5 Best A2 Milk Brands in Singapore

A2 milk is a rich source of protein and is gaining significant popularity among the people of Singapore for its delicious taste and health benefits over regular A1 milk.

Researchers have found that the Beta casein protein in A1 milk has many harmful effects. On the contrary, the A1 component of Beta casein is absent in the A2 milk.

Thus, A2 is easily digestible with higher nutritional value as it contains calcium, potassium, phosphorous, Vitamin A, B12, and D, which suit bones, muscles, BP regulation, and overall body immunity.

Many dairy companies worldwide are supplying the A2 category of cow’s milk. But do they all qualify for the dietary standards? Well, that remains a mystery

Based on their add-on value, price, and availability, let us find out the top 5 A2 milk brands supplied to Singapore and where you can purchase them.

1. Australia’s Own
Inquiries: 1800 646 231
Address: Noumi Limited 80 Box Road, Taren Point, NSW, 2229, Australia
Website: https://australiasownfoods.com.au/

This is an Australian farm’s A2 protein full-cream dairy milk sold in Singapore. The product won the gold medal in 2019 for the Sydney Royal Cheese & Dairy Award.

The milk is naturally free from A1 protein, which is boldly claimed on the cover of the tetra pack.

The brand guarantees the quality of milk it is sourced from trusted farms in different parts of Australia. The company has tested the farm’s produced A2 milk and has displayed the nutritional value obtained on the website.

Where to Find:

It is available in 1 liter and 200ml packs and has a long shelf life with freshness and goodness retained.

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They also sell low-fat A2 Kid’s milk in strawberry and chocolate flavors, skimmed milk, zero-fat A2 milk, and whipping cream. You can purchase the products from lazada.sg in Singapore.

2. The A2 Milk Company
Inquiries: 1800 2264 5526
Address: PO Box 1564 North Sydney NSW 2059 Australia
Website: https://a2milk.com.sg/

The A2 Milk Company is a milk seller from Australia. They collect the milk from the farms, pasteurize it, and transport it directly to Singapore in bottled or powdered form.

It retains freshness for a long time and tastes as natural as directly from the farm. In total, they handle 28 certified farms in Australia that have selective high-quality A2 milk-producing cows.

The company ensures the Singaporean people deliver fresh milk every week, and the quality of milk stored in cold storage is precisely the same as that sold in Australia.

Where to Find:

They provide it as A2 full cream milk, which has 4g fat per 100ml, and A2 light, which has 1.3g of fat per 100ml. The A2 light milk tastes equally good with all the nutrition and a creamy, smooth consistency. Both products are available in 1-liter bottles.

They also provide formula milk powder for toddlers, under the name A2 Platinum.

These products are available at cold storage, marketplaces, and Jason Gourmet in Singapore.

3. Henry Jones & Co
Inquiries: 1300 233 453
Address: Kyabram Victoria 3620, Australia
Website: https://www.henryjonesfoods.com.au/

Henry Jones & Co is more than 100 years old and was founded in 1898 in Australia. This organization, in collaboration with the Holstein Milk Company (Farm Fresh), launched A2 milk.

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Their farms are based in Malaysia to deliver pasteurized and homogenized milk. It has the key ingredient of 100% A2 protein organic milk to pass the truly Australian product category.

The organic A2 component from the Australian farm and the milk from Holstein Milk Company make up the milk segment in Malaysia and Singapore.

Where to Find:

While Farm Fresh sells a wide range of milk products, as a sub-brand of Henry Jones & Co., they only produce A2 milk in tetra packs of 1 liter and 200 ml, which is widely available in online stores.

4. Apta Nutrition
Inquiries: 1800 438 500
Address: Aptamil and Nutricia, Australia
Website: https://nutricia.com.au/aptamil/

Apta Nutrition’s primary product is formula milk for infants and young ones. Aptamil Essensis is an exclusive A2 milk powder derived by the brand as it combines organic A2 protein milk, which is highly beneficial in fulfilling the nutritional requirements of toddlers.

They have collaborated with certified A2 milk farms in New Zealand, which contain many necessary elements such as iron, zinc, and iodine that improve the cognitive functions and immunity of kids over one year.

The product has been put under the research of 400 scientists from hospitals and universities to develop a blend of the most advanced formulations that gives unconditional benefits.

Where to Find:

Along with other milk products, the company sells Aptamil Essensis Organic A2 Protein milk powder in a 900gm tin pack, which can be purchased from online and offline stores in Singapore.

5. Caprilac
Inquiries: 1800 2827 2878
Address: 23-28 Nina Link Dandenong South VIC 3175, Australia
Website: https://caprilac.com/

Caprilac is a milk distribution company that sells A2 goat milk from farms of Australia to Singapore. It is pretty famous among the people of Singapore due to its easily digestible nature and low lactose levels.

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Goat milk naturally has a pure form of A2 Beta casein protein and is rich in calcium and other nutritional benefits. It is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk as, with a lower density of protein level, the milk can prove suitable for people dealing with stomach issues like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc.

The company was formed in 2007 with a few goats when two families recognized the benefits and quality of goat milk. They currently have a herd of about 23,000 goats.

Where to Find:

They provide A2 milk powder and fresh milk and can be purchased from lazada.sg in Singapore.

Which A2 Milk Brand is Best for You?

It’s difficult to say whether one brand is superior to another because they all claim to provide the purest quality A2 milk with the highest nutritional value. You cannot make those laboratory tests at home and thus have no other option but to believe them.

However, you can pick any of the brands from our list that contains the top companies selling A2 milk or powder in Singapore. These brands have been appreciated regularly for customer feedback and are awarded by recognized institutions worldwide for delivering the best quality A2 milk.