8 Best Eyebrow Embroidery Salons in Singapore: Less-Pain And Lasting Results

Eyebrow embroidery is a highly accepted technological trend in Singapore because it liberates working women, college girls, and others from engaging in daily eyebrow makeovers.

In this technology, the experts implant a color pigment over the eyebrow skin with the help of an instrument, which creates a fantastic, bright appearance in clear-cut shape and size.

Brow embroidery is not as painful as making eyebrow tattoos and stays for 1-2 years before completely fading.

Eyebrow embroidery is trending as it creates attractive looks, stays longer, and saves time and money over daily eyebrow enhancements or adding eyebrow in between.

Here we have listed the best eyebrow embroidery salons in Singapore based on the service standards, followed by the quality of products used and testimonials.

1. Arch Angel Brow
  • +65 6250 1151 (Clementi)
  • +65 6219 1151 (Somerset)
Address: 321 Clementi Ave 3 #01-07/08 Singapore 129905
111 Somerset Road #04-16 Tripleone Somerset Singapore 238164 (New)
Website: https://archangelbrow.com/
Email: archangelbrow@gmail.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.00 am – 21.00 pm
Sat: 10.00 am – 20.00 pm
Sun: 10.00 am – 19.00 pm

Arch Angel Brow was launched in 2015 by Kelly and Eileen, who have been a part of the beauty industry for about eighteen years conjointly.

They have imported beautification techniques from Korea, and are known as the first and only eyebrow embroidery specialists to introduce the Korean Combo technique in Singapore.

Services Offered

  • Korean eyebrow embroidery and semi-permanent makeup services to create natural-looking brows using 100% botanical pigments to match facial features.
  • Facial treatment for vibrant and clean skin tone including eyes and neck as well.
  • Eyeliner embroidery creates a sparkling appearance with lush lashes and brighter eyes.
  • Eyelash extension using specific methods of strand by strand for a natural look, 6D Korean eyelash extension for a dramatic look, and perming to curl them.
  • Lip Embroidery for full, luscious pout with semi-permanent makeup technique.
  • Hairline embroidery to create fuller hair on the scalp.
  • Other services include ear candling, permanent hair removal, and natural bust enhancement.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • They have more than ten years in the beauty industry with five certified specialists.
  • Numbing cream is used to make the treatment less painful.
  • Eyebrow embroidery touch-up will make it last for up to two years.


“I have been a regular customer of Arch Angel for facial clean-up and eye-lashes. They are experts in eyebrow embroidery and gave a beautiful design to my brows that everyone appreciates.”

2. Jezbrows
Phone: +65 9139 0438
Address: 8 Trengganu Street #2Nd Floor Singapore 058462
Website: https://jezbrows.business.site/
Email: jezbrows@gmail.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 10.00 am – 21.00 pm

Jezbrows is an admired beauty enhancement studio of Singapore, owned by Jessie. She holds more than a decade of experience in this industry.

The salon has now become a member of PhiBrows and PMU. Since then, they are successfully practicing the eyes and face beautification techniques.

Services Offered:

  • They specialize in eyebrow microblading embroidery and create fascinating brow designs.
  • Eyeliner design is available to provide desiring looks to the eye.
  • The lip treatment is also done here to create fuller, more attractive lips.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • They use only the best quality products and equipment made in Germany.
  • The studio ensures its customer of zero side effects after the treatment of eyes, eyebrows, and lips.
  • The product usage comes with a warranty.
  • They are open seven days a week.
  • Training is also provided to fellow junior beauticians.


“I had little knowledge about eyebrow microblading, but I trusted Jessie’s abilities with the technology and got fuller eyebrow looks. Earlier, I used to feel bad with little hairs over the brow line, but she gave me the confidence to trust her creativity. All my friends complimented me on the after looks.”

3. Brow Revolution
Phone: +65 8798 2911
Address: Grantral Mall, 3151 Commonwealth Ave West, City Vibe, Singapore 129581
Website: https://www.browrevolution.org/
Email: info.revolutions@gmail.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 11.00 am – 20.00 pm

Brow Revolution is one of Asia’s leading 6D embroidery specialists, founded in 2014 by Ms. Selina Le in Singapore.

She has about eight years of experience in eye embroidery while working with experts in Europe and the Asian market. She has also received certification from an eyebrow embroidery academy, David Brow Art Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Services Offered:

  • 6D eyebrow Embroidery or microblading is a temporary makeup using the 3D hair stroke brows technique. It uses the actual landscape to create a natural yet classic appearance.
  • Misty eyebrow embroidery is a faint, powder gradient technique. Here machines are used to maintain soft, feminine, and full brows, similar to Korean drama actresses.
  • Lips embroidery helps to enhance the shape and color of the lips. It is achieved using needles to insert organic pigments into the skin to create a youthful look.
  • Eyeliner embroidery gives a more appealing look to the eyes with a makeover of upper and outer-lower eye lines.
  • Eyelash extension increases length, thickness, and curliness by individually sticking mink and silk material using adhesive glue.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • The service is customized according to the need of the clients.
  • Along with the experience and expertise of their founder, they carry the best quality products and continuously work towards skill development.
  • They use organic dyes and the latest embroidery methods, while the process is painless and durable.


“Brow Revolution are approachable eyebrow embroidery expert near me, but what makes me choose them is the qualification and credibility of the owner. Ms. Selina has vast knowledge and experience handling critical cases and fetching the best results.

4. Jo Artyson
Phone: +65 8889 2880
Address: 111 Somerset Road TripleOne Somerset 02-44 to #02-48, Singapore 238164
Website: https://www.joartysan.com/
Email: hello@joartysan.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon –Sat: 10.00 am – 21.00 pm
Sun: Off

Jo is the person behind the foundation and success of Jo Artyson beauty studio and eye embroidery studio. It is backed by a team of highly qualified professional artists that ensure quality semi-permanent makeup solutions.

They welcome all age groups without gender bias, and the environment is safe and luxurious to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Services Offered

  • Eyebrow embroidery covers ombre powder, 6D microblading, 9D microblading, Artyson signature technique, and brow enhancement for men.
  • Eyeliner services like Korean baby style, classic natural, and mega doll.
  • Lip blush embroidery
  • Nano hairline embroidery
  • Eyelashes include 1D Tokyo classic lash, 2D hybrid lash, 3D-9D volume lash, and lash resurrection.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • The professionals working here have many years of experience in eyebrow embroidery techniques and other facial enhancements.
  • The services are provided at a personal level, with customizing the process as necessary.
  • The place is clean and beautifully caters to peace of mind.
  • Men can also visit for facial and eyebrow embroidery treatment.


“My sister recommended me to Jo Artyson for face cleaning and eyebrow embroidery touch-up. I am a bit shy in person, but the team of artists at this salon were quite friendly and made me feel comfortable. It was a wholesome experience.”

5. Browtisan
  • +65 6235 2355 (Delfi Orchard)
  • +65 69091688 (Plaza Singapura)
  • +65 6920 2186 (ArtraRedhill)
  • 402 Orchard Rd, #03-14/15/17 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876
  • 68Orchard Rd, #06-14 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
  • 12 Alexandra #01-16 Artra Condo, Singapore 158736
Website: https://www.browtisan.com/
Email: concierge@browtisan.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.00 am – 21.00 pm
Sat – Sun: 10.00 am– 19.00 pm

Brotisan happens to be the first premium standard eyebrow beautification salon in Singapore.

Officially launched in 2014, it has received appreciation in articles by renowned magazines, while winning awards from multiple agencies in Singapore since then.

They have also listed many bestselling skin care products under the brand name Celmonze for different types of skin.

Services Offered:

  • Eyebrow embroidery technique is employed in seven different styles to create a luxurious, youthful, confident, or seductive aura.
  • Eyeliner can create the classic tight lining or enhance the contours of the eyes.
  • Eyelash in five specific patterns forming graceful demeanor, elegant, or sophisticated looks.
  • Lip embroidery as needed to shape-up accordingly.
  • Body detox and hair removal service are also available.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • They are the first in the salon industry to manage creative eyebrow embroidery techniques with high clinical standards of sanitization.
  • The salon’s premises are sterilized with infrared technology for the highest level of hygiene.
  • They also offer 1-2 retouchers with eyebrow embroidery technique.


“My friend and I visited the Brotisan salon for face and eye touch-ups before attending our farewell party. The place looks highly refined and clean to give a timeless experience to the customers. We both loved the salon, while their style techniques on our eyebrows and eyelashes were dashing.”

6. Lebellbrow Studio
Phone: +65 9691 6050, +65 9008 7833
Address: 9 King Albert Park, #02-03 KAP Mall, Singapore 598332
Website: https://lebellbrowstudio.com/
Email: info.lebell@gmail.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sat: 10.30 am – 21.30 pm
Sun: Off

Lebellbrow Studio was established in 2016 by Nuntaporn and has won many national and international awards for its unique and high-standard service.

The prestigious seven Star Accredited Academy award from International Education Board UK has also been awarded to this beauty studio recently in August 2022, valid for three years.

Services Offered:

  • Eyebrow embroidery in packages of nano 6D microblading, nano 6D twist brows, misty/ ombre brows, and nano microblading for men.
  • Eyeliner embroidery in packages of nano classic eyeliner, and nano creative eyeliner.
  • Lip embroidery using nano pigments from the USA.
  • 3D hairline embroidery using 100% microblading technique.
  • Eyelash extension in four different procedures of 1D classic, 3D volume, 5D-6D camelia, and Kim-k extension.
  • Keratin lash lift + tint using Eleebana (Australian product) to elongate and make it attractive.
  • Brow lamination to get the fully feathered look.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • They excel in several facial appearance enhancing services while offering multiple options and packages to customers.
  • Men can also visit them for eyebrow embroidery services.
  • They also offer many short-term facial and hair embroidery courses.
  • Some of the best beauty and wellness products ranges, such as eye care, lip care, and skin care, are available here.


“Lebellbrow Studio is a complete institute for gaining and achieving the beautiful identity that everyone deserve. The way the team of artists works to keep up the brand name and the friendly atmosphere is unmatched. I loved the place so much that I recommend it to everyone.”

7. The Brow & Beauty Boutique
Phone: +65 8829 7701, +65 9233 2543
Address: 371 Beach Rd, #01-46, City Gate Shopping Mall Singapore 199597
Website: https://www.thebrowbeautyboutique.com/
Email: enquiry@thebrowbeautyboutique.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 10.00 am – 19.00 pm

Mdm Apple Sun has gathered about twenty-five years of exquisite experience in the semi-permanent makeup industry, before putting the foundation of The Brow & Beauty Boutique in September 2013.

Tiffany, her daughter, has also joined her now. Together with their skill sets, they are running the centerto attract more clients and followers.

Services Offered:

  • Eyebrow embroidery services are distinguished depending upon the types, such as microblading 6D, wild stroke, misty, and hybrid. Men embroidery is also available here.
  • Eyeliner embroidery is undertaken with procedures like classic (with variations), ombre, and baby eyeliner techniques.
  • Lip embroidery for blush or enhancements.
  • Keratin Lash lift uses advanced techniques, lasting up to two months.
  • Hairline embroidery and scalp micro pigmentation for little or severe hair loss.
  • Regular touch-ups in embroidery and other treatments.
  • PhiRemoval and true laser treatment is available for eyeliner, permanent makeup, tattoo, or eyebrow embroidery removal.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • The artists are experienced and certified.
  • They ensure the use of 100% highest quality products.
  • The procedures are tailored as per requirements.
  • Each customer is given sufficient time.


“They have a proper system of providing beauty tips as well as consultation to the clients regarding. Elizabeth perfectly explained to me about the issues with my skin and the process that needs to be applied for tattoo removal and rework over the eyebrow. The price charged by them is fair.”

8. Browart Studio
Phone: +65 6702 0768, +65 9824 4400
Address: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Medical Lobby F, #17-11, Singapore 238859
Website: https://browartstudio.com.sg/
Email: enquiry@browartstudio.com.sg
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 11.00 am – 19.00 pm
Sat – Sun: 11.00 am – 17.00 pm

Browart Studio was recently launched in Singapore but has soon gained popularity and huge customer footfalls in due time.

The makeup artists working in this centre are highly confident and skilled in their work abilities and ensure the clients provide the most elaborative and pronounced features that last longer.

Services Offered:

  • Eyebrow tattoo embroidery services are in demand at Browart, as they provide visualization of its shape, color, and design concerning the face structure.
  • Eyeliner embroidery makes the eyeliner appear similar to the life-like eyeliner, minimising the smudges.
  • Lip embroidery service helps achieve a natural, healthier, and rosy appearance.
  • Hairline embroidery helps to gain Korean Ulzzang’s perfect hair look.
  • Eyebrow work for men has helped many to get great confidence and looks.

Achievements & Advantages:

  • The clients can check the website to review their profile and past work with detailed procedures applied.
  • A free touch-up is provided after one month of eyebrow embroidery treatment.
  • A detailed price list of the services and products is available on the website for clients to analyze their budget and requirements.


“This isn’t the first eyebrow embroidery center where I went through the services, but for me, Browart is among the best of these solution providers. Eva patiently helped me understand their procedure, and get a new look through the embroidery process with eyeliner and eyebrow treatment.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is eyebrow embroidery, and how long does it stay?

Some people have less or untamed hair on the brow area, which makes them feel less confident about their looks. Eyebrow embroidery is a procedure that uses tools that have thin needles to insert color pigments into the skin to create fine-tuned brow shapes.

If taken from the best eyebrow embroidery centre of Singapore, the treatment can last up to 18-24 months or even longer.

What are the precautions to be taken after eyebrow embroidery?

It is essential to follow the instructions of the beauty expert after the eyebrow embroidery procedure. You must keep the place dry for 24-48 hours and avoid swimming or sauna for a few days. Use the thin cream provided, twice daily and avoid eyebrow makeup for at least 15 days.

How much is the price of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore?

Eyebrow embroidery is a multi-step procedure involving healing, trimming hair, designing, and shaping, followed by pigment insertion. It is a delicate process that requires expertise and knowledge about different skin types and facial structures. Thus, most beauty studios charge between $800 to $1500, depending upon the amount of work needed, as per se consultants.

How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Embroidery Service in Singapore?

Your face is also your identity. Therefore, it is necessary to get face treatment of any type, especially semi-permanent makeup, from a reliable service provider. There are uncountable beauty salons in Singapore that claim to provide eyebrow embroidery and other such services.

But getting yourself into the hands of an unsuitable artist may lead you into a problematic situation. Here are some vital points to remember while choosing an eyebrow embroidery service in Singapore.

  • The experience level of the artists working at the centre.
  • The quality of products used in the treatment.
  • Check the information regarding case studies (before/ after photos) available on the website.
  • Check for customer feedback and recommendations.
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