8 Best Book Binding Services in Singapore

Think about carrying a bunch of pages in a sequence and suddenly slipping them off to get scrambled on the floor. Here is what you need to do! Look up for book binding services near me.

From the olden times, pages binding to form a book has been put into practice to protect the pages from getting lost, or to keep the pages intact in a set order.

There are multiple types of binding, such as spiral, hard cover, saddle stitching, ring binding, etc.

Find below the list of top book binding and repair service providers in Singapore. These are located in the major areas of the island and are highly accredited by their customers.

1. Ultra Supplies
Phone: +65 6333 3335
Locate: No. 1 Queensway #03-38/39 (office) #03-37/45 (service counter) Singapore 140168
Website: https://www.ultrasupplies.com.sg/
Email: sales@ultrasupplies.com.sg
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sat: 09.30 – 20.30, Sun: 10.00 – 20.30

This shop delivers all the services from printing to binding of pages into a book.

The Ultra Supplies was established in 1977 in the Queensway Shopping Centre. Now, with increasing work capacity, they have occupied a huge space covering 15 shops in the complex.

They have a long list of services in binding, printing, designs, stationery, photocopying, stickers, banners, flyers, and others in multiple categories.

Image Credit: Ultra Supplies


  • Almost all the book binding techniques are available here: perfect, thermal, wire-o-bind, saddle, and hardcovers. They use screws, wraps, or stamping.
  • They present several designs of covers in multiple standards within an affordable price range.
Pros Cons
The staff works hard to finish the task in tight deadlines with 7 days working. Due to a bigger customer base, the staff is too busy to serve each customer on time.
They use the industry’s best paper resources.  
The team of designers helps in the crafting and customization of books for specific purposes.  


“It is a big brand store with a mammoth workload. The employees are quick and efficient in the work assigned and take individual initiation to attend to the customers.”

A C Wong

“Khaing is an expert in book binding work. We approached her in the shop with a tattered book and pages coming out of it. She handled them in the best possible manner, and the next day we received the book in its perfect condition.”

2. SPD Artisan Collab
Phone: +65 6579 0742 / +65 6579 0700
Location: No. 2 PengNguan Street SPD Ability Centre Singapore 168955
Website: https://shop.spd.org.sg/
Email: sales@spd.org.sg
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 17.00, Sat – Sun: Off

The shop was established in 1986, and since then they have been running a sheltered workshop to provide job opportunities to disabled persons. The craftsmen and women regularly train their co-workers to carry forward the brand’s legacy.

Image Credit: SPD Artisan Collab

Their services are specifically dedicated to book binding, where skilled professionals demonstrate unique creativity in hardcovers, leather book binding, and restoration of old books.

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They possess experience of working for some of the prestigious brands in Singapore.


  • An individual’s signature is hot stamped on each creation, which enhances its elegance.
  • They are popular for creating handcrafted-style covers on journals and sketchbooks using customers’ selected embroidery on a fabric base or fancy papers.
Pros Cons
You can create a personal design for book binding. Creating designer binds may take longer time to finish.
One of the best options for gifting designer cover diaries.  


“I approached them for one specific reason and that is their traditional style of binding methods. The binders are well-experienced in their job and are ever-ready to show the samples of designs and patterns for the cover, whether it requires saddle or perfect binding.”


“You will fall in love with their creative style in restoring old diaries and treasured books in an attractive yet robust form.”

3. Copy Lab
Phone: +65 6346 1161
Location: No. 22 Geylang Lorong 21A #04-01/02 Prosper Industrial Building Singapore 388431
Website: https://copylab.com.sg/
Email: sales@copylab.com.sg
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Sun: 09.00 – 18.00

They have more than a decade’s experience in delivering various types of printing and book repairing services in Singapore.

Image Credit: Copy Lab

They have served large business houses, graphic designers, home businesses, retailers, and tech brands, with proven customer satisfaction.

They provide multiple types of binding, printing, scanning, signage, and display systems.


  • They take orders for hardcover, tape, ring, perfect, saddle, wire, and velo binds.
  • They pay attention to detail, have great customer service, and maintain quality standards.
  • They entertain all sorts of small or big projects, and are always ready to rectify the changes required in the finished work.
Pros Cons
Standard binding techniques are used The designs are typically in basic pattern
Prices for all types of binding are nominal  


“They are highly professional in their services and ensure they deliver the product on time.”


“I like the sobriety and style of the binding patterns, especially the hardcover and tape binding, where the pages open comfortably without dismantling the book.”

4. ED’s Copying
Phone: +65 6746 9001
Location: BLK 3021 #01-161 UBI AVE 2 Singapore 408897
Website: http://www.edscopy.com.sg/
Email: ubi@edscopy.com.sg
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 18.00, Sat: 09.00 – 12.30, Sun: Off

They started their business in 1987 in the heart of Singapore with an initial setup for photocopying. But as the years passed by, they worked to expand the shop and are now providing multiple services related to paper and books.

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Image Credit: ED’s Copying

With successive growth and standardized quality, they are preferred by many corporate offices to manage printing, lamination, and binding services.


  • They are experts in designing formal hardcover bindings for official projects on A4 sheets.
  • The company has an overseas goodwill for the import and export of laminators, pouches, rolls, and accessories. of laminations.
Pros Cons
Binding services include ring, staple, sewing, fastback, sure, and wire-o-bind. Very casual designs are offered which may not appeal for a creative outlook


“I found that they were charging a bit higher for lamination and a few other services, but the quality was unmatched compared to other service providers near me. Hence, I prefer this shop for all my work.


“You can trust them for efficient results. I had to revisit them to add a few more pages to a book, and the team worked their best to include them with equal alignment.”

5. Infinity Zap
Phone: +65 6547 4523 / +65 9187 1508
Location: 511 Guillemard Road, Grand link Square #01-48, Singapore 399849
Website: http://www.izaps.sg/
Email: info@izaps.sg
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Wed: 11.00 – 15.30, Fri – Sat: 11.00 – 15.30, Sun, Thu: Off

They are quite new in the printing and binding business and are called, with a unique name, iZAPS. Their dynamic presentation style with uncompromised quality on the book covers makes them popular and in-demanded in the competitive market.

Image Credit: Infinity Zap

It is a one stop shop for all the variety of services relating to papers. They understand the importance of time. Hence, the staff is trained to maintain work efficiency.

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  • They are experts in lamination and offer both hot and cold lamination as required with the document file.
  • All the types of binding processes are supported in the store, while they specialize in trim & pouch and one pouch binding.
  • They accept orders online and provide individual attention.
Pros Cons
A wide range of binding styles are available for images, documents, large formats, and digital. They avoid the small tasks of printing or binding.


“For the past two years, our company has been a client of iZAP, and we have appreciated their passion for creating unique and appealing forms on the journals and diaries.”


“The work culture is highly professional and they adhere to quick response on queries as well as online requests for orders as soon as they are confirmed. I definitely recommend the iZAP services.”

6. The Binding House
Phone: +65 6282 6973
Location: 87 Defu Lane 10 #04-02, Singapore 539219
Website: https://thebindinghouse.com/
Email: info@thebindinghouse.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 10.00 – 18.30, Sat – Sun: Off

They have completed almost a decade in the Singapore central area, and are convincingly serving in the field with their unique fashionable binding patterns.

Image Credit: The Binding House

They offer a wide range of after-print services, and are committed to delivering quality, meticulous attendance to detail, with unparalleled services.


  • You can opt for binding types such as perfect, notch, saddle, loop, wire, comb, spiral, folding, casing, handwork, customized calendar, and die cutting.
Pros Cons
Offer an exclusive finishing touch on the binding cover. Need to get the printing work done from outside.
They use advanced tools to bind the papers that protect them from any damage.  


“My friend and I urgently needed to submit our project’s hard copy to the college, and hence, we approached them with the printed papers. Having understood the situation, Jack and his team of binders wasted no time and finished the work in less than three hours. I am thankful to them.”


“Though it was a bit hectic to get the printed work elsewhere and after-print service at The Binding House, I was fascinated with the variety of binding styles at a competitive price. They have many years of experience, which makes them confident in handling any task in an efficient manner.”

7. The Central Industries
Phone: +65 6474 2819 / +65 6472 0841
Location: Blk 115A Common wealth Drive, #02-12 Singapore 149596
Website: http://tci.com.sg/
Email: thecentr@singnet.com.ag
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 10.00 – 18.30, Sat – Sun: Off

It is one of the oldest printing and binding workshops in Singapore, with more than 50 years of experience in delivering enhanced quality output.

Image Credit: The Central Industries

They ensure 100% customer satisfaction, whether the client is from a corporate section or a government department.


  • The services offered are offset and digital printing, account book manufacturing, and book binding.
  • They are pretty experienced in printing leaflets, stickers, envelopes, computer forums, etc.
Pros Cons
Clients can approach them to develop binding books that document cash, scrap, vehicle logs, dispatch, ledgers, etc. They do not promote designer binding covers.
The pricing is comparatively lower in the commercial market.  


“The Central Industries is the most reliable printing and binding shops near me. Irrespective of the generation change in these years, the management has never compromised in serving the customers. They have been trusted by my father for years, and now me and my sister look up to them during project submissions.”


“From the time the shop opens until the evening, the staff members are continuously surrounded by either clients or papers, but they patiently finish the work without a glitch.”

8. ACCEA Singapore
Phone: +65 6474 2819 / +65 6472 0841
Location: 80 Robinson Road #01-01 Singapore 068898
Website: https://www.accea.sg/
Email: 80robindon@accea.sg
Working Days/ Hours: Mon – Fri: 09.00 – 18.30, Sat: 09.00 – 13.00, Sun: Off

The ACCEA group simply asks to upload the data in Japan and receive the complete product in Singapore. Thus, they make the service easier for the customers.

The team members are always eager to help the business if they are going through promotional struggles in the initial stages.

Image Credit: ACCEA Singapore

The 80 Robinson branch is centrally located within 4-7 minutes’ reach from four MRT stations (Telok Ayer, Raffles Place, Downtown, &Tanjong Pagar).


  • They offer multiple services, including hard copies, binding, lamination, panels, name cards, posters, etc.
  • The binding services include saddle stitch, plastic ring, wire, tape, and perfect types.
Pros Cons
An online file uploading system enables the customers to get the work done quickly. Their services are expensive.
The rates are displayed on the website.  
The shop is easily accessible from four stations in Singapore.  


“I would highly recommend the ACCEA shop to all those who do not compromise on the quality of work. I went to this shop for an old book binding and just got mesmerized with the sleek finishing and intactness of the pages in place.”


“They helped save me a lot of time because of the online services. I was searching online for printing and binding services when I came across the ACCEA file upload system. I uploaded the documents and placed the order. Later, I only had to visit the centre to collect the file in physical form.


How to Choose the Best Binding Service in Singapore?

Book binding is the regular process of protecting and enhancing the appearance of books. Before making orders to any of these shops, you must inquire about the following points.

  • Types of binding available
  • Designs and colors
  • Charges
  • Time taken