7 Best Bakeries for Croissants in Singapore to Enjoy a Taste of France in the City

The (never) humble croissant needs no introduction. Flaky, buttery layers of laminated dough that bakes into a fluffy magical treat. The list of best bakeries and their famous croissants keeps changing in Singapore. Chefs keep pushing the envelope with unusual fillings while changing croissant shapes and sizes.

 Here is a list of the best croissant places to visit, when you are feeling indulgent. 

1. Tigerlily Patisserie
Phone: +65 8887 0988
Email: hello@tigerliliypatisserie.com
Website: www.tigerlilypatisserie.com
Location: 350 JooChiat Road, Singapore 427598
Opening Hours: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm (Tue – Sun)
Monday closed

In 2020, in the peak of the pandemic, Chef Maxine Ngooi launched Tigerlily Patisserie as an online business. With an illustrious early career working with some of the best names in the field of patisserie such as Reynold Poer and Joel Robuchon, Chef Maxine wanted to use her classical French training on products with a definitive Asian influence.

Today, Tigerlily Patisserie is located in the quaint JooChiat neighbourhood and draws crowds daily for what some say are the best chocolate croissants in Singapore.

Do Not Miss Out On The

  • Chocolate hazelnut croissant
  • The Beehive
  • Kurusimasu “taco”
  • Kaya cake
  • Mochi brownie
  • Otah sampan

Keep in Mind

  • Pastries sell out by early afternoon, so get there on time to avoid disappointment.
  • There are also breakfast and brunch menu options available. 
  • The cafe uses the popular coffee bean blend by Bearded Bella for its caffeinated offerings.
  • If it is not coffee you are into, you can choose from a variety of iced teas or matcha drinks.
  • Tigerlily does regular promos and discounts, so keep an eye out on their social media pages to know more.

What the People Are Saying

“I used to order from Tigerlily throughout the pandemic. The Bake Boxes were such a delight. Buttery, flaky croissants and delicate pastries filled with fresh fruit and cream made my day. I’m so glad we can now visit the shop at Joo Chiat road whenever we want a treat.”

2. Brotherbird Bakehouse
Phone: +65 9296 4997
Email: statelandcafe@gmail.com
Website: www.brotherbird.sg
Location: CT Hub 2 – 114 Lavender Street, #01-05, Singapore 338729
CIMB Plaza – 30 Raffles Place, #B1-23, Singapore 048622
Opening Hours: CT Hub 2 – 10:00 am – 02:30 pm (Daily)
CIMB Plaza – 10:00 am – 04:00 pm (Mon – Fri)

The name Brotherbird is thanks to one of the owners and his “birdlike” love for granola. Quirky name aside, the bakehouse has two outlets in the city (the third coffeehouse outlet at Bugis recently shut down).

Serving up freshly baked croissants with exciting and innovative fillings and ingredient combinations is now Brotherbirds’ USP.

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Do Not Miss Out On The

  • Rocher croissant
  • Prawn stuffed savoury croissant
  • Cinnamon brown sugar knots
  • Ham and cheese twice baked
  • Blueberry crumble
  • Injeolmi soft serve
  • Shibuya honey croissant toast

Keep in Mind

  • Their popular cold brew is available in three flavours – black, white, and matcha
  • Pre-order slots are available every month and announced on their Facebook and Instagram pages
  • There are new menus every month, with seasonal ingredients and innovative items.
  • You can opt for croissant home delivery or self-pickup. Time slots for both are fixed and cannot be amended.
  • No refunds for any order cancellations.

What the People Are Saying

“I visited their CIMB Drive Thru store the other day and was blown away by the variety of delicious items. I had come to try their mochi croissant but ended up having a soft serve and their honey toast. Everything was perfect and fresh.”

3. TiongBahru Bakery
Phone: +65 6220 3430
Email: enquiries@tiongbahrubakery.com
Website: www.tiongbahrubakery.com
Location: 56 EngHoon Street, #01-70 Singapore 160056
Opening Hours: 07:30 am – 08:00 pm (Daily)

Considered the ‘big daddy’ of bakeries in Singapore, The TiongBahru Bakery continues to impress its customers with novel menu items and delicious croissants. The cafe bakes a new batch of croissants every two hours, which are handmade as well. With 11 stores in total in Singapore, TBB takes its motto of ‘celebrating neighbourhoods,’ very seriously.

Do Not Miss Out On The

  • Kouignamann
  • Pain au chocolat croissant
  • Green tea almond croissant
  • Smoked salmon squid ink roll
  • Egg mayo croissant sandwich
  • Canele

Keep in Mind

  • Their Raffles City outlet serves an all-day breakfast menu.
  • The TBB Fun Pack are DIY picnic hampers that are very popular.
  • The cafe offers workshops on sourdough bread making. Follow their social media for more details.
  • Plant-based beverages such as the sesame oat latte are the latest addition to the menu.

What the People Are Saying

“ Be prepared to wait in line at Tiong Bahru Bakery, especially if you go there in the morning. But that first sip of oat milk latte and the most perfect butter croissant will make up for the time spent in the queue.”

Phone: +65 8750 7672
Website: www.maduthebakery.sg
Location: 421 Race Course Road, Singapore 218668
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm (Tue – Sun)
Monday closed

In the wee hours of the morning, while most of Singapore sleeps, the staff at Madu are busy laminating, folding, and baking. Trays of their beloved croissants sell out daily and if you want one, you need to act fast. From sweet to savoury, traditional to unusual, the menu at Madu is always exciting.

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Do Not Miss Out On The

  • Katsu garlic bun
  • Cereal prawn croissant
  • Potato salad danish
  • Chilli otah croissant
  • Strawberry sando

Keep in Mind

  • For home delivery order online. 
  • Self pick up from the store is possible.
  • Madu Bakery is not Halal-certified.
  • The list of beverages includes favourites such as the coconut cafe latte and yuzu espresso tonic.
  • The display at the bakery changes daily and includes special items not available online.
  • The Madu Boxes are especially famous, consisting of a selection of best-selling items from their menu. You can order these online. 

What the People Are Saying

“From the Pinterest-worthy interiors to the unusual sandwiches and croissants, I love returning to Madu Bakery. My favorite way to spend my morning is with a flat white and a stuffed croissant.”

5. Petit Pain
Website: www.petitpain.com.sg
Location: 315 JooChiat Road, Singapore 427566
Opening Hours: 11:00 am until sold out (Wed – Fri)
10:00 am until sold out (Sat – Sun)

Refer to the monthly calendar on their website for any special closures or timings

Petit Pain is a small artisanal bakery run by Mark and Regina. Their love for high quality ingredients is evident in Petit Pain’s limited but delicious menu. Using only the best Japanese flour and French butter makes their croissants sell out almost as soon as they are baked.

Do Not Miss Out On The

  • Classic croissant
  • Raisin escargot
  • Traditional baguette
  • Honey toast
  • Apple danish

Keep in Mind

  • The cafe’s baking schedule is mentioned on their website. Make a note and visit accordingly, as items sell out fast.
  • You are allowed only a certain number of items per person. For example, only three loaves per person or eight items from their patisserie section.
  • In addition to their regular menu, special items such as hot cross buns and cookies for Valentine’s Day are introduced every month.
  • A small cafe space with only two tables and benches are available for in-house dining.

What the People Are Saying

“I took the shiitake flatbread and a pain au chocolate to the office, and they were finished in no time at all. Both were so delicious and fresh. I pre-ordered via the cafe’s Facebook page, so I didn’t have to wait in line.”

6. Flavour Flings
Phone: +65 6286 0051
Email: flavourflings@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/flavourflings/
Location: Blk 121 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1348 Singapore 530121
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 04:00 pm / 05:30 pm – 10:00 pm (Mon, Thu – Sun)
Tues closed

Located in North East Singapore, Flavour Flings is a popular brunch and breakfast hangout. Offering a variety of mains and specials, the croissants and bread at Flavour Flings are what attract customers from all over the city.

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 Flavour Flings is also the place where the trend of salted egg yolk flavour began.

Do Not Miss Out On The

  • Lobster rolls
  • Salted egg yolk croissant
  • Raclettesant
  • Salted egg yolk benny
  • Tempura ice cream

Keep in Mind

  • Apart from the popularity of their salted egg yolk items, the cafe is also instrumental in introducing Singapore to menu items such as Yakult Cake, Raclette Cheese, and Milo Chicken.
  • Flavour Flings is Halal-Certified.
  • Reservations are recommended.
  • Delivery available up to 10kms.
  • Self-pick is possible from the cafe.

What the People Are Saying

“My favorite dish at Flavor Flings is the lobster and crab roll. Served with melted butter, truffle fries, and brioche bread, this is such an indulgent meal and so worth it. Don’t forget to carry some of their yummy croissants home.”

7. Le Matin
Phone: +65 8030 7303
Email: hello@lematinpatisserie.com
Website: www.lematinpatisserie.com/
Location: 10 Raeburn Park, #01-25 Block B, Singapore 088702
Opening Hours: 08:30 am – 05:00 pm (Tue-Sun)
Monday closed

Le Matin is owned by Chef Mohamed Al-Matin. This Singaporean pastry chef’s resume reads like the who’s who of the bakery world. Ex-chef at Noma, Black Star Pastry, and Adriano Zumbo, he now heads his own brand – Le Matin. The bakery cafe is always full for tourists and locals because of its exquisite pastries and bread.

Do Not Miss Out On The

  • Almond croissant
  • Plain croissant
  • Smoked salmon
  • Seafood pot pie
  • Wagyu sausage roll

Keep in Mind

  • Le Matin’s best sellers include their Pastry and Savoury Boxes. To know more about the boxes, you can visit their Instagram page. The menu changes every two weeks, and the boxes are delivered on a Saturday.
  • The bakery accepts bulk orders and catering menus. For enquiries, you can contact them via email.
  • They do not accept reservations for dine-in.
  • Pre-orders of cakes and bread are possible if advance payment is made in full.
  • Le Matin is not Halal-certified, but they avoid using any pork products.

What the People Are Saying

“Le Matin is not cheap, but the quality of each item and the skills required to make them is more than evident. I relished my Pistachio Escargot with a bottle of cold brew. There’s limited seating, so be prepared to wait.”



Are there many types of croissants?

While there is a wide variety in terms of croissant fillings and toppings (can vary from country to country), there are only two categories of croissants.

The first is the croissant du beurre or croissants made using butter and the second is croissant ordinaires or regular croissants made with margarine. Naturally, the butter croissants are the ones you need to be sourcing. They are infinitely better in taste and quality.

Can I get frozen croissants or wholesale croissant dough in Singapore?

There are many wholesale distributors of baking products in Singapore. One of the largest and most popular is the Delifrance chain. You can get wholesale frozen dough and products in bulk quantities and at affordable prices.

How do I keep my croissants fresh?

It is recommendable to consume your croissants on the day you buy them (if not immediately). In case this is not possible, once the product is cooled to room temperature, you can either pop it into an airtight tin or a freezer bag and store it in the freezer for up to three months. To eat, thaw in the fridge and reheat in a moderate oven for five to eight minutes.


A croissant may sound like a simple crunchy, flaky bread. In reality, skill and craftsmanship are required to bake this beautiful, tasty pastry.

In Singapore, we are lucky to enjoy some of the best French bakeries outside of Paris. Not only are we spoiled for choice with a range of classic flavours and recipes, but we also have access to unusual combinations and local flavours. C’estsi bon!