5 Best Courses for Woodwork and Carpentry in Singapore

Woodworking and carpentry are skills that always come in handy, even in real life situations. As more and more Singaporeans are finding out, the confidence and creativity developed by nurturing such hobbies are stepping stones to success. Carpentry courses in the city can range in duration from a few hours to a couple of days. Many workshops assist with material and online stores to help source equipment for home and DIY projects. Have a look at the five best carpentry courses in Singapore and take a chance at developing a new, exciting hobby. 

1. SALTT Workshop + Jr.
Phone: +65 9855 4475
Email: salttworkshop@gmail.com
Website: www.salttworkshop.com
Location: 9 UBI Link, #02-06 Kawah Building, Singapore 408549
Opening Hours: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm (Daily)
Duration of the course – Most workshops are between four to six hours each.

Royston Phang is the founder and facilitator of Salttworkshop + Jr. He has a background in design and technology and was an industrial designer for over a decade. He started Salttworkshops to create a safe space for children to explore the world around them and use their hands to build from scratch. The woodwork and carpentry courses provide basic skills and opportunities to expand creativity and learning.


  • Saltt conducts regular holiday woodworking workshops and pop-ups at various stores around the city. Keep an eye on their social media pages to stay updated.
  • Their workshops and courses are age-based. You can choose between classes for kids, teens, and adults.
  • You can contact Saltt for parties, family get-togethers, and corporate events.


  • While the workshops for kids are meant for 9 to 14-year olds, 4 to 7-year olds are also welcome, if they are accompanied by an adult.
  • At the regular pop-ups held at various locations, walk-ins are allowed, but it is recommended that you book a time slot prior to the event. The details of the timing and location are updated on Facebook and Instagram prior to the event.
  • All participants should wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes during the workshops. Protective wear is supplied by the school.


“I first met Royston at a store pop-up event. My daughter loved working with her hands so much that we enrolled her in another course at Saltt workshops. It’s a lovely space where children are free to be curious and ask questions.”

2. Ground Up Initiative
Email: involve@groundupinitiative.org
Website: www.groundupinitiative.org
Location: 91 LorChencharu, Singapore 769201
Opening Hours: 09:00 am – 05:00 pm (Tue-Sat)
09:00 am – 12:00 pm (Sun)
Mondays closed
Duration of the course – can choose from a 3-day workshop (4 hour sessions over three Sundays or 3 hour classes over three consecutive days)

The Ground Up Initiative is a non-profit group that was founded in 2008 by Tay Lai Hock. Hock returned to Singapore from a backpacking trip, determined to bring change to the island city. He succeeded in creating a space where creativity was nurtured and change was encouraged. Today, the Kampung at GUI promotes several holistic approaches to modern-day living and is guiding Singaporeans towards a more sustainable future.

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  • The three day basic carpentry course at GUI teaches both the theory and practical facets of woodworking. By using tools that are affordable and easily available, the class helps equip participants with the skills needed to create their own projects, even from home.
  • The philosophy of recycling and recreating propagated by GUI is evident in their courses. The wood is always repurposed for DIY projects.
  • During these sessions, you will learn how to select the proper material, prepare the raw materials, and understand the process of assembly and fastening firsthand.


  • The GUI Kampung can be hired out for private events. There are different areas that can be used, depending on your needs and the number of people involved.
  • Corporates are encouraged to contact GUI and support the team via CSR activities such as compost making, custom woodworking workshops, and farming programs. 
  • GUI works closely with schools in Singapore by designing extracurricular programmes that help develop new skills in growing children. Through classes and events such as basic carpentry, life cooking skills, gardening, and farm field trips, children are encouraged to think out of the box.
  • The minimum age for the carpentry classes is 8 years. However, GUI does have regular woodworking courses for children as young as 5 years.
  • Private group sessions are also possible. For enquiries, please contact GUI via email.
  • Participants may use the workshop space even when the course is not in session. This may entail a fee, so check with the volunteers beforehand.
  • Registrations for all classes close three days prior to the start date.


“I have done a waste-free workshop and a flute making class at GUI. Both taught me the importance of reuse and recycling. The volunteers are making a difference and I feel inspired to go out and make a change myself.”

3. The Common Bench
Email: hello@thecommonbench.com
Website: www.thecommonbench.com
Duration of the course – 3 hours

The Common Bench operates as an arts and crafts space where children and adults can learn and create. Even if you are a complete novice, the course teaches you simple woodworking skills such as joinery, assembling, finishing, and cutting. If you would like to explore a new hobby, this is a good place to start.

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  • The Common Bench curates a number of experiences for corporates. Contact them to plan team bonding sessions, lectures, hands-on classes, and customised gifts.
  • The company works closely with schools to provide information about recycling and minimising waste. They accomplish this through after school or recess classes, lectures on sustainability, and design and woodworking sessions.
  • The Common Bench provides design services from consultation to execution. These makerspaces have already been successfully installed in a number of schools in Singapore.


  • You can shop online (via the website) for handmade gift items at affordable rates.
  • Holiday camps are held during school vacations. You can enrol your child via the website. Pre-booking is recommended.
  • Virtual classes are also available.
  • Workshops are group sessions, but if private classes are needed (minimum 6 people), they can be arranged.
  • Discounts are available if you book as a couple or a group.


“My son and I loved doing the carpentry workshop at The Common Bench. The trainer was helpful and patient. We learned how to properly use the basic wood carving equipment and left with two wonderful keepsakes.”

4. Roger and Sons
Phone: +65 6269 6269
Email: hello@rogerandsons.sg
Website: www.rogerandsons.sg
Location: 115 King George’s Avenue, #01-01 Singapore 208561
Duration of the course – Not more than one day / weekend

Roger and Sons was founded by Roger Yeo 32 years ago. The next generation of Yeo sons has now taken over and are instrumental in preserving the craft of the trade. Today, the company specialises in made-to-order designs and high-quality products for homes, offices, and outdoor spaces. In keeping with their philosophy of ethical creativity, they also hold bi-monthly workshops in carpentry and woodwork skills.


  • Roger and Sons holds group woodworking workshops, corporate classes, and educational forums in schools and colleges.
  • Their woodworking and carpentry items are available for sale and on pre-order.
  • Customisations and corporate gifts are possible.


  • Roger and Sons started The Local Tree Project where old felled trees are reused and recycled.
  • Regular sales of offcuts and wooden pieces are held at their industrial centre and workshop. Check online to know more.
  • Subscribe to their email newsletter for deals and the latest news.


“The public workshops held by Roger and Sons are so much fun. The atmosphere is very casual but the information you come away with is impressive. I learned not only how to make a simple shelf but also about the types of wood and how to use different equipment.”

5. Uncommon Goods
Phone: +65 8044 0800
Email: hello@uncommon.sg
Website: www.uncommon.sg
Location: Blk 122 Eunos Ave 7, #08-16 Richfield Industrial Centre, Singapore 409575
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
10:00 am – 06:00 pm (Sun)
Duration of the course – Can range from 6 hours to 1 day (12 hours)

A Singaporean venture (from staff to the materials and planning, everything is done in-house), Uncommon Goods is known for its high-end wooden products. In addition to custom-designed furniture and accessories, it also holds intensive carpentry classes for children and adults. Learn the basics and develop your wood carving skills in a professional environment.

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  • What sets the woodworking classes at Uncommon Goods apart from others, is that a participant can decide on what he or she wants to make. The teachers on site will assist the student with any help and guidance required.
  • Private classes for children, groups, and corporates are available on request.
  • You can start with the basics in the Woodwork Essentials course and move on to the Heavy Machinery Carpentry class as your skills and confidence progress.


  • Customised wooden items can be designed and executed. Email the team with your ideas.
  • Uncommon Goods specialises in high-quality pet furniture and toys, but they also design and sell furniture for the home as well as wooden decor pieces.
  • The store also holds Wood Science classes for students and carpentry enthusiasts. Check their social media pages for news and updates.
  • Gift cards for the carpentry classes are available.


“The coaches at Uncommon Goods are so patient and kind. I struggled with my woodwork project but they never let me give up. At the end of the day, I left with my own piece of pet furniture and felt so proud.”

Jin Lee


What are the skills required if I want to pursue carpentry as a profession?

While carpentry can be learned and skills can be polished, certain innate characteristics in an individual can go a long way towards predicting success in this vocation. For example, it helps if a person has an affinity for maths and numbers or shows good problem-solving skills. Being good with your hands and having the ability to pay attention to details also helps. Finally, physical stamina is needed as you are on your feet the whole day and will be handling heavy equipment.

Are there any specific certifications needed to be a professional carpenter?

The highest certification course in carpentry is the OSHA Safety Certificate Course. Apart from this, you can research and enlist in one or more of the following certification courses – CLC (Certified Lead Carpenter), AC (Associate Constructor), or BC (Building Codes and Standards).

What are the benefits of carpentry on children?

A life skill such as carpentry can go a long way towards teaching children about safety, ideation, and creativity, as well as the basics of math and science. When children work with their hands, they not only strengthen their fine motor skills and coordination but also discover the world around them in a non-bookish way.


Carpentry can teach you about weights and balances, measurements and fittings, learning to think out of the box, realising the importance of upcycling and working with your hands. With the rise in online classes and the discovery of new hobbies during the pandemic, workshops on woodwork and carving, building, and carpentry are now even more popular. Use your weekends fruitfully and enrol in one of these classes soon.