: +65 6886 9056
WhatsApp +65 8117 4996
Services: For Dogs – Hotel &Daycare, Styling, Spa and Healing

Petopia is one of the top pet care centers in Singapore. Their motto is to be a “Utopia” for pet owners and pets.

Quality services with human touch and personalized attention set them apart.

Boarding services:

  • Choice of 3 types: spacious, air-conditioned, disinfected suites
  • One Care-taker for 5 Canines (grouped behavior, gender, and size-wise)
  • HD Webcam and Mobile App (owner-monitoring)
  • Mingling with the Group
  • Quality Bed
  • Towels and sanitary
  • Pee trays
  • Food and water bowls
  • Immune boosting serum
  • Bach rescue remedy flower essence (to manage stress)
  • Free shampoo service (for stay exceeding two days)
  • Free basic style + shampoo services (for 15 days or more stay)
  • At least one walk and potty break outside
  • Meals
  • Snacks (if needed)

Paid services:

  • Additional Dog-Walks
  • Meals provided by Petopia
  • Pet Transportation (outside the stipulated window)


“I had a pleasant experience boarding my dog Yolo at Petopia. The staff was friendly, helpful, and caring. I received regular updates.”

Felicia Chin

“Our dog Tumba felt relaxed during his stay at Petopia. Their staff knows how to handle a difficult dog. I will use Petopia again.”

Steven Chong


Before deciding on any pet hotel, please check their:

  • Pre-boarding and Assessment requirements
  • Rates, Offers, Refund, and Cancellation policies
  • Use their Daycare facility once to assess the facility and familiarize your pet with them

Best wishes for your pet’s pawcations and kitty staycations to your pet!