10 Best Key Duplication Centres in Singapore – Trusted Locksmiths

Suppose you are stuck in a locked-up situation, as either the key is not working, got broken, or lost. What will you do?

You instantly need someone who can break the lock to open it, in case of no spare keys. But, wait! There are locksmiths who have expertise in key duplication.

Irrespective of where you live or get stuck, these talented men can help you on the spot and create an alternate key to open the locked door, car, motorcycle, etc.

Yes, for some people, the nature of work seems contradictory, as lock breaking or hacking can have bad intent. That is why it is necessary to opt for authoritative professionals in the field.

We have fetched a list of trusted key duplication centres in Singapore based on their organizational experience, credibility, and reach.

1. Soxxi Master
Phone: +65 8833 0107
Locate: 37 JalanPemimpin, #01-07 Mapex, Singapore 577177
Website: https://www.soxximaster.com/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sat: 09.00 – 18.00, Sun: Off
Why Choose Them: Guarantee for 100% genuine product with one year warranty

The Soxxi Master is a prominent brand in the locksmith industry and has designed some of the finest products to serve the people. It is a one-stop destination for key duplication.

The locksmiths copy the keys with the highest precision by applying advanced technological methods and using the best quality blank keys delivered by Silca, Italy.

They use genuine parts for key replacement and are experts in replicating the original lock opener, so you can relax.

A key fabrication technique is available if you do not have a broken specimen for restoration or duplicating a new key. With this, the expert workers will design the exact key to read the lock code.

They are trusted by some of the significant lock or automated system brands, such as Abloy, ABUS, Duro, Mul-t-lock, Union, and many more.

Specialize in:

  • Automotive keys include genuine makes for cars or motorcycles and ensure delivery of aftermarket car remotes and transponder keys.
  • If the plastic key shell is broken, you get the biggest range of replacement shells offered with a year’s warranty and flip key options.
  • They can duplicate the fancy, Italy-made Jane remotes (Auto Gate/ Car), and Silca Air remotes.
  • A wide range of replacements are available for Auto-gate remotes.
  • They provide a lifetime warranty on duplicate RFID access cards.
  • Titanium is used in duplicate keys, which are stronger and available in 7 bright colors.
  • Any Button touch key can be instantly duplicated.
2. Shukey
Phone: +65 9108 3135
Locate: 3 Temasek Boulevard#B1-125 Suntec City MallSingapore 038983
Website: http://shukey.sg/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 11.00 – 20.00
Why Choose Them: Employees are talented with many years of experience

Shukey is an old and established company with a reliable name in the key & lock segment. They have been working for 15 years to resolve complex locks and deliver satisfactory results to clients.

The locksmiths at Shukey are efficient in their capacity and can duplicate locks on the spot in most cases.

Apart from locks & key making, they are also involved in many other products and manufacturing services. However, a separate section of employees is involved in them.

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Specialize in:

  • They create traditional metal keys, which may involve key cutting, key shell replacement, and lockpicking.
  • They can duplicate remote car keys or make transponders.
  • A varied set of remote keys are available for you to choose from for your car or auto-gate remotes.
  • You may think the old remote key is not working, but the problem can just be with the battery, which is replaceable.
  • A Choice of colored plastic lightweight FOBs is available.
  • Duplication of condo access cards is also available.
  • Household and locksmith services can reach you for lock system installation, padlock changing, and many other benefits.
3. AA Urgent Locksmith
Phone: +65 6797 9694
Locate: Blk 113 Tampines Street 86, #10-39, Singapore 528536
Website: https://www.cheaplocksmithsingapore.com/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 08.00 – 22.00
Why Choose Them: Available 24/7 for emergency

The AA Urgent Locksmith is one of many people’s trusted and preferred choices if they get into a troubling situation with a key.

Their locksmith team arrives quickly to the spot as a set of employees are in line, making the service 24/7 to help people resolve the situation.

Due to their prompt service, they are considered one of the cheapest key duplication service providers in Singapore.

Specialize in:

  • Can Unlock automobile doors, home doors, or safes.
  • They have a lock replacement and installation system that has the capacity to duplicate keys, lock-set installation, or use a master key system.
  • They can generate a new key for your car or front doors.
  • Jammed broken, minor adjustment on the door lock.
  • You can get your old locks repaired.
  • They can help to recover jammed car ignition and can recreate lock keys.
4. First Locks
Phone: +65 8585 3440
Locate: 1 Brooke Road Katong Plaza Singapore 429979
Website: https://firstlocks.com.sg/index.html
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 00.00 – 24.00
Why Choose Them: Specialist in door handles and knobs customization

The First Locks locksmiths hire local experts in Singapore and groom them. They provide all sorts of services relating to key making, and are available day and night for instant requirements across the island.

The services offered are cheaper than many of its competitors, while fixed rates of a different set of locks are provided on the website, along with urgent service charges. A six-month warranty is provided on all parts and products.

They have worked with some elite clients like Maple Tree, Gleneagles, One Energy, CDL, 448, etc., and have received positive feedback.

Specialize in:

  • They can help in dealing with your house door for lock repair, reinstallation, or key duplication.
  • Access control services are a part of lock changes for windows, garage doors, safes, or steel doors.
  • They can successfully re-master keys for cars or house door locks.
  • Some locks that can be quickly replaced or repaired are padlocks, Mortices lock services, key cylinders, or common room door locks.
  • A well-equipped van service has all the necessary tools, spares, and a four-meter ladder. It means they are always ready to serve on-site.
5. De Master Locksmith
Phone: +65 9039 0808
Locate: 168 Punggol Field B1-00 Beside KFC Singapore 820168
Website: https://de-master-locksmith.business.site/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 00.00 – 24.00
Why Choose Them: Deep sense in figuring mechanical locks

De Master Locksmith has some of the most experienced lock openers and key duplicators in Singapore. They have been established in the field for the last 30 years.

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The company has valuable solution methods for diagnosing traditional cylinder locks and making corresponding keys, but it has now entered the transponder key segment and remote unlocking.

They claim to be just a call away at the client’s service 24/7 and are confident of resolving the issue on the spot within half an hour.

A large set of positive testimonials displayed on the company website describe their quality of work and dedication to producing positive results.

Specialize in:

  • They can repair or replace all types of locks from steel, wooden, or glass doors at any state.
  • You can call them to open a locked safe by fabricating a new key to the lock.
  • They can unlock vehicles of any brand or model.
  • Programming of an additional transponder key is available at the workshop.
6. Botak Locksmith
Phone: +65 9001 3960
Website: https://botaklocksmiths.com/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 00.00 – 24.00
Why Choose Them: Quick response time from any of the five local branches

Botak Locksmith has been in the locksmith business for the last 25 years.  It claims to be the oldest firm in this segment. They are a renowned name and serve an average of 10 customers daily.

They are open 24/7 in Singapore’s 5 (Central, North, North-East, East, and West) zones. This means their professional workers reach the client sooner in an emergency.

Each technician has about ten years of practical experience and is more reliable than the competitors.

Specialize in:

  • They can resolve issues with almost all types of key duplication.
  • Locksmiths work best under the pressure of emergency unlocking of cars or house doors.
  • You can call them to unlock cabinets, safes, mail boxes, motor vehicles, shutters, window safety cables, etc.
  • They install and repair digital locks, knobs, glass door locks, windows, and sliding door locks.
  • Genuine products are used for long-lasting results.
  • The locksmiths are capable of making a new key by diagnosing the lock.
  • The company is ready to quote a price at any point without any further commitment from the customer, which creates transparency in pricing.
7. SG Locksmith
Phone: +65 9090 0131
Locate: Blk 531 Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Complex Singapore 050531
Website: https://www.sglocksmithservices.net/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 00.00 – 24.00
Why Choose Them: Team of certified and experienced locksmiths

The SG Locksmith technicians are at the customer’s service 365 days a year, and you can test their service at any time and location on Singapore island to get positive output.

The company has hired some expert professionals from the local talent pool and formed a locksmith team to serve multiple areas.

They do not just work to break the locks, but more than that, they ensure the least damage to the property. Key duplication, lock opening, or repair is teamwork, and these certified technicians work effectively to get feedback and improvise with every new experience.

Specialize in:

  • They can open all types of mechanical locks in residential or commercial operations.
  • If you have lost the key to a locked door, they can help you out with the situation. These locksmiths can extract a new key from the lock or break open the door to install a brand-new lock of superior quality.
  • You can ask for their assistance in maintaining and smooth operation if you have any problems opening the door or window lock.
  • They use specialized tools with their expertise to rectify the problem.
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8. Little Locksmith
Phone: +65 6653 6259
Locate: 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07C Singapore 169201
Website: http://littlelocksmith.com/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 09.00 – 21.00
Why Choose Them: Well-trained and licensed professionals are employed

The Little Locksmith is a reliable key duplication workshop in Singapore. It provides the best quality services with trusted results from experienced locksmiths.

You can rely on them to solve the locked door issues, whether they occur in your car or at your home. They work on the industry’s best and most advanced machinery to carve the locks and copy the keys.

You can consider them as one-stop solution givers to every problem related to keys for vehicle doors at home, as they employ safe and secure methods to get efficient results.

The prices are affordable, and there are no hidden charges imposed on the client.

Specialize in:

  • They are ready to help you unlock the doors at a commercial or residential place.
  • If your car is locked with a key inside, the smart workers from Little Locksmith are just a call away from opening the doors with a special technique.
  • If you think you should have had a duplicate car key at home, give them some time to get a genuine copy made of the keys.
  • If the lock knobs are troubling, you can call them to replace the lock or get a new duplicate key.
  • Emergency locksmiths are at your service 24 hours a day to repair or reinstall locks.
9. 24/7 Locksmith
Phone: +65 8243 2440
Locate: Block 801 #01-31 French Road Singapore 200801
Website: https://247locksmithsingapore.com/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 00.00 – 24.00
Why Choose Them: Only use trusted brands

The company was formed in 2009 by two people and has now become an expert team of 12 locksmiths that work in coordination to deliver efficient output to clients.

Most of the technicians are spread in the populous regions of Singapore to serve emergency calls round the clock with a minimum waiting time.

They guarantee a 100% solutions from locksmiths with more than four years of experience at a lower price.

They prefer secure brands like Viro, Yale, Samsung Digital Locks, Gateman, and others with higher ratings to avoid shaky functioning later.

Specialize in:

  • The mobile locksmiths that are needed to work on-site carry all the necessary tools. These tools are reliable and safe, while the locksmiths are trained to use them effectively and avoid damaging the whole section until it is the last resort.
  • Car locks can be big trouble depending upon the brand, but they are capable of unlocking any model. If you have lost the keys, they can create a duplicate car key that works like the original.
  • They can install all types of locks in residential or commercial settings, even if the door is in a locked state.
  • If the glass door or sliding windows create a fuss, do not think twice; call them for complete lock replacement. They can repair safety locks, casement handles, and UPVC locks without any damage.
  • They can open digital locks and fabricate keys for safety boxes as well.
10. Locksmiths In Singapore
Phone: +65 3159 1139
Locate: Block 801 #01-31 French Road Singapore 200801
Website: https://www.locksmithsinsingapore.com/
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 00.00 – 24.00
Why Choose Them: Regular training to the locksmiths with updated machinery

They are experienced professionals and collaborate with a large set of technicians that serve in every part of Singapore island.

The company works hard to increase its customer base by improving quality output and updating tools and machinery. The expert seniors regularly train the locksmiths with the latest and most efficient methods of key duplication, unlocking, or repair.

Most of the jobs are operated from mobile workshops as the locksmiths keep traveling on-call and are equipped with best-in-class portable systems that can quickly diagnose the trouble in complex locks.

Specialize in:

  • You can call them 24/7 to obtain a duplicate copy of your home or car key, and even if it is broken or lost, they possess the expertise to cut a new piece that will work perfectly like the original key.
  • They make all types of keys for master key systems, standard or double-sided, and even restricted keys.
  • You can also ask them to fix the issues with the transponder key for your vehicle. If the original key malfunctions, these locksmiths can make a new one.
  • Their service also includes auto-lock rekeys and the replacement of car locks.
  • The unlocking or key duplicating rates are reasonable and transparent.

How Should You Choose a Locksmith?

Whether it is key duplication, unlocking a door, or lock reinstallation, these are highly complex jobs and you should select talented and trusted people to manage them. Here are some criteria you can inspect while looking for a locksmith company in Singapore.

  • Company experience
  • Services offered
  • Customer reviews
  • Emergency services
  • Closest available
  • Product quality
  • Best price for quality