7 Promising Aquarium Shops in Singapore for the Best Hobbyists in Town

In the last couple of years, fishkeeping has become a common hobby in Singapore. Home aquariums fit right in with Singapore’s quest for aesthetic interior design.

Not to mention the fishes make adorable pets you can not help getting attached to. A bit of the blue and green of nature in your living room can soothe every soul.

But Singapore is bustling with aquarium shops. How do you figure out which one has the exotic fishes you are looking for? Will they have the fish tank model suitable to the size of your room?

The 7 best aquarium shops in Singapore have every fishy item you require, no matter the model or brand. Visit them to take the largest aquarium tank home.

1. Clementi Florist & Aquarium (C328)
Key services: Aquatic plants and diverse fish supplier
Phone No.: +65 6777 8468
Location: Clementi Ave 2, Block 328, Singapore 120328
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Sat: 10.30 am – 11 pm, Sun: Off

C328 is crowned Singapore’s original aquarium shop. The one shop the country’s hobbyists are aware of.

Look around and you will find every item on your shopping list. Its collection of fish species is also unheard of.  

One can find exotic creatures in C328 as they can regular guppies. The best time to visit the shop is every Saturday at 10 am, as that is when fresh stock arrives.

Special Products:

  • Fish salt and food
  • Filter wool
  • Pufferfish, crabs, crayfish, goldfish, and betta.
  • Aquatic plants
  • Tropical plants
  • Driftwood
  • African cichlids, flower horn, Daisy rice fish, snakehead, and sting ray.
  • Fish tanks and enclosure covers.
  • Anti chlorine solution
  • ADA products
  • Background sticker paper


  • Old school cash register with a pulley and bucket system. Customers drop the bucks inside.
  • Fish food and medication from every mainstream and niche aquatic brand.
  • Owners possess vast knowledge of tropical fish.
Singapore’s cheapest aquarium shop
Always stocked
Discounts for regular customers
Cramped place


“I’m familiar with the aunty who runs the shop as I live near Clementi Ave. She is patient and always busy attending to the patrons. We also bought 3 goldfish for $7 each for my daughter recently. Cheaper than online shopping for sure!”

2. Fresh N Marine
Key services: Modern aquariums with technology upgrades
Phone No.: +65 6547 1575
WhatsApp No.: +65 8830 4669
Location: 79 Upper E Coast Rd, Singapore 455219
Website: www.freshnmarine.com/
Email: sales@freshnmarine.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Fri: 11.30 am – 8 pm
Sat-Sun: 11.30 am – 6 pm

Fresh N Marine sources aquatic solutions from Germany, USA, Taiwan, and Cyrpus. They do worldwide design, setup, and maintenance services, including Singapore.

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The research and development team manufactures marine systems for ambitious residential and commercial projects. Their clientele range includes botanic gardens, public aquariums, schools, and average HDB owners.

Special Products:

  • Abalone, blenny, combtooth blenny, Chromis, emerald crab, and fire shrimp.
  • Starfish, sea rod, clownfish, hammer coral, spotted mandarin, and yellowtail damsel.
  • CO2 system and UV sterilizers
  • Food timer and coral frags
  • Auto top-up equipment
  • Chiller and heaters
  • Suspension kit and LED lights
  • Bacteria and filters

Special Services:

  • Complete aquarium installation
  • Fish tank designing


  • Membership program for Fresh N Marine shoppers.
  • To maintain the freshness of coral frags, Fresh N Marine sells it exclusively on their online store.
  • Winners of Best online aquarium store award – SouthEast Asia and Aquarium supplies eTailer of the year.
  • 2000 sq fit giant flagship store at Upper E Coast Rd and a new branch in Ang Mo Kio.
Online shopping and same-day delivery services
Frequent discounts on products
2-story building with neat layout
Low on marine livestock species


“From what I know, Fresh N Marine is the biggest aquarium shop in Singapore. I order from their website and they have countless pieces of equipment I can’t find in other stores. Talk to their manager or senior staff if you go to the shop, as they have the passion and knowledge.”

3. Baby Fish Aquarium
Key services: Freshwater fish and aquarium accessories
Phone No.: +65 9850 0278
Location: Tampines Street 83, #01-k1 Block 843, Singapore 520843
Working Days/ Hours: Tue-Sun: 10 am – 8 pm
Mon: Off

The Baby Fish Aquarium is a family shop with the intention of supplying every product to aqua hobbyists.

Tay, who runs the shop, has huge customer points for being an effortless conversationist and a master at giving valuable advice.

The owner practically hands out the entire guidebook for fishkeeping and tank maintenance. It is also a clean shop with separate aisles for every product.

Special Products:

  • Betta, shrimps, guppies, ember tetras, and stingrays.
  • Crabs and snails
  • Aquarium tanks
  • Decorative items
  • Pump system equipment
  • Fish food


  • Accessible entrance for wheelchair users
  • Huge stock in a compact place
  • Traditional mama-shop
Reasonable pricing with discounts
Ethical seller
The shop is in Tampines, under an HDB block, which makes the place hard to spot.


“When you ask the owner, you always get all kinds of interesting information on which fish suits what kind of tank. I can’t think of many places that help you with water level and pumping methods like this. Especially after trying a couple of shops, I keep on coming back here.”


“My fishes live long enough to even give birth since I visited this shop. One thing I noticed is how cautious they are about the safety of kids. They keep an eye out because of all the glass tanks and livestock.”

4. Polyart Aquarium
Key services: Designing fish pond
Phone No.: +65 6775 4773
Location: 28 Clementi Ave 2, #01-194, Singapore 120328
Website: www.polyartaquarium.com/
Email: polyartaquarium@gmail.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Sat: 9 am – 10.30 pm
Sun: 10 am – 10 pm

Polyart Aquarium is a chain store found in Clementi, Bukit Batok, Chinatown, Yishun, Bedok, and Kreta Ayer. A testament to their quality of service is the overwhelmingly favorable reviews across all locations.

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The first Polyart store was established in 1998 in Clementi and it is the main branch.

Special Products:

  • Fish medication
  • Bird food and supplements
  • Air pump and filter
  • Fishnet and food timer
  • Hose, soil, and heater
  • Bumblebee goby, red-eared sliders, betta fish, guppy hermit crabs, vampire carbs, and goldfish.
  • Ornamental fish
  • Tropical fish
  • Rabbit, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small animals.

Special Services:

  • Set up and preservation of aquarium and fish pond
  • Builds custom fish tank and cabinets


  • 24-hour open policy for emergencies
  • Largest inventory in the region
  • Exotic Madagascar rainbow fish available
Chain aquarium showroom at every section of Singapore
Acquires products on request of customers
Emergency 24-hour delivery from the Clementi and Chinatown store.
Staff are not necessarily fish experts.


“Since there are other popular aquarium shops in Clementi, Polyart gets overlooked a bit. You can look at the supplies at your own pace.”

5. East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre
Key services: Pond equipment, additives, and accessories
Phone No.: +65 6275 9220
Location: 01-699 Havelock Rd, Block 22, Singapore 160022
Website: https://eastoceansg.com/
Email: info@eastoceansg.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 am – 7.45 pm
Sun: 10 – 5 pm

The East Ocean has been around for 25 years, long before most local fish stores of today popped up. Even the most senior hobbyist can get guidance on aquascaping from the East Ocean Aquatic staff.

The store has the latest filtration technology and lighting equipment. Among the few suppliers of biOrb designs in Singapore to boot. These are spherical small fish tanks fitting on a round coffee table.

Special Products:

  • Filtration, UV, lighting, and treatment for home fish ponds.
  • Amano shrimp, galaxy rasbora, starlight pleco, red cap, and ryukin.
  • Tiger barb, tricolor angel, congo tetra, and blue angel.
  • Ornamental, freshwater, and saltwater fish suppliers.
  • Full aquarium tank set
  • Live aquatic plants
  • Thermometer, CO2 diffuser, marine additives, and algae control.
  • Breeding equipment
  • Natural wood, rock, sand, gravel, and artificial plants.
  • Fish food and feeder accessories
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Special Services:

  • Take full responsibility for building the aquascape of your dreams.
  • Decor services available for aquarium tanks and ponds.


  • In collaboration with AquaDecor, a 3D background decoration initiative with the purpose of introducing it to Singapore.
  • Exports products to India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.
  • Rare products vital to aquascaping can be found.
Online chat option on the website
Membership perks
Home delivery and setup


“Jonathon and Lawrence have guided me at every step since I first got my 45P tank. It is a store I visit for aquarium accessories rather than for the fish species. I have practically created an imitation of the underwater ecosystem thanks to their help.”

6. TOH Aquarium
Key services: Automated system for changing water
Phone No.: +65 6904 9198
WhatsApp No.: +65 9727 1987
Location: 63 KallangBahru, #01-425, Singapore 330063
Website: www.tohaquarium.com/
Email: enquiries@tohaquarium.com
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Sun: 10.30 am – 9 pm

TOH Aquarium is a father and son initiative by two true hobbyists.

The advice you gain when you visit this aquarium comes from 20 years of Uncle Toh’s mastery. Their proudest project is their innovative water-changing structure.

The pipes connect to each other, combined with a good filtration machine. Changing the water in all the tanks at once is possible through this method.

Special Products:

  • Air tube connectors
  • Aquarium tank and sets
  • Lighting and wavemaker
  • Test kits
  • Filter media and CO2 accessories
  • Hamster, guinea pig, and bunnies
  • Vitamin supplement and water conditioner
  • Fish feeder and food supplies
  • Tropical fish
  • Betta, goldfish, and qianhu
  • Plant fertilizer

Special Services:

  • Custom pipe connection and filtration system


  • Place is run by fishkeepers
  • Over 200 tanks in diverse sizes
  • Shopkeepers are always happy to provide advice for creating your personal planted tank system.
Fish kept in supreme condition.
Reasonable pricing with morally sound sellers.
5-day return policy
Staff do not have the fishy sense of the owners.


“They had the good sense to suggest I don’t buy more fish for now. The one I bought from another store was not in good condition. They also educated me on what fish species can live together.”

7. Wong Loy Kee Aquarium Shop
Phone No.: +65 6222 9763
Location: 4 Sago Ln #02-119 Singapore 050004
Website: https://wong-loy-kee-aquarium-shop.business.site
Working Days/ Hours: Mon-Sat: 1:30 am – 10.30 pm
Sun: Off

The Wong Loy Kee aquarium shop is part of a supermarket, located on the 2nd floor.

The shop is 46 years old and run by a pair of siblings. You can still get advice from the two old-timey fishkeepers when you go to the store. The place is completely offline save for their website, so you have to make a physical trip to the place to get the products.

Special Products:

  • Saltwater fish
  • Freshwater fish
  • Vampire crabs, guppies, golden arrowana, and electric blue ram.
  • Live water plants
  • Potted plants
  • Filters, pumps and tanks
  • Coral
  • Red-eared tortoise
  • Live rocks


  • Rare fish species big stores failed to obtain.
  • Family-owned store with the couple taking care of everything.
  • Old school store with a dose of nostalgia.
Economic pricing
Active healthy fish
Weekly restocking
Small place


“It is one of those old shops in Chinatown with little to no online presence. Even the price tags on the tanks are somewhat torn off. Though, they sell cheap. Regulars stop by and chat with the fish shop owners all the time.”

Chin Hon

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes fish tanks expensive?

The glass quality and thickness of fish tanks require a level of care even glass doors do not. It is built to withstand water pressure and constant prodding from the dwellers.

As such, expenses are high in the pre-production stage itself.

Which fish should I get if I am a beginner aquarium owner?

You should get common goldfish, tetra, or betta fish. These are fish to be bought in groups of six or seven. These peaceful species require minimum care to live a long life.

However, diseases such as dropsy might develop in the case of goldfish. Try to inquire as to the nurturing methods beforehand.       

What lighting color should I choose for my aquarium?

Go for red, green, and blue timid lighting. It deters algae growth and recreates the underwater feeling for the fish.

How to determine the best aquarium shop in Singapore?

Fishkeeping has become a popular activity in Singapore, enough to have YouTube channels dedicated to it.

The best aquarium shop may as well be the one near you. No matter the shop you go to, try to stay away from the ones mistreating the living beings they are in charge of.

  • Does the livestock appear agile?
  • Are fish suppliers aquarium enthusiasts themselves?
  • Do they have the stock for aquascaping?

Your best bet is to shop at fish stores with experienced fishkeeping owners. They can offer advice on what fish to get as a beginner to the setup of your first tank.