Best 5 Dog Grooming Services in Singapore to Keep Them Healthy and Stylized

With an increasing number of dog pet owners in Singapore, the business of dog grooming services is flourishing substantially. These service providers claim to possess expertise in handling different breeds and offer multiple facilities at the center, such as day care, pick and drop, etc.

But mostly people have experienced issues related to sanitation or an unhygienic environment in such spaces. As a result, dogs start feeling uncomfortable while displaying aggression in their tone.

Whether it is humans or pets, everyone needs cleaning, styling, and health checks. Therefore, it’s the duty of the pet owners to bring their dogs to a reliable and authoritative place for refreshments.

As a dog owner, we have listed below the five most suitable dog grooming services in Singapore. These service providers offer proper care to the dogs along with many other facilities, and ensure that it feels like home.

1. Doggylicious Studio
Phone No.: +65 9477 1804
Location: Ang Mo Kio
Open Hours: Tue-Sun: 10.00 am – 06.00 pm, Sat: Off

Doggylicious Studio has completed a decade of service in Singapore after its establishment in 2011. It is the largest dog care center in Singapore, which has been listed among the top 10 dog grooming salons.

They have also received the first prize from the renowned Overall Champion Award, and the Best Groomer in Show organizers, a record in Singapore’s pet grooming history.

Dog Grooming Facilities 

  • Basic grooming services include bathing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, paw pad shaving, etc., and take about 45-90 minutes.
  • Multiple types of full grooming, which includes full shave down, summer clip, creative styling, and full breed scissoring clips. It takes between 1-5 hours, depending upon the services.
  • Pet essential products such as youthful vitality, science diet, etc. can be bought online and offline.

Other Features

  • Professional dog grooming services from experts.
  • They offer a pet pickup service between 8 am and 2 pm, and a drop back service between 3 pm and 8 pm.


“I went to the center with my young cavapoo, which required nice cleaning after got whipped in the floods. My pet made quick friendship with the dog care experts, and within an hour it was clean and tidy with a nice smell on the fur.”

2. Fluffy Hearts
Phone No.: +65 8926 7822
Location: Jin JurongKechil
Open Hours: Wed-Mon: 10.00 am – 05.00 pm, Tue: Off

Fluffy Hearts is a premium dog grooming service provider in Singapore that is committed to using only branded products for pet care.

They ensure the customers are relaxed about their pups while at the grooming center with the experts. The bathing, cleaning, spa, and other services are priced according to the weight of the dog.

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Dog Grooming Facilities

  • Bath and fluff facilities for bathing, drying, and fur brushing.
  • Essential grooming services include bathing, nail cleansing, ear rubbing, paw pads, excess fur, sanitary area, release of anal glands, drying and brushing of the pets.
  • Full grooming services cover styling of the pet along with basic grooming.

Other Features

  • Daycare centre for freely roaming and playing with mates.
  • Two options for spa facilities
  • Fizzy CO2 Spa: Cleansing of fur and pads for sweat and other waste fats, removal of foul odour. It improves health with enhanced blood flow, and the fur coat gets a silky touch and shine.
  • Ayu Herb Spa: It is safe for fluff and shiny fur with resistance to insects. It also protects dogs from yeast infections, flaking skin, oily skin, and bald spots.


“Fluffy Hearts dog hair grooming is near my house in Jurang, which is a primary reason for which I approached them with my pet six months ago. But I am highly satisfied with their service headed by Adeline. She quickly made an emotional connection with my pet who adjusted and let her do the bathing and cleaning.”

3. The Precious Pets Company
Phone No.: +65 9697 3337
Location: All Over Singapore
Open Hours: Sun-Sat: 10.00 am – 08.00 pm

TPPC is Singapore’s most popular mobile pet grooming service provider, having been in business for a decade.

The lead groomer, Sylvester, has attended a pet grooming course at the California Academy of Animal Aesthetics, and DC International Grooming Academy. The other team members are also licensed and certified by credible institutes.

The company has also received appreciation for featuring in Pawjourr, Toby, Woof Waggers, Vets & Pets, and other forums.

Dog Grooming Facilities

  • The customers can choose the base services for ear cleaning, nails and paw pad clipping, shampoo, brushing, and blow drying for the pet.
  • Full grooming services include services of basic grooming along with the pre-pattern clip and scissoring.
  • The groomers also perform the necessary health checks on the dogs.

Other Features

  • They also offer grooming for other pets like cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.
  • The services are offered at the owner’s premises, which helps the pets to cooperate with the groomer.
  • Mobile grooming suits old or unhealthy pets that may have issues with walking or adjustments.


“They are the most suitable pet groomers for us as we do not need to work on our regular schedule and take the pet to any other place. We own a dog and a rabbit, and grooming for both of them is handled by these experts, who work perfectly to groom them to appear elegant and disciplined.”

4. Fursclass
Phone No.: +65 9108 6896
Location: Owen Road
Open Hours: Sun-Sat: 11.00 am – 08.00 pm

It is a complete spa and salon system for pet grooming, which ensures the customers’ (pets) feeling safe, enjoyable, and relaxed, and they wish to come back soon.

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They encourage ethical pet grooming, which is cruelty-free and cage-free. The place is fun for pets with lots of play activities, and is covered with glass for complete transparency to the owners.

Dog Grooming Facilities

  • The basic grooming service offers fur trimming, nails and ear cleaning with dust and fur, anal glands, along with bath and fluff.
  • Full grooming offers basic services in addition to the professional haircut.
  • The pets are bathed three times to ensure complete cleanliness of the irfur and skin.
  • They offer multiple hairstyles to the pet owners.
  • The various grooming services have specific rates as per the size of the dog, i.e.,xl, big, medium, and small.

Other Features

  • Grooming services are offered to cat pets as well.
  • Daycare services are also available for the dogs, rated as per their size.
  • The products used for bathing are customized to suit the breed.
  • They offer a large space for pets with a weight up to 60kgs.


“The dog grooming assistants at the Furs class are detailed and experienced for all breeds of pups, and can comfortably handle aggressive or big size pets. I have used their service for many years and have also recommended my friends take their dogs to them. The pet grooming charges are also affordable at this center.”

5. Fur Kids Home
Phone No.: +65 9046 0410
Location: Bedok North Ave 2
Open Hours: Thu-Tue: 11.00 am – 07.00 pm
Wed: Off

Fur Kids Home is a complete one stop shop for dog pets. They offer multiple facilities along with regular grooming for the pets.

Wayne Chang is their top-rated groomer and holds a professional diploma in All Breed Grooming from CAAA (California), DGA (Singapore), and The Kennel Club Union of Asia.

Dog Grooming Facilities

  • The center offers just a bath with drying and brushing.
  • Basic grooming offers complete bathing with checks on nails, fur, pads, ears, belly, and butts.
  • Full grooming offers complete basic grooming along with overall clipping and styling.
  • Every dog is styled to have a unique appearance as per the dog type to suit their personality.
  • They have a wide range of dog shampoos to suit the fur and skin of particular dogs. For allergic individuals, they use hypoallergenic products.
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Other Features

  • Pet care insurance is available for pets to cover the vets’ and medical bills along with third party liabilities.
  • Dog spa and salon services are available that offer proper treatment and pampering to the pets.
  • Dog owners going on vacation can leave their dogs at the pawcation center and they take complete care of them.
  • They have a dedicated transport for dogs. They pick up the pet from the residence, groom them at the center and drop them back safely.


“I have tried the services of different pet grooming companies, but Fur Kids Home has displayed outstanding results in the first trial. Wayne is an extremely knowledgeable person, and quickly forms a bond with any pet. I did not have to point out anything specifically as he ensures to keep a check on everything which is necessary for a healthy dog.”


Frequently Asked Questions

When should you take the dogs for grooming?

According to vets, dogs should be groomed under professional guidance every 2-3 months. But pets with dense hair should get these services every 4-6 weeks to protect from skin allergies, matting, and other infections.

What should I check for in a dog groomer?

Dog grooming is not just a matter of experience. There is a proper certification or diploma course in pet grooming that every conditioner must fulfil in order to launch the services.

The level 3 diploma in dog grooming is a professional certificate that provides both practical and theoretical knowledge of these pets.

It is the license that authorizes an individual to practice dog grooming as a service. The Dog Groomers Association of Singapore is a prominent institute that awards certification in this category.

Is it necessary for dogs to have professional grooming?

Singapore suffers from tropical weather conditions, and thus, it is too common to observe rainfall and high humidity. These situations usually promote infectious diseases due to excessive sweating and wet conditions.

Professional groomers take care of all these things and use their knowledge and expertise to improve health and metabolic conditions. Clipping of nails, trimming of hairs, and cleansing of ears, fur, and skin are properly done at these centers to ensure the long life of the pet.

How to Select a Relevant Dog Grooming Service For Your Pups?

With the trending pet culture in this country, there are a bunch of pet grooming service providers located in every area. However, it is critical to exercise caution when selecting a professional to examine and care for your dog. Check out the criteria you must follow while considering a dog grooming company.

  • Talk in detail about the facilities and processes followed while grooming the pet.
  • Ask to check out the grooming area to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.
  • What are the qualifications and certifications of the groomer?
  • Do they offer mobile services or pick-up and drop facilities, if required.
  • Check the product’s brand or quality; it should suit your pet.