Best 10 Chaise Lounge Stores in Singapore

Gone are the days of traditional sofas or coffee tables in the living area. Now we all want to fall upon a chaise lounge sofa chair, which is comfortable and stylish.

Their standard dimension is similar to the long sofas. But here, the backrest is attached at a smaller length with an armrest on the side. They are best used like a chair with a laptop or coffee mug while straightening the legs to stretch.

Plenty of designs are presented by multiple developers in the market, and Singaporeans love to keep such fashionable stock in their homes and meeting halls.

Check out the most advanced chaise lounge makers in Singapore that simultaneously deliver exotic designs and body-friendly shapes catering to comfort and decorative patterns.

Phone: +65 6786 6868
Store Location: 317 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159965
Price Range: $490 – $1500
Why People Prefer: One-year return policy

The IKEA furniture brand was first launched in 1953 in Sweden. With continuous efforts to match the comfort, quality, and affordability of the customer, IKEA has become a global home furnishing brand in the last 70 years.

They have a franchising business format, which enables them to extend their reach to many parts of the world. Singapore has three stores selling IKEA furniture.

Customers have an option to buy the products online from the website or may visit the local store in their area to physically experience the range of items and select them as per their choice.


  • There are multiple variations in the chaise lounge on the website under the series, Kivik, Soderhamn, Vimle, and Gronlid. The prices differ with specifics of fabric material, cover shades & styles, and additional items.
  • They have a wide range of products for innovative home solutions, such as bedroom furniture, sofas, dining tables, chairs, wardrobes, textiles, cookware, decorations, bathroom accessories, etc.
  • There is an option of product insurance against damage by paying a minimal amount on a per annum basis.
  • If, in any way, the buyer does not like the product, he can return it within a year and receive a full refund.
2. Da Vinci Lifestyle
Phone: +65 6468 6333
Store Location: 100 Orchard Road, #01-01 Concorde Hotel Singapore 238840
Price Range: $2000 – $4500
Why People Prefer: Italian luxury furniture design

This is a luxury store in Singapore, founded in 1994. It is recognized as Asia’s best Italian design furniture company. They were the first to launch a shop-in-shop display of foreign furniture brands.

Their furniture stores are located in major markets like Malaysia, China, Italy, Indonesia, and many more.

There is an exclusive retail division where the brand managers help the clients visualize their floor plans while using the creative area of the showroom to suggest furniture designs.


  • They present some of the ultimate designs of 6 seater, 4 seater, or single chaise lounge sofas by luxury brands like Gubi, Wittmann, Savio Firmino, etc.
  • An impressive list of luxury items is available on the eshop, endorsed by more than 200 international brands. These will redesign the beauty of your home, whether it is a bedroom, living area, kitchen, bathroom, corridors, or office setting.
  • They guarantee to deliver authentic furniture with the assurance of the lowest price in the market.
  • The creative team helps with selecting unique and personalized interiors while considering the lifestyle, affordability, and living area.
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3. Ambient Lounge
Phone: +65 6802 9900
Store Location: 25 Bukit Batok Crescent #04-08/09 The Elitist, Singapore 658066
Price Range: $350 – $850
Why People Prefer: Patent in Funnelweb system of zip& tip bean transfer

The Ambient Lounge is among the top brands manufacturing stylish bean bag sofas. The company came into existence in 2005 with its unique best-seller, the “Evolution Sofa,” which is different from the usual bean bags.

They use luxurious wafer-thin fabrics on the products, making them look fabulous with the surrounding elements.

These were seen in prime locations worldwide, which prominently included Roof Gardens in London and Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore.


  • They transformed the casual bean bags of the 70s with high-grade materials. The shapeless formations were redesigned into a sleek structure while maintaining their essential comfort making them a reconsidered piece of furniture for adults.
  • They have launched multiple models of chaise lounge-like, Satellite Twin, Avatar Lounge, Acoustic Chaise, etc., available in different patterns and appearances.
  • They design several products for seating and lounging, including sofas, tables, ottomans, pet loungers, iPad cases, and Funnel Web bean bag filling tools.
  • The company has exclusive showrooms in over 20 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Italy, Germany, and Middle East, and claims to deliver the product within 2-4 days in the home country.
4. Castlery
Phone: +65 3138 1999
Store Location: 19 Keppel Road, #02-06 JitPoh Studio, Singapore 089058
Price Range: $1350 – $3200
Why People Prefer: Free swatches available for pre-booking analysis

They specialize in creating functional furniture derived from Scandinavian-style South East Asian designs that gives a lively look to your house and office space.

Customers can either visit the store physically or check out the products in the virtual studio enabled on the website.

However, they do not permit self-collection of orders, especially for more significant items, following the risk of mishandling or breakage. Home delivery of products is free above $300, while the buyer can return the product within 30 days of purchase and get an 80% refund.


  • A wide range of chaise lounges with sectional sofa patterns are displayed on the web portal. More than twelve different models with changeable shapes, accessories, and fabric materials are displayed to make a perfect choice.
  • The Hamilton Round Chaise, Madison Chaise, and Ethan Chaise are pretty famous, while the Isaac Leather Terminal Chaise is among the most expensive.
  • Many other furniture sets for bedrooms, outdoors, and dining areas with accessories like mirrors and lights are also available.
  • A recently launched iOS app gives an option to visualize the furniture in the home space using the Augmented Reality feature. Viewers may also request three free swatches.
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Phone: +65 6836 2747
Store Location: 30 Merchant Road, #03-09 Riverside Point Singapore 058282
Price Range: $1200 – $4000
Why People Prefer: Create woven furniture

The company was founded in 2007 with the concept of designing woven outdoor furniture using synthetic rattan. It is an ideal material for providing a comfortable feeling while remaining undamaged in an open environment.

The headquarters and flagship showroom are located in Singapore. The products are made in Cebu, the Philippines, and the manufacturing hub of woven crafts.

They are able to cater to a high level of customization in furniture design, and regular items like chairs, tables, chaise lounges, ottomans, etc., are designed fabulously.


  • They feature seven categories of chaise lounges; Cala, Horizon, Latitudes, Mantra, Maximus, Modulo, and Palm, available in multiple patterns of single, 4 or 6 seaters. Modular Loungers, Parasols, and Sun Loungers are similar products and pretty popular in the hotel industry.
  • Many more products and accessories are available that best-fit living areas.
  • They have gained expertise by working in the segment for more than 15 years and can make products according to the design and dimensions given by the client.
  • The material fiber is available in a multi-color choice, while the quality of the product is guaranteed for five years.
  • The material used is toxin free and sustainable, while the products created are durable and low maintenance.
6. King Living
Phone: +65 6805 4198
Store Location: 22 Kallang Avenue, #01-00 Hong Aik Building, Singapore 339413
Price Range: $2500 – $8600
Why People Prefer: Contemporary Australian furniture design

The King Living company was formed in 1977. Over the years, they have built a high reputation in the furniture market by manufacturing award-winning designs. Their models on its trademark steel frame last longer than usual.

They currently own dedicated showrooms in Singapore, Australia, China, the UK, Malaysia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Their contemporary Australian-style sofas and chaise lounge settings have won multiple awards and international recognition from the leaders in the furniture industry.


  • The company not only designs singular chaise lounges but highly promotes 5 – 6 seat modular sofas in attachments with extra wide and deep chaises.
  • Popular chaise series with high sales include Kato, William, and Opera.
  • Their products are a bit expensive in comparison to their competitors’ but are acceptable due to the unique design, luxurious quality, and long life.
  • They also design armchairs, dining tables, beds, outdoor lounges, rugs, and other accessories.
  • Their products are created after more outstanding analysis in real-time usage, like a concealed storage space or a recliner with controls on the right to protect the fabric from wedding ring snags.
  • They convincingly combine style with quality and comfort.
7. Danish Design
Phone: +65 6270 8483
Store Location: 100E Pasir Panjang Road, B&D Building #06-03 Singapore 118521
Price Range: $4500 – $13000
Why People Prefer: Certified by EU REACH for environment-friendly quality products

The Danish Design company designs and deploys classic home furniture in European and Asian countries. These are particularly European-made and Scandinavian-style furniture that uses environmentally and socially sustainable raw materials.

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They follow a fundamental pattern of a solid frame with feather light filling and luxurious covers in all the products.

The popular products of the Kuhl Home brand (living room, dining, and lighting products) were absorbed by Danish Design Company in 2018, while Kuhl Home is now an exclusive seller of kid’s furniture.


  • Exclusive designs of indoor/ outdoor chaise lounge sofas (Mistral, GMG, Radoc, etc.), along with other essentials like bar furniture, coffee tables, TV consoles, shelves, or other such items, are displayed on the website.
  • The products have an exquisite appearance using quality materials like velvet, leather, marble, wood, etc., accentuating the interiors.
  • They follow the EU REACH regulations to produce toxin-free furniture safe for long-term usage with a five-year warranty.
  • The company unanimously represents renowned brands such as Bolia, Normann Copenhagen, and image to produce iconic Nordic furniture with a modern twist.
8. Danovel
Phone: +65 6338 2488
Store Location: 100 Pasir Panjang Road, #01-02 Singapore 118518
Price Range: $1400 – $1800
Why People Prefer: Specialize in handicraft furniture

Danovel is a heritage handicraft furniture brand, founded in 1960, and since then has built a reputation for delivering furnishing products made of excellent raw materials.

They are committed to producing a signature piece for the consumer that stays with them for generations.

It is a wholly-owned company in Singapore with a manufacturing unit located in the Paya Ubi Industrial Park. The customers and clients are always welcome to visit the factory to check product customization or observe the work quality.


  • The chaise lounge has five popular designs (Calais, Capri, Casablanca, Connecticut, and Shepparton), which look elegant and sober in light shade covers.
  • Other products sold include cushions, armchairs, bed frames, fabrics, and more.
  • Most of the furnishing items are priced at affordable rates.
  • The company has won several awards and accolades for its unique handicraft quality.
  • They do not limit themselves to wood, as the use of acrylic, fiberglass, natural latex, or steel is used as required.
9. The Furniture Makers
Phone: +65 9234 4966
Store Location: 1 Upper Aljunied Link Joo Seng Warehouse, #05-01 Singapore 367901
Price Range: $500 – $1700
Why People Prefer: Use natural and synthetic material, which is lightweight

They own a small furniture factory in East Java, Indonesia, and have been producing various products for three decades using natural and synthetic materials.

The craftsmen aspire to make elusive items to enhance creativity and fulfill clients’ needs. Most of their time is spent experimenting with producing exclusive furniture designs and testing their comfort and robustness.


The company designs chaise lounges for outdoor settings with sleek structures for relaxation.

Sofas, chairs, balcony sets, bedroom accessories, and many other customized products are also available.

They accept product returns, provided the item is intact in its original condition.

A Strict product care and maintenance guide is provided with each item for its safety and long life.

10. Xtra
Phone: +65 6336 0688
Store Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-49 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
Price Range: $500 – $1700
Why People Prefer: One-stop shop for furniture and accessories

It is one of Singapore’s premium furniture design stores, established in 1989. They began the business as an alternate eclectic design store but grabbed the customer choices over time.

The company store became the first mainstream brand outlet to deliver uniquely presented global furnishing items for home and office space.

They have some of the industry’s best furniture pieces and accessories that fit the client’s preferences at unmatched prices.


  • They not just display contemporary designs in a chaise lounge but also have some unique pieces that easily grab the viewer’s attention.
  • While some lounges have the comfort of cushions and foam filling, there are others that have the old Scandinavian or Bohemian pattern with a leather touch. More than ten models in a specific style and material are available for sale in both in-house and open-air settings.
  • Their store has everything from home furnishings to office design accessories in a peculiar fashion.

Which Chaise Lounge is Best for you?

Leaving behind the regular sofa chairs or beds, the working class or family of Singapore prefer them because of their multi-faceted nature. It is not just a seating element kept in an open or closed space, but is also becoming a style statement for many drawing rooms. You can reconsider the following points while purchasing one for your place.

  • Measure the size of the product and the space where it is to be kept.
  • Check the fabric material used.
  • Request home delivery to ensure that the item arrives safely at your home.
  • Do not always go for the lowest price; verify the product quality first.
  • Avoid using cloth fabric for outside lounges.