Top 7 Dog Training Schools in Singapore for Boarding, Obedience and Trick Programmes

When someone brings home a puppy or a rescue dog, they have a genuine responsibility to get them trained.

It is essentially a bonding activity, as they become eager to please you by mastering tricks. Timid dogs especially gain a sense of accomplishment and have a place to direct their mental energy.

It is also easier to socialise a trained dog. If you plan on adopting another dog or cat in the future, their journey toward friendship will be smoother.

Take a look at the 7 best dog training schools in Singapore, which we narrowed down based on expertise and the owner’s recommendation.

1. Waggie Dog School
Expertise: Creating movie star dogs
Phone No.: +65 9639 9933
Whatsapp No.: +65 9639 9933
Address: 25 Moonstone Ln, Singapore 328465
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 9 pm

Waggie Dog School is a tribute to Waggie, Patrick Wong’s best friend who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2001.

While he has been a trainer since 1985, the care he took with Waggie, who appeared in every movie, TV show, commercial, and magazine ad in Singapore, gives you confidence in his abilities.

Patrick Wong has trained over 100 breeds, taught over 1000 classes, and made over 15,000 dogs ready for the world. He holds lots of dog events, strictly for fun and not for competition.

Range of Lessons:

  • Toilet training
  • Aggression control
  • Reducing barking and chewing issues
  • Preventing jumping on people and other dogs
  • Training dogs for search and rescue
  • Co-star training for commercials, television, and movies

Why Enroll Your Pet?

  • They provide group sessions, private sessions, and one time home consultation.
  • Patrick Wonghas made many dogs the winners of Dog Obedience Competitions.
  • Your dog would be able to follow commands without a leash by the end of 10 weeks.
Promotional offers for stay-at-home dog training.
No choke chain or other cruel methods.
They use practical, straightforward methods.
Super expensive

Owner Review:

“Both of us had the best time over the last 10 weeks. We made new dog and owner friends and it was a relief for a first-time pet parent like me. I had random strangers compliment my dog on how well-behaved he is. Which is amazing considering he was the naughtier one in the class.”

2. Sunny Chong Dog Training School
Expertise: Behavioural classes
Phone No.: +65 8448 8388
Address: 54A, 54 Kim Keat Rd, Singapore 328824
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 5.30 pm

Established in 1998, Sunny Chong boasts over 40,000 prodigies who have left their school calm, well–behaved, and happy. They have the confidence to take responsibility for stray adult dogs and mischievous puppies.

In 6 days, they introduce the puppies to a world of fun, where they socialise with their peers, learn how to swim, follow commands,and go to the toilet.

Sunny Chong is the main trainer, whose name has earned him sponsorship from three pet brands: Pet Lovers Centre, Fish4Dogs, and Science Diet.

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Range of Lessons:

  • Modifying dog behavior
  • Dog and puppy boarding and training
  • One-on-one puppy and dog classes
  • Leash control
  • Basic commands
  • Engagement between dog and parent

Why Enroll Your Pet?

  • They have outdoor group classes for owners and pets to boost morale.
  • There is a puppy day school if you can not train with them, though being present is encouraged.
  • Sunny Chong is an ACRA-Registered dog training school.
The private dog training school sends photos and video clips to ease your heart.
They have Zoom sessions for owners.
They have a small shop where you can buy necessities for your furry kid.
Slow response

Owner Review:

“I rescued two senior dogs who had been abused by humans. Sunny Chong came to our house and connected with them personally. He gave me tips on how to earn their trust. I even sent them to Sunny’s day school later, where they got along with other dogs with no issues.”

3. The Dog Listener Consultancy
Expertise: Rehabilitating dogs
Phone No.: +65 9145 4818
Address: 1 HarbourFront Walk, #03-05, Singapore 098585
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 10 pm

It is more appropriate to call The Dog Listener Consultancy a rehabilitation center rather than a dog obedience training school in Singapore. Your dogs are not conditioned; they but willingly follow the social rules so they canlive a peaceful life with you.

The school places massive importance on the individualistic traits of each dog. You can also get your dog checked for different ailments in the center. They will return to good health through Bioresonance Therapy and proper nutrition.

Range of Lessons:

  • How to readbody language and communicate with your dog.
  • Bonding program where you learn leadership.
  • How to integrate the puppy or dog into your home.
  • Health and nutrition classes
  • Home classes

Why Enroll Your Pet?

  • The Dog Listener Consultancy trains you and your pet.
  • The trainer, Ricky Yeo, is AVA accredited and taught other trainers.
  • Ricky has been a dog rescuer for more than 20 years.
They do not incorporate harsh punishments, only gentle encouragement.
Your furry child learns how to walk in a straight line.
They use non-invasive ways to treat your pet.
You have to be present as an owner.

Owner Review:

“Ricky has helped me evaluate the relationship I have with my dog. I have learned much of the problem I faced with her was due to my own lack of expertise. Now, we are truly best friends. The 6 sessions we went through did wonders and the pricing was reasonable.”

4. Pawsitive Furkids Dog Training School
Expertise: Trick training
Phone No.: +65 9027 6873
Address: 11 Chai Chee Rd, Singapore 460011
Operating Hours: Tue-Sat: 9 am – 9 pm
Sun-Mon: 9 am – 1 pm

The joint project of Patrick Koh and Veronica Tan started in 2012. Now, PawsitiveFurkids is a safe haven for dog owners who believe in positive reinforcement.

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Veronica Tan was CTDI’s Trainer of the Year in 2020,and Patrick Koh’s mentor was Peggy O. Swager, a world-famous animal behaviouralist. Veronica is a big advocate of tricks, which keep your pet in excellent shape and raise their confidence level.

Range of Lessons:

  • Customized classes
  • General consultancy
  • Fitness lessons
  • Obedience and trick training
  • Kindergarten for puppies

Why Enroll Your Pet?

  • They have Silver certification for Low-Stress Handling.
  • Their trainers hold certifications as a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach.
  • They send lesson summaries to ensure that you remember what you’ve learned.
Your fur kid is trained to be a Trick Dog Champion.
You get a percentage off if you shop at Kohepets if your pet is enrolled at Paswisitve Furkids.
They have experience with senior dogs.
They are busy,so you may have trouble booking them for sessions.

Owner Review:

“Patrick and Veronica taught me patience. We went through some helpful exercises and when we took our sweet time with it, they did not mind at all. My Mikky loved training there and he was even sad to leave the school.”

5. Woofie Dog Training School
Expertise: Separation anxiety treatment
Phone No.: +65 8588 0034
Address: 18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966
Operating Hours: No specific hours

The trainers at Woofie Dog Training School have experience dealing with difficult dogs. Their clients include search dogs from the Police K-9 Unit and shelters. Now, they have their own Doggy Daycare where they assist confused dogs.

While they established Woofie in 2018, they have been working with dogs since 2012. The trainers are NayerSoh and Chan ZhiHao, who are also behaviour specialists.

Range of Lessons:

  • Dog daycare
  • Reducing anxious and aggressive behavior
  • Dog toilet training
  • Leash training
  • Medical first aid treatment
  • Keep them mentally engaged

Why Enroll Your Pet?

  • Bark-A-Tree, AVS, Hi5paws, Amazepaws, Paws & Dot Co., and Optimus Animal Rehabilitation are some of their partners.
  • They serve home-cooked meals to your companion at their daycare.
  • Your partner gets to graduate from the therapy dog training school in Singapore with a rentalgown and a goodie bag.
They have high experience in lowering separation anxiety between owner and pet.
Woofie Dog arranges birthday events and shows for your fur children.
They are quick to respond.
They do not have promotional offers.

Owner Review:

“My Zee was always an obedient dog. However, she only seemed to respond to food as motivation when following commands. After Woofie’s dog obedience training sessions, Zee performs all the tricks without promises of food. Of course, I do reward her in other ways.”

6. Hopefordogs Canine Training
Expertise: Helping dogs overcome their phobias
Phone No.: +65 8222 8376
Address: 63A LengkokBahru, Singapore 151063
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 am – 9 pm
Sat: 10 am – 7 pm
Sun: Off

Hopefordogs Canine Training is a school founded on unconditional love for our canine companions.The trainer understands the needs of your pet first and then schedules the classes in a way that helps fulfilthose needs.

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As a result, your furry kid is happy to comply with all your demands. They will never force your child to accept you and will always use compassionate methods to do so. You have to take an active role in the training process.

Range of Lessons:

  • Home classes
  • Behaviour modification
  • Basic manner
  • Potty, mouthing, and jumping training
  • Tick prevention
  • Conditioning to household items
  • You learn why they behave a certain way.

Why Enroll Your Pet?

  • The academy has multiple certificates,including ones from Fear Free, ISCP, AVS, Dog Trainers Australia, and first aid training.
  • You can buy at a discounted rate from Amber Shield, LickiMat, K9-Bioshield, and Furrprise if your pet is taking classes or is an alumnus.
  • Group classes are limited to 4 dogs to maximise attention while socialising them.
Reduced pricing if your fur kid is a Singapore stray or adopted.
Affordable pricing
Support even after sessions are complete.
They require the owner to be present rather than transfer skills.

Owner Review:

“We had three sessions with Jacky and Minnie’s behavior changed in a short time. He spent a lot of time observing her before explaining to me what the issue was and how to fix it. She no longer charges at other dogs on her walks.”

7. Supernova International Dog Sports Academy
Expertise: Agility mastership
Phone No.: +65 8268 6489
Address: 1 W Coast Dr, #01-18 NEWest Mall, Singapore 128020
Operating Hours: Mon-Thu: 10 am – 4 pm
Fri: 10 am – 2 pm
Sun: 1 pm – 5 pm, Sat: Off

Supernova International Dog Sports Academy has been in operation for over 14 years,with Shanice Tan as the chief trainer and founder. She has taken several training courses in canine behavior, reactions, and first aid.

She believes pet parents need to get to know their pets first,and that is the solution to all behavioural issues. Once a bond is created, positive reinforcements work splendidly.

She is also a volunteer at dog shelters and therapy programs. When she can not be present to train your companion, Supernova’s certified agility trainers take her place.

Range of Lessons:

  • Online classes
  • Agility training
  • K9 fitness
  • Different tricks and flatwork
  • General obedience

Why Enroll Your Pet?

  • The students are trained and have won agility championships worldwide.
  • They have international partners,including Pets Philosophy, Pawsitive Sensations, Pets’ Street, Superpets, and Micanin.
  • They were featured as the best in CNA, Successpedia Asia, Mediacorp, StarHub, Zaobao,and Clubpets reports.
They have pet-sitting services.
They do in-person consultations.
Supernova can arrange veterinary visits and other pet care services on your behalf.
You have to book 2 weeks in advance to join their classes.

Owner Review:

“I chose Supernova for my Pomsky’s training because I heard they tend to be more difficult. They matched us with Shanice, who is the chief trainer. She would record our session and send it to me at the end of each class. It helped me keep track of areas we had trouble in and I could train my Abby at home.”


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a dog trainer and a behaviorist?

Dog trainers understand how to train your dog using tried-and-true methods. They have some understanding of what is going on in your dog’s mind and how they process information.

Behaviorists are essentially animal psychologists. They assess the reasoning behind your dog’s actions and help remove obstacles that may be the source of their aggression or anxiety.

You need a bit of both while training your dog.

Is private dog training better or group sessions?

If you have a rescue or an adopted senior dog, it would be smart to put them through private classes first. You can form a bond with them first, and they will not have any trouble following your commands.

Later, when they are more adjusted, sending them for group sessions will help them socialise in a controlled environment.

You can send puppies for group lessons from the start,and it can be better for them. If they get used to other animals at a young age, you will find it easier to introduce them to a new friend later.

What is the cost of dog training in Singapore?

Dog training classes cost about $500 to $800 for 6 sessions. The pricing depends on the reputation of the academy and the experience level of the trainer.

Private lessons can cost anything upward of $2500 for 10 classes.

Which is the best dog training school in Singapore?

You may have to be more careful when enrolling in a dog obedience programme than when finding a school for your child.

If they come in contact with the wrong trainer, such as those who use choke and shock collars on dogs, your furry kid could be traumatised for life.

They have no way to express the pain they go through,and they would lose their trust in you.

So, while keeping it affordable, ask yourself these questions before signing up for classes:

  • Are the trainers using positive reinforcement methods?
  • If you can not be present for all the sessions, do they have doggy daycare?
  • Do they have group, home, and one-on-one classes?
  • What is the ratio of positive reviews compared to negative reviews for the center? Are their reviews mentioning suspicious behaviour towards the kids?
  • What are the certifications of the trainer? Do they know first-aid?